Season 5, Episode 16:
Mad Mr. Mario's Magnificent Mind Melding Machine!
Author: Wario the III
 Top Row:
Mario, Yoshi, Wario the III, Pidgeotto, Peach, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Cow King, and Cranky

Bottom Row:
Luigi, Ash Ketchum, Mega Man, Link, Samus, Jessie, Dr. Wily

Mad Mr. Mario? I'm the only mad one around here!

Yeah why am I mad Mr. Mario?

For alliteration. Oh, and it might have something to do with this!

( pulls out keyboard, deletes 's name, and replaces it with Mad Mr. Mario ())

Now I am mad! I'll show you! Why if I had some sort of machine then...

Here, have this machine. It's a mind melding machine.

It's Mad Mr. Mario's Magnificent Mind Melding Machine!

Does this episode have any point to it? I was kind of hoping to use my Pidgeotto for something.

Then call him out... Yes he he...

Pidgeotto! I choose you!

It's about time I get a line! I dont want to be a part of this. It's just plain dumb, and thats the bottom line, because...

( fires his Magnificent Mind Melding Machine and hits  and )


Stone Cold said so! What the heck? Somebody is gonna be on the wrong end of a Stone Cold stunner for this one!

Wow! That rules! Hey Mad Mr. Mario can you make me change minds with someone Jesse likes? That Jesse is hot!

Shut up you little robot! Besides, look, that Stone Cold Steve Austin Pidgeotto must be the rarest of all Pokemon and I intend to steal it. To protect the world from...

( Zaps and )

Devastation! To unite... AHHHH!!! I'm a blue goon!

Alright! I'm my one true love!  Hey Mega Man, let me give you my phone number!

Don't you dare give you my phone number! Ahh I'm confusing myself!

No problem!

( Zaps  and )

Well, at least I am back in a womans body.

Hey Mega Man Peach err somebody take this phone number of mine and put it in my secret compartment.

Ok, Jesse? Mega Man? Whatever.

Mario, you are confusing everybody!

Yeah! Back in my day we didn't HAVE Magnificent Mind Melding Machines!

( zaps  and .)

You Whippersnapper!


Ok brother! I'm gonna eat that machine and end this nonsense!

But then how will you switch everyone back?

Hey Samus, check me out! I will thwart Mad Mr. Mario!

Yeah sure go ahead.

( fires and hits but jumps out of the way and the other shot hits thin air.  shoots right in the kneecaps with her plasma blaster.)

My Magnificent Mind Melding Machine!

( drops the Machine, and shots fire off everywhere! EVERYONE, even those who haven't had a line yet, is hit.)

I... I... I'm a writer! I am a writer! Things will be different from now on!

But who are you? Back in my day, we didn't have writers! We just threw the barrels for the heck of it!

Well now we all know who you are, old man, but as far as that Mad Mr. Mario is concerned, I think this body is just about good enough to issue him a Stone Cold Stunner!

I want a piece of him too! Cows go!!!!!!

( falls on everybody)

I! ME! Demoted to a lowly position of Luiginess! This... This just isn't right! I should be writing this!


I bet that Cranky Pidgeotto is almost as rare as a Stone Cold Pidgeotto!

You are not getting my Pidgeotto!

I just wanna know who is who. Role Call!

Actually right now I have to go take a shower.


( tries to shoot with Plasma Blaster but remembers that 's body doesn't have plasma blasters!)

I'll handle this one. Show some respect for a lady! Why? Because Stone Cold said so!

(Pulls  in with tongue and performs a perfect Stone Cold Stunner)

Thanks, err I'm guessing Stone Cold Steve Austin? Anyway, ROLE CALL! I'm Samus.

Princess Peach.

Wario the III.

Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Ash Ketchum, from Pallette town. I plan to become the Greatest Pokemon master of all time and defeat and capture each and every Pokemon!




Cow King.

( is taking a nap)

He must be Cranky.

ehh he he. Its a me! MAD MR. MARIO!


Only one person left and thats me the writer! I AM... DR. WILY!!!!!!

Quick get the Mind Melding Machine so we can all switch back!

I dont think so! There is no Mind Melding Machine!

( wakes up)

Whats that you say? I know there was one earlier! I don't have alzheimers that badly!!

Ha Ha I  wrote it out of the ep! With me as a writer, nothing can save the BOTVGH NOW!!!  MWA-HA-HA-hA!!!

Please, we need a new writer. H-Cuz! Sean Kelly! SunYoshi! The PENGUIN! Somebody save BOTVGH!

Yes! I'll make this... to be continued!!!!