BOTVGH Season 3

The site underwent a major revamp in Season 3 (the front page in particular). Even the episodes use a different format.

Season Premiere: Vortexes R Us (by Dreyfus X) - This episode features the first regular appearance of Sabin, Terra, and Kefka from Final Fantasy 3/6j... surprisingly, it's one of only a few appearances for them.
Episode 2: Anyone for Tennis? (by Chris Johnson) - I think this is the only BOTVGH appearance to date for the Koopalings... and the episode has nothing to do with tennis.
Episode 3: Cut Short (by UDX) - The "Full House" gag from Season 2 gets out of hand.
Episode 4: Kirby's Gone Mental! (by THEPENGUIN) - BOTVGH Award Winner Kirby's appetite gets out of control! Can anyone stop him? This episode won a couple of awards at the first BOTVGH Awards, including Funniest Plot and a share of Best Overall Episode. THEPENGUIN also got an award for Best Author Of An Episode.
Episode 5: BOTVGH Telethon (by N64Dude300) - The BOTVGH characters try to raise some money, showing clips of Season 2 episodes.
Episode 6: After the Telethon (by Jes) - Jes, who had already written a couple of shorts, makes his regular-season debut.
Episode 7: A Whole Lot Of Trouble In Time, Part 1 (by Sean Kelly) - The first of this author's acclaimed time-travel series. Blob (not the Clayfighter one) finds a strange device that turns the BOTVGHers into cavemen.
Episode 8: A Whole Lot Of Trouble In Time, Part 2 (by Sean Kelly) - Can Dr. Light get BOTVGH back to normal... well, as normal as things can get around BOTVGH?
Episode 9: Final Full House (by Dreyfus X) - Ian fights with Dreyfus X. This episode, along with the one that follows it, led to a ban on Full House time and author-bashing.
Episode 10: Don's First Episode (by Nesshelper) - The heroes -- with aid from the latest new author -- do battle with the villains.
Episode 11: Everybody's a transformin'! (by UDX) - Various characters... well... transform. Also, Kirby goes mental again.
Episode 12: Street Fighter Comes To Town (Or, OH SHUT UP CRANKY!!!!!!!!! :)), Part 1 (by H Cuz) - Another new author comes on the scene, picks on Cranky, and brings some new characters with him.
Episode 13: Street Fighter Comes To Town (Or, OH SHUT UP CRANKY!!!!!!!!! :)), Part 2 (by THEPENGUIN) - While the Street Fighters and Diddy do battle with various villains (and Cow King), H Cuz and Cranky settle the throwing-game question once and for all.
Episode 14: No More Cowies! (by Jesse M.) - A short episode, in which the BOTVGHers decide they're sick of being crushed by falling cows.
Episode 15: Toad's Gone NUTS!, Part 1 (by Yoshi Vader) - Following in the footsteps of Kirby, Toad goes menta--er, NUTS!.
Episode 16: Toad's Gone NUTS!, Part 2 (by Yoshi Vader) - The "Kirby's Gone Mental" spinoff continues.

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