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Mario Trivia

Trivia time. Each link here consists of 4 weeks of 5-20 questions each(depending on how tired I am that week) of Mario trivia. Some weeks have themes which are noted after their title. Usually question 18 of one week will be harder than question 1 of the same week. Use these to challenge yourself, as a handy reference, or to test friends.
Note: *****-Means extremely hard without help

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3: Name all...
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6: Super Mario World
Week 7: How Many?
Week 8
Week 9: Yoshi's Island
Week 10: Super Mario Lands
Week 11: Mario Firsts
Week 12: Name the Only...
Week 13: Donkey Kong
Week 14: Super Mario 64
Week 15: SMBHQ
Week 16: Super Mario Bros. 3
Week 17: Storylines
Week 18: Mario Cartoons
Week 19: Super Mario RPG
Week 20: Mario Party
Week 21: Super Smash Bros.
Week 22: Mario Tennis
Week 23: Mario Golf
Week 24: Super Mario Bros. 2
Week 25: Cameos
Week 26: Recurring Characters
Week 27: Paper Mario Badges
Week 28: Mario Party 3
Week 29: Mario Bros.
Week 30: Super Mario Bros.
Viewer Trivia by various authors
Super Mario Advance by The Great Cell

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