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SSB Grudge Match

       Super Smash Brothers has changed the face of video game characters debates. For years, avid fans have been arguing over which characters were better than other, and which would win in a fight. Before today, these battles were all just a matter of theoretical debate. Now, however, we have Super Smash Bros., the great leveler of VG characters battles. Twelve of Nintendo's biggest stars, many from the Mario universe can fight each other to see who truly is the best. This section chronicles just some of these battles.
       How it works: All of these matches are really played out using the Super Smash Bros. game, they are not complete fabrications. I set up the combatants as computer controlled characters at level 9 difficulty and let them duke it out. Throughout the match, I pause the game and take notes on the battle. Later I write them up in detail and upload them here.
       Important Note: If you don't see your favorite match up here, it is probably because it doesn't include a Mario character. This is a Mario web page, and as such, I will only include matches that include at least one of the four Mario characters in SSB (Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Donkey Kong)
       Helpful Note: To understand what the bold expressions mean in these matches, you should check out this handy, dandy explanation
       Now... Lets get ready to rumbbbbbbblllllllllllllllllllllllle

Match 1: Mario vs. Link
Match 2: Mario vs. Luigi (reactions)
Match 3: Mario vs. Luigi... the rematch! (reactions)
Match 4: Yoshi vs. Kirby (reactions)
Match 5: Donkey Kong vs. Ness* (reactions)
Match 6: Mario vs. Donkey Kong*
*- By vgwman100

Coming soon:
    Mario & Luigi vs. Pikachu & Jigglypuff (Old school vs. new school mascots)
    Yoshi vs. Yoshi vs. Yoshi vs. Yoshi (Best color Yoshi)
     Please do not mail me ideas for new matches I have enough matches planned out for the time being.
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