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Sprite Sheets

What's a sprite sheet, you may ask. Sprite sheets have all the animation sprites for the characters in a game. I made these using the NESticle emulator and Paint Shop Pro. If these get a favorable response, more will come. You can just look at them, copy and paste to make your own scenes (which is what I intended), or edit them to make fake screenshots (can you say HIGH SCORE!!!!). Enjoy.

Download instructions:
First, click on the links below to view the image, then...
On PC, right click on the image, select "Save Image as..." from the choices. Choose a file name and location and save.
On Mac, Click and Drag the image to the location you want on the desktop or hard drive.

Sprite sheet birthday cards
Donkey Kong (NES version)
Donkey Kong (Arcade version)
Mario Bros. (NES version)
Mario Bros.: Enemies (Arcade version)
Super Mario Bros.: Background
Super Mario Bros.: Enemies
Super Mario Bros. 2: Good guys
Super Mario Bros. 2: Enemies
Super Mario Bros. 3: Map Screen
Super Mario Bros. 3: Enemies
Super Mario Bros. 3: Mario
Super Mario RPG: Mario
Super Mario World: Caped Mario
Super Mario World: Map screen
Super Mario World: Yoshi
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