BOTVGH Season 4
SEASON FOUR (1998-1999)

Around mid-1998, Martin Smith got too busy to run the site on a regular basis, so he handed the job to relative newcomer H Cuz. Season 4 was his first season running the site. Pokémon was starting to grow in popularity around this time, and that's reflected in the episodes...

Season Premiere: UDX vs. Zarbon (by UDX) - As the title implies, UDX does battle with Zarbon (from Dragon Ball Z).
Episode 2: UDX vs. the Ginyu Force (by UDX) - With help from Babs and Buster Bunny, UDX squares off with a team of DBZ villains. Also, Pikachu makes his BOTVGH debut.
Episode 3: Countdown to DK64 (by H Cuz) - The BOTVGH characters discuss upcoming games, including Donkey Kong 64 and Mario RPG 2 (which eventually became Paper Mario). Cranky and H Cuz still don't get along very well.
Episode 4: Dr. Wily's Time Attacks, Part 1 (by Sean Kelly) - BOTVGH Award Winner Using the Time-Altering Device from Season 3, Dr. Wily manages to capture the Video Game Heroes. And now, the only one who can save them is... Cranky? This episode won a BOTVGH Award for Best Storyline.
Episode 5: Dr. Wily's Time Attacks, Part 2 (by Sean Kelly) - Dr. Wily has turned BOTVGH into the Reign Of The Video Game Villains. Cranky's enlisted some help, but will it be enough to stop Wily?
Episode 6: BOTVGH Board Meeting (by Ryan Mead) - Ryan -- who was eaten by Kirby back in Season 1 -- finally escapes, and introduces a couple plot elements from the Donkey Kong TV show.
Episode 7: Battle Of The Beards (Or, When Canes Clash) (by Rob Gilnack) - Frogfucius, from Mario RPG, challenges Cranky to a duel... of sorts.
Episode 8: Pika Pika Pika CHU!! (by N64Dude300) - Pikachu is officially introduced to the BOTVGH lineup.
Episode 9: Pokémon CAN Talk! or Pikachu Comes Back! (by Sunyoshi) - A new author arrives on the scene to dish out some punishment, courtesy of his strongest Pokémon.
Episode 10: The Happy Fish (by UDX) - The Joker (from Batman) is nuts... so what else is new? His latest scheme involves a... fish?
Episode 11: BOTVGH Olympics (by H Cuz) - BOTVGH Award Winner Mario and Cranky go head-to-head in a series of events. This episode won a share of the "Best Overall Episode" BOTVGH Award.
Episode 12: Dragon Ball Walks In (by Chris Johnson) - Some of the more well-known Dragon Ball characters are introduced in this episode.
Episode 13: THEPENGUIN Returns! (by THEPENGUIN) - Luigi gets a date, while Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles show up to cause trouble.
Episode 14: Cranky Finally Says "Mario!", Part 1 (by Senshuu) - Mario desperately tries to get Cranky to stop calling him "Jumpman".
Episode 15: Cranky Finally Says "Mario!", Part 2 (by Senshuu) - Cranky finally calls Mario by his name, for the first time in BOTVGH history... but will it last?
Special Episode: Quality Programming (by Ian Pugh) - And now, a public service announcement.
Christmas 1998 - Special #1: Spiritual Problems (by Sean Kelly) - Dr. Wily kidnaps the Christmas spirits, forcing Mario to reprise his role as Santa Claus. Can Link, Samus, and Mega Man save Christmas for the second year in a row? This episode introduces the BOTVGH guardian, Mr. Red Eyed Guy.
Part 1
Part 2
Christmas 1998 - Special #2: The Return of Wario (by Matt Broussard) - BOTVGH Award Winner After being foiled by Link, Mega Man, and Samus the year before, Wario decides to get his revenge by kidnapping them. Now it's up to Mario, Pikachu, and Kirby to save them. But Mario isn't in the holiday spirit. Also, sparks fly in a big way between Princesses Zelda and Peach. This episode won a BOTVGH award for Best Multi-Parter.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

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