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The Great Quest

By Avery Harvin

Part 1: The Final Frontier

At the edge of the universe, a sacred treasure awaited anyone who could reach it. This divine relic, the D-Gem (D for Dimension), would open up the portals to many different dimensions, linking them to one another. Also, this gem would give the finder supremecy and great power.
    One being managed to retrieve this power. Bowser had barely made it to the end of the universe and back to get the Gem. With it, he built a super strong fortress, and combined all the worlds that our beloved Nintendo characters inhabit. How did he steal it? He simply hijacked the Great Fox, and zoomed to its resting place, the Infinity Star.
    Anyhoo, Mario and his pals (even Wario) were reminiscing on the good times and the bad times, from the days of Super Mario Land to the Present "64" era. "I remember when you stole my girlfriend, DK, and i chased you 90 miles to get her back."
    "Girlfriend? What girlfriend???? Who are you talking about??" exclaimed Peach.
    "Umm....nobody, um...."
    All of a sudden, everybody disappeared except for Mario. "What the--"
    "HAHAHAHA!!!! Its me, Bowser! I have the D-Gem!! Now, i can wreak havoc on every dimension!! HEEEE!!!!" and the voice disappeared.
    The legend says that the chosen heroes in the Nintendo dimensions would have to ban together and save the universe. And thats what happened.
    According to the legend, a bomb-bearer, a swordsman, a creampuff, and a chubby plumber would take the gem from evil's hands and put it back where it belongs, as well as kick evil's rear end.
    And so begins the journey of a lifetime.
    Back to the scene. Out of nowhere, Link from Hyrule dimension, Kirby from dream dimension, and Bomberman from, um, wherever, dropped onto the ground. Link immediately raised his sword. "Where am i?? Who are you all?"
    After a while of thinking, the group found out that A.Bowser had the D-Gem. B.The dimensions were linked together. and C. the mario bunch had been kidnapped.
    Meanwhile, at bowser's keep, the freak himself was wondering what to do next. Then, he did the worst thing one could do. He freed Ganon from the Seal the sages put on him, and summoned King Dedede from dreamland and transformed him into a large, hulking monster, much like ganon and bowser. Now they all wanted power.
    Get it so far? so, here's the scoop on the good guys mission: The fortress of evil is protected by four Barracades. In each one, a monster roams, guarding the barracade's weak point. The four have to defeat the monsters, destroy the barracades, and free Mario's friends, trapped inside each barracade.
    When the barriers are broken, they can then intrude on bowser's plans, and defeat him, Ganon, and king dedede. This is their quest. BM, Mario, Link, and Kirby set out to bowser's fortress.
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