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Mario's Titanic

By LatisDan T. Cook

Part 1

One summer day Mario won two cruse tickits"Mama mia I'da won"mario said "won what" Peach said "cruse tickits and youra coming with me"said mario "yyyaaaeee"peach said jumping for joy.......MEANWHILE in Bowser lair "so mario and paech are going on a trip and I'm crashing it Muhahahahahahah!!!!"he said. to be continued........

Part 2

as bowser spent his time planing to sink the ship while Mario and peach were on it.the next day "peach...peach getup or we'll be late"mario said peach said"ok mario i'll get up now" as mario and peach got ready they warped to the cast off just in time "lets spend the day playing and relaxing untill the pardy"mario said meanwhile....bowser is getting redy for the attack"we're going to attack them with kopa troopa missel shell firing ten at the hull while ther in the ballroom Ha ha ha ha"bowser said to be continued.....

Part 3

As the day went by Mario and peach were having fun on the Titanic "I'm going to get you Mario" with that mario jumped to the top of the titanc"hey that's not fare" peach said.later waching the sunset at the front of the boat with mario hands rap around peach they kiss and talked "Peach" "um yes mario" "had you have fun" "yes i glad you won those tickits" "it's time for the party lets go to the ballroom now" with that they headed to the ball room and kiss ones more. BACK AT BOWSER."ewwwwww I hate love wate ten minuits for the attack.they all got ready and started the countdown.
All troops move in and fire on the hull muhahahah" Bowser cloesd in and Fired BBBBBBBBBBBOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!! "Mama mia, we're hit and were going down and fast"people dive for the door "Peach holed on to me" " before we go i love you" quikly the titanic Tited up and mario with peach holding on to mario for dear life mario jump to tip of boat and went up on the the railing they both got in a froggy sute fastly the boat sank.soon the ship was no were to be seen Bowser came by "well well well look do we have here pasia boy and fruit girl" "why why did you do this bowser why"peach said "why cuse I'm Evil" suddeny Mario and peach lifted there self up on the boat Bowser threw a fireball at mario and peach of they doged the fireball Mario Jumped on bowser cuseing him to fall in the water and Mario took off with the boat leaving bowser behind who was never seen again.

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