Battle Of The Video Game Heroes
It was good while it lasted

Last Update on 11/21/2009
by Sean Kelly

Hello there, this is your BOTVGH "landlord" speaking. It's safe to say that after five years of inactivity, that BOTVGH has come to an end. Maybe H Cuz will one day make that final episode, but in the meantime enjoy the vast archive.

I've really enjoyed writing for BOTVGH during its brief six year existence and I hope you enjoy reading one of the best Nintendo fan-fiction series this side of NC :P

I took the libery of implementing the site design I made back in 2005, so the site looks somewhat prettier. I've left H Cuz's last update up for archival purposes.

It's been a wild ride.

--Sean Kelly

Last Update on 12/27/2004
by H Cuz

Welcome one, welcome all, to the revival of the Battle Of The Video Game Heroes archives.

Let me give you the rundown on what's been going on... ever since we left Geocities around 2002, the site's been experiencing down-time. Sure, Martin put up a few episodes now and then, and we had voting for the BOTVGH awards, but for the most part, the site itself has seen little, if any, activity. This could be attributed, in part, to the increased activity on the message boards and in the chat room. Of course, the message boards are now defunct, and the chat room is fairly inactive except on days when the BOTVGH Arena is active... but that's a separate issue entirely.

Diskmaster hosted BOTVGH on his website for a couple of years, but he kicked us off this past May, and for about half a year, I struggled to find a new place to set up shop. Eventually Sean Kelly -- an SMBhq staff member and a longtime BOTVGH writer -- offered us space on SMBhq. We weighed the pros and cons, and took it. We started moving the episodes and such in early November, and I kept telling people we'd be moved by the end of the year. Well, it's still 2004 as I'm writing this, and the "meat" of BOTVGH -- the episodes -- are all up. Everything from the very first installment of Season 1, all the way up to the last Season 8 pre-season episode "Thingies", is uploaded with working images and all. The shorts are still a work in progress, but Dan is working on those.

So now we've moved, but there's still work to be done. This front page, for instance, isn't very impressive, and we're hoping to whip up a better layout... even if it's not the sidebar of old. I have some ideas on what could be added to the site... an author database is one example, so that you can easily look up all the episodes of your favorite author(s). That's not all I have planned, but the rest is a surprise. :P

Regarding the future of the site, I'm still debating whether or not to have a Season Eight. The quality of the episodes has declined considerably since BOTVGH's glory years; it could be tough to have a full season of quality episodes. (A shortened season, with... say, 10 episodes, is not out of the question.) At the same time, I do need to go through my inbox and read over those episode submissions again. There's probably some good stuff in there that I overlooked. If there is a Season Eight, it will almost certainly be BOTVGH's final season. And either way, BOTVGH will be concluded properly with a grand finale of sorts.

So watch out for the construction, and enjoy.

--H Cuz

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