Season 5, Episode 13
or Cranky Finally Wins!!
by Wario the III
Top Row:
Mario, Luigi, Wario, Wario the III, Dr. Wily, Mega Man, Cranky Kong, Ash, Terra

Bottom Row:
Jessie, James, Meowth, Pidgeotto, Pikachu, Sandshrew, Primeape, Link, Samus

Not Pictured:
Voice Chorus from the Pokémon TV show
Presenting the greatest author of all time, eh-hehehehe, it's Wario... The... III!
You dolt! You just said I was presenting the greatest, but I AM the greatest!
Is this episode supposed to have a plot?
When I was your age we didn't NEED PLOTS! We'd gladly just toss the barrels and earn our pay!
But I thought when you were MY age barrels weren't invented.
(Everyone but  laughs)
Why you whippersnapper! The title is obviously PokéMADNESS!!, so that means I will battle you.
You know, the whole Cranky and someone having a Pokémon match thing is really old.
Then it suits Cranky just perfectly.
ARGHHH!!! Sandshrew I choose you!!!
( sends out )
OK, then I choose Pikachu!
( hops out)
('s Thundershock hits  but doesn't affect it)
Ah-ha! Electric Pokémon are weak against Ground-types! Sandshrew Dig attack now!
( hits  with a powerful Dig and sends him reeling)
Cranky might actually win!
Hey Samus how about a bet? I pick Sandshrew to win.
Definitely Pikachu.
OK, if I win, you have to take me on a date, but if YOU win I have to take YOU on a date!
You're on!
Link! You're a genius! Why didn't I think of that?
(Meanwhile  uses Swift and Quick Attack on )
Quick Sandshrew, use your Ultima Attack!
What? Sandshrew can't use Ultima! That's from Final Fantasy 3!
Exactly! But this Sandshrew is actually a Ditto!
( turns into  and does Ultima Attack.  faints.)
I lost!
His Pikachu is weakened! Now's our chance!
(Smoke fills the room)
(, and  do the Team Rocket motto)
Yeah! I get a line! Ah-hahahaha! The bad guys are here! Here, James, take this special Pokeball I prepared, it contains a secret Mystery Pokemon!
Oh goody!

This is not good.
Oh no! Cranky, let's work together! Pidgeotto go!
Sandshrew/Ditto go!
Meowth go and get that annoying blue robot!
And super secret mystery Pokémon, go!!! Get Pidgeotto and Sandshrew!
( throws Poké Ball too hard and it flies over the battle scene. It smacks .)
Mama-mia! I'm getting sucked inside of the Poké Ball!!!!!!
( is trapped in the Poké Ball.)
and : Wha?
Yes! It works! There was no secret mystery Pokémon! I have created a Master Ball that traps anything, not just Pokémon! And look I have exactly enough to catch you all!
Voice Chorus: Gotta catch em' all! Gotta catch em' all!
Someday I'm gonna find those singers!
( throws Poké Balls everywhere and catches  and !)
Now only you and your Pokémon are left, old man!
You called me what?!!!
I called you the old cracked up hag of a skunky old man you are!
( starts to glow and his eyes light up.  changes and becomes.... !!)
Oh no! Cranky evolved into Primeape!
( catches , and sends it out after )
Sandshrew, turn into one of those big giant robots I always have at the end of videogames!
( turns into the giant ship from the end of Mega Man 6 and  hops in ().) 
Rapid Master Ball firing now!!!!!!
( grabs both of his canes and does a helicopter spin. The Poké Balls fly everywhere and one hits . is trapped in the Poké Ball, machine and all.)
Wow! Everyone is in a Poké Ball except for Cranky the Primeape and me! Good thing I didn't get involved in this episode.
( picks up a Poké Ball)
Cranky, what are you doing? I'm the writer!
(Throws the Poké Ball at )
Only one way out of this one! Quick before it hits me!!!
(Meanwhile in the Poké Ball)
I know we're trapped in a Poké Ball, but you still owe me that date, right?
Someone KILL ME!
Looks like Team Rocket's....
In the Poké Ball AGAIN!!!!!!