BOTVGH Season 5
SEASON FIVE (1999-2000)

For a while, rumors floated around that BOTVGH's fifth season would be its last... however, this was not the case. Due to the sheer volumes of episodes sent in, Season 5 was twice as long as the three previous seasons had been, and it featured a number of talented new authors. While Season 5 was going on, Pokémon's popularity was at its peak, so that's a huge influence in a lot of these episodes... heck, just look at the episode titles. This is also the first season to feature a "pre-season" episode.

Pre-Season Episode: The Return Of Kamek! (by H Cuz) - Kamek the MagiKoopa makes his official BOTVGH debut... and it seems he's learned a couple of tricks since Yoshi's Island.
Season Premiere: Renovations (by Sean Kelly) - "BOTVGH Interactive" is introduced, and BOTVGH prepares for its inaugural Awards episode.
Episode 2: The BOTVGH Awards!! (by Sean Kelly) - The winners of the first BOTVGH Awards are announced... and there's a bonus wrestling match featuring The Rock!
Episode 3: A New BOTVGH Author or The 2nd Annual BOTVGH Olympics (by Matt Denton) - Mario won the first Olympics pretty easily in Season 4, but does he stand a ghost of a chance against the author himself?
Episode 4: The Day Without Cows (by Joe Berry) - An author debut with no cows? The world is coming to an end!
Episode 5: The End??!!?! (by UDX) - The world isn't coming to an end... BOTVGH is. The cast can't believe it.
Episode 6: Fad Attack!, Part 1 (by TD Mak) - Dr. Wily's latest invention makes the BOTVGH characters obsess over all the latest fads.
Episode 7: Fad Attack!, Part 2 (by TD Mak) - Can the author, the Cow King, and the cast of Pokémon stop Dr. Wily?
Episode 8: PSYDUCK!!!!! (by UDX) - If Misty and Polly can't beat Ganondorf in a Pokémon fight, they'll be forced to join his Gerudo army. But his Arcanine seems to be invincible!
Episode 9: The Search for the Plot (by H Cuz) - The author can't think of a plotline, so the characters take matters into their own hands.
Episode 10: Luigi Races Sonic (by KIKZ11) - Luigi and Sonic compete in a surfing race. Meanwhile, the cows are out in full force.
Episode 11: The Return of Jumpman! (by GoldShadow) - There's no shutting up Cranky... until Jumpman himself shows up!
Episode 12: Pokémon Battles! (by PokemonKid) - A very short episode in which Mewtwo takes on Mew.
Episode 13: Pokémadness or Cranky Finally Wins! (by Wario the III) - Cranky beats Ash in a Pokémon battle, but can he save BOTVGH from Dr. Wily's latest device?
Episode 14: Pix's Here! (by Pix) - The new author shows up late, but that doesn't stop him from "cowing" most of the cast.
Episode 15: ... For whatever reason, Episode 15 doesn't exist. Probably just a simple numbering error. :/
Episode 16: Mad Mr. Mario's Magnificent Mind-Melding Machine, Part 1 (by Wario the III) - BOTVGH Award Winner With his Mind-Melding Machine, Mad Mr. Mario can swap any two people's minds. However, when he drops it by accident, the situation takes a turn for the worse! This episode won BOTVGH Awards for Most Original Plot and Best Season 5 Episode.
Episode 17: Mad Mr. Mario's Magnificent Mind-Melding Machine, Part 2 (by Sean Kelly) - Armed with author powers, Dr. Wily has easily taken over the archive. Is there any way to salvage BOTVGH?
Episode 18: The Day Bowser Did Something Good (by Klawkat) - As Bowser (who's already read the title) worries about his reputation, Team Rocket kidnaps Ash and Co., and for once, there's a new author who doesn't use falling cows.
Episode 19: Strict BOTVGH (by UDX) - A Fat Lady objects to the violence in BOTVGH, and she's determined to do something about it. Here to stop her is.... Team Rocket?
Episode 20: Luigi's Day to Shine (by Stephen Botello) - Luigi gets to star in an episode. He and Wario have a kart race to determine the fate of the island.
Episode 21: Dr. Wily's Pokématic Thingy (by Gyarados 27) - With his latest device, Dr. Wily turns the cast members into Pokémon.
Episode 22: Bowser's Bad Hunger (by the Yoshi Bros.) - Bowser is hungry enough to eat a horse... or maybe a plumber.
Episode 23: Battle for the Earthbadge (by UDX) - UDX battles against Gary and Giovanni, as he tries for the eighth and final Pokémon League badge.
Episode 24: A Time, A Place, the Unconscious One (by Klawkat) - Mario gets knocked out, and has to be "voiced" by Cartman. Meanwhile, Team Rocket kidnaps Pikachu.
Episode 25: ROTVGV Returns! (by Sean Kelly) - Reign Of The Video Game Villains lives!... as a spinoff site, a resort for villains only.
Episode 26: Lassie: The BOTVGH Episode (by n64stalker) - What's that, Lassie? Toad is stuck in a well?!
Episode 27: The Good Old Days (by GoldShadow) - Wily's got yet another new invention, and this one causes all the characters to revert to their NES-era forms.
Episode 28: The Shadow Menace, Part 1 (by Sean Kelly) - A new villain has arrived at BOTVGH, and he plans to turn the characters into shadow slaves.
Episode 29: The Shadow Menace, Part 2 (by Sean Kelly) - Blob enlists the help of the BattleToads, but will it be enough to stop the Shadow Master?
Episode 30: No Authors or Pokémaniacs Today! (by Chris Johnson) - For the first time in a long time, it's a BOTVGH episode with no author character and no Pokémon-related characters. Also, Ninja Mario returns!
Special Episode: BOTVGH Star Wars Episode (by Sean Kelly) - In honor of the release of The Phantom Menace, BOTVGH crosses-over with Star Wars.
Christmas 1999 - Special #1: The Christmas Of The Same Proportions (by Klawkat and Sean Kelly) - A sweet Jigglypuff named Purin visits the BOTVGHers for the holidays, and Dr. Wily kidnaps Santa but is quickly defeated. However, when Dr. Wily is declared innocent at the ensuing trial, it becomes apparent something is seriously amiss...
Part 1 (by Klawkat)
Part 2 (by Sean Kelly)
Part 3 (by Sean Kelly)
Christmas 1999 - Special #2: Dr. Wily's TV Device (by UDX) -
When Cartman steals a device from Dr. Wily, Christmas is in danger of being canceled.
Christmas 1999 - Special #3: The 3rd Annual Christmas Special From That Weird Guy: The Christmas Of Total Chaos! (by Matt Broussard) - BOTVGH Award Winner This time, it's Dr. Wily who kidnaps Santa, along with the newly-reformed Wario. So it's Mario, Link, and Samus to the rescue. However, that's not the only problem... Master Hand is out for revenge against the Super Smash Bros. characters (all of whom are on BOTVGH), while Bass is dead-set on destroying Mega Man. This episode won an award for Best Christmas Episode of 1999.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

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