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...and the rest

Pilotwings 64 : The flight sim that helped launch the N64, this title is the sequel to the flight sim that helped launch the SNES (hmmm!). This game lets you fly around in a gyrocopter, hangglider, or rocketpack. You can fly freely or follow a set of objectives to get the most points. Getting enough points on each course opens up special events like the human cannonball or parachute jumping. Mario appears in the Little States course. In the western section, there's a model of Mount Rushmore, except Mario replaces George Washington. When you fire a rocket at him with the gyrocopter, the image in the rocks turns to Wario (An interesting twist).

Sim City : The original city simulator made an appearance for the SNES and its mouse way back when. There is no object, the point is just to build your own city and control the fate of millions of fake people (the power!). Things like natural disasters, angry citizens, and high taxes can hamper your progress, but raising your cities population can get you rewards. One of these is a huge, 4 story statue of Mario, marking his second appearance in an SNES mouse game (how trivial, huh).

Donkey Kong Classics : Two-two-two-games-in-one! The two best games to ever star an ape together on one cartridge. Donkey Kong and his Jr. counterpart together at last. This may sound like a lot, but consider this consists of 7 total screens, less than level 1-1 of SMB! Still, it's a better value than two carts, and another Mario appearance.

Kirby's Super Star : The greatest Kirby game of all time! Without a doubt. 9 huge mini-games in one SNES cart. The enhanced pallette of the SNES and the addition of new abilities, the original game, and lots more make this an exceptional game. Mario makes his token appearance in the megaton punch mini-game. Look to the stands on the left and right, and you'll see Mario, Luigi, Toad, and I think Birdo (maybe not). The weird thing is, there are two exact copies of each of these people, one on each side of the stands? Did some cloning disaster cause this? Are they really robotic animatrons? The world may never know!

Alleyway : One of the best Game Boy games, this is my favorite non-mario game boy game. Actually it kind of is a Mario game. The game is like Arkanoid, Brickles, Blockbuster, or any of countless other break the brick games. This one plays amazingly though, much better than any other. Levels are in groups of 4. Level 1 of each group is normal. Level 2 has the ceiling come down after every few hits, making it harder and harder to get the ball. Level 3 of the set scrolls down similarly, but then revelas a second set of the same blocks that were there before. Level 4 is a bonus stage where the ball goes through the bricks, and getting rid of them all in a time limit gives you a point bonus. I LOVE this game. Mario appears when you start and end the game. Mario jumps in and out of the paddles respectively. He's also on the box cover. Whew! What a mouthful.

Wario Blast featuring bomberman: One of the most bizzare appearance of a Mario character ever? This is basically an excuse for a Game Boy bomberman, but Wario gets top billing?!?!??!?! Who knows. Basically you're on a 2D overhead view, where you lays bombs to blow up the enemies or a second player (through a link or 2nd controller on Super Game Boy.). If you're looking for a bomberman game, you can do better, but this one is portable, and has Wario, making it a viable choice, and infinitely cool. A must see.

Game & Watch Gallery : I waited so long to show this game because I had only played it once, and thought it wasn't too special. I juts recently got the game, and I'm hooked!!!! For those who don't know, the Game & Watch series of handheld LCD games were the first video gaming products made by Nintendo. Game & Watch gallery (Not to be confused with Mario's Game Gallery (shudder)) takes four of the million sellers from the series (There were at least 2 dozen) and puts them on one cart. Four cheesy LCD games from the 80's might now seem like much, but there's more. Each game has a modernized version to take advantage of Game Boy technology. Each modernized game has a gameplay twist. For instance, in "Fire" (my personal fave), you have to save people from a burning fire by bouncing them into an ambulance. In the original, ll the people are identical, but in the modernized, there are Yoshi's, Toad's, and DKJr.'s, who all fall at different speeds. This basically makes each game two games!!! Mario and friends are not in the classic versions, but the modern versions feature Yoshi, Peach, Bowser, DKJr., and more. I've spent a good two hours trying to beat my scores, and I just got the game yesterday! If you've got a game boy and a long car trip coming up, this game will keep you happily busy.

Super Mario Bros. Mushroom World Pinball: Sorry for leaving this one to so late, but I didn't even really consider it a game until I recently got a lot of e-mails about it. Basically, it's pinball, Mario Bros. style. Theere are two tables I've seen, a full-size one with a revolving castle atop, and a small, kidsized one which is much easier and gives tickets. It's your basic pinball game with flashing lights, ramps, bumpers, targets, etc., but all Mario themed. For instance, there's the Boom-boom ball hold, a warp wistle to bonus games, etc. When you get a bonus game, a little side game will appear on the LCD monitor, controlled by the flippers. This is almost a game in itself and ridiculous fun. If you can find it in your local acade, go try it. Good fun for only a quarter.
For more information than you will EVER need on SMB pinball, see this rules sheet from the Internet Pinball Database.

Game Boy Camera:This probably counts as Mario's first appearance on a game boy accessory. Game Boy camera is this little cartidge with a lense that plugs into your game boy. With it, you can take picture, which you can animate (a la Mario Paint) edit, print on a printer, etc. The software that lets you use the camera has Mario show up a few places. What looks like a man in a Mario suit appears right on the title screen and Mario's face is scattered around the border of one of th sections (not sure which). He may be other places in there too, but he definitely appears! Not much though.

Super Scope 6: The Super Scope was Nintendo's follow up on the SNES to the semi-popular Zapper packaged with the NES (Duck hunt anyone?). Unfortunately, after about one good game coming out (Battleclash) the accessory went the way of the 32X. It didn't do this without an unecessary Mario appearance though. The pack in 6-in-one cart that came with the Scope had Mario fly by in a plane whenever you got to a certain point in one of the games (Lazer Blazer). I'm pretty sure that if you shoot Mario's plane, you got extra points. This could be Nintendo's plot to turn you against Mario and promote a new Mascot, like Fox McCloud. But I doubt it!

Legend of Zelda: A link to the Past: Mario appears on a picture on one of the walls in this game. That's all

Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time: When you are young link, go to Zelda's castle and the courtyard where you meet Zelda. Go to the windows or the right or left and use the look around function to look through them. You can see fuzzy posters of Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Bowser on the walls of Zelda's room! Cool, huh.

Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask: At the beginning of the game, look at the back of the big pack that the mask vendor wears on his back? Among the Goron and Zora masks, you should see a Mario mask in the upper left. Cool! Also, Romani and Cremia from the ranch wear Bowser pendants.

Donkey Kong 64: Mario appears in the original arcade version of Donkey Kong which you can open up as a secret in this game. You only have one life, and if you beat all 4 levels you get a golden banana. If you beat the harder version after that, you get a DK medallion. The conversion is arcade prefect this time, with all 4 levels and sprites direct from the upright.

... and last

but definitely weirdest

Mario Lottery : This is NOT an April Fool's Joke. Scouts honor.
There are a lot of rumors about Japan only games that have Mario like Mario fighter, SMB15, etc. Most of these exist, but only as cheap hacks that piraters make and that aren't endorsed by Nintendo. This may be in the same vein, but it is the most legitamite one I've seen. The game is basically a slot machine. With Mario? (see note) in the screens middle, you place bets on certain pictures arranged in a rectangle (around the edge of the screen). The cursor goes around and around and around, and when you stop it, you get points based on your bets and the result. It's not much, but it's the type of game Mario could be added to.
And there's another question. Is the guy in the screen's middle Mario. He has the color scheme, the hat, the mustache, and the gloves, but then there's that mysterious 'F' on the caps front? Is this the mysterious third Mario Bros. I leave you with this as I conclude the chronicles of Mario's long, strange journey through many, many cameos. About the site. All Rights Reserved. All content contained herein is property of SMBhq. SMBhq is in no way affiliated with Nintendo Company Limited, Nintendo of America, or any other mentioned companies. Super Mario Bros. and all character names are copyrights of Nintendo Co. Ltd. More legal info. Privacy Statement.
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