BOTVGH Season 1
SEASON ONE (1996-1997)

All web sites start somewhere. BOTVGH started as a simple series of insults traded by Mario
() and Cranky (). That was the first "part" or "episode", written by Martin Smith. Stormshield convinced him to put it online, Ian Pugh wrote a continuation, and the rest, as they say, is history.

PARTS 1-13 (by Martin Smith, Ian Pugh, The Silent Strider, Gerbell, and Andrew Steier) -
The series begins with Mario and Cranky lobbing insults. It turns out, they're stuck on an island, like Gilligan!
PART 14 (by Ryan Mead) - We knew what expectorate meant!
PART 15 (by yoshi6666) - One of the shorter BOTVGH parts...
PART 16.1 (by Optimus 64) - Kart race, anyone?
PART 16.2 (by Chengfam) - Luigi's sick of being second banana.
PART 17.1 (by Chengfam) - It's not a good idea to get the authors upset.
PART 17.2 (by Optimus 64) - Mario gets off the island!... almost.
PART 17.3 (by yoshi6666) - Cranky dies?!
PART 18.1 (by Chengfam) - Date madness.
PART 18.2 (by Ryan Mead) - The Pizza Cats escape!
PART 18.3 (by UDX) - BOTVGH gets its first falling cow.
PART 19.1 (by UDX) - Video Game Heroes vs. Star Wars!
PART 19.2 (by Ryan Mead) - Muddy Mole and Jinbe from "Mole Mania" make their first appearance at BOTVGH.
PART 19.3 (by yoshi6666) - Battle of the appetites. What happens when Kirby meets Yoshi?
PART 19.4 (by Chengfam) - Toad believes in shrooms' rights.
PART 20.1 (by Chris Anchovy) - Some more Pizza Cats characters show up.
PART 20.2 (by Ryan Mead) - Muddy Mole and Jinbe make their last appearance at BOTVGH.
PART 20.3 (by UDX) - Free web site advertising.
PART 20.4 (by nvvMAN) - Earthworm Jim makes his debut.
PART 21.1 (by Optimus 64) - The source of the cows is revealed.
PART 21.2 (by UDX) - Psycrow is coming.
PART 21.3 (by UDX) - Barney the Dinosaur shows up.
PART 21.4 (by UDX) - So does Ace Ventura.
PART 21.5 (by UDX) - Mario and Bowser fight over Peach, and Donkey Kong has been kidnapped.
PART 21.6 (by UDX) - Cranky's not having a good day.
PART 21.7 (by Chris Anchovy) - Big Cheese tries to sell Smithy.
PART 22.1 (by Chris and Nick Anchovy) - The first multi-authored BOTVGH part... even if they are brothers.
PART 22.2 (by UDX) - The Road Rovers make their appearance.
PART 22.3 (by UDX) - Donkey Kong is found... and he writes a poem.
PART 22.4 (by UDX) - Cranky gets a bit edgy.
PART 22.5 (by UDX) - Another new character appears, while Luigi and Funky get sent to Prisoner Island.
PART 22.6 (by Chengfam) - Another Star Wars crossover.
PART 23.1 (by Optimus 64) - Everyone goes to Prisoner Island.
PART 23.2 (by UDX) - More Road Rovers fun.
PART 24 (by Optimus 64) - I know it says Part 25, but since there isn't a Part 24, this works as well as any. :P  Anyway, Mega Man gets kidnapped!
PART 25.1 (by Avi) - The non-video game characters get kicked out... with one exception.
PART 25.2 (by Avi) - K. Rool returns!
PART 25.3 (by MThorne) - The season finale! The characters finally escape from the island! Hooray!!

Bainbri's BOTVGH (by Bainbri) - Cranky gets pranked in a big way.
Part Whatever (by Ian Pugh) - The BOTVGH characters take some votes.

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