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12/26/05 Hey all, hope you had a Merry Christmas and the such. Quick update from me. I finally got around to rescanning the reference to SMBHQ found in Nintendo Power. You can see it here. Oh, and one other thing I forgot, MetalMan has been busy as always with constant updates to the Super Smash Quest, so check it out. That thing is always fun. More soon!-jay

12/23/05 Greetings, persons. It is I, Jay! I am testing out Sean's new wacky cool looking update page, since I want to get the hang of it. Kudos to Sean, the new images look spiffy. Anyway, check out the mailbag. I think it's pretty funny, IMO. Whatever IMO means. Also, I plan a REALLY HUGE SUPER DUPER ULTRA update soon, hopefully before Christmas. It'll be so Ultra, it'll make Ultraman look like Non-ultraman. Yeah. Think about it. Either that, or I'll manage a nice, small, update before Christmas. Either way, Happy Holidays, all.-jay (P.S. Hobbes >>> All)

12/23/05 Happy Holidays!!!! I hope you like the new look for the updates. You should start seeing front-page updates by more than just me and Jay in the new year.

Anyway, onto the update. Today we have a pretty substantial update to the rants section. We also have the final mailbag of 2005 and, believe me, we go out with a bang.


Oh, and don't forget about RPC later tonight.

Update Archive

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