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The Sonic & Mario Story

By Russel Williams

Chapter One: When Mario met Sonic

Well, It was a peaceful day in the Mushroom Kingdom. The Princess and here fateful companion Toad were out for there daily jog, when all of a sudden, a Mushroom person with bandages on his head came running up screaming "AAAAAHH!!! A HUGE PLANET IS HURTLING TOWARDS US!! THE SKY IS FALLING!! RUUUUUNNN!!"
"Um, hello? Are you okay? What in the world are talking about? The sky is clea-" the Princess said as she looked up "Holy Toledo!! He's Right!! Toad! Go get Mario and Luigi!"

"Okay Princess!" And then Toad ran off.
While she was waiting for the Bros. to show up, a cloud of bees came form the Planet orbiting above. "Wait a second!! They're ROBOTS!!" and she ran off the fastest she could go. Unfortunately, your a pretty easy target in pink. Just as they were about to blast her to the next Castle, a blue hedgehog sliced through the bees with the patented 'Sonic Spin'. He is the coolest guy in blue, SONIC the Hedgehog!

"Thanks! Who are you anyway?" asked Peach.
"Name's Sonic the Hedgehog, and you are..?"
"Princess Peach Toadstool!" At this time the bros. arrived at the spot were the princess was at.
"Hey! who's the blue guy?" asked Luigi.
"This is Sonic the Hedgehog, he saved my life!"
"Well, I hate to enterupt this delightful conversation, but the castle is overrun with something called burrobots" said Mario.
"Have no fear, the ultra cool blue one is here!" and then Sonic sped the wrong direction.
"Sigh, now we have to chase him down." said Mario
"Don't worry Mario! I'll go after him (I'm much faster and lighter anyway) you go save the kingdom."
"Alright bro! I'll try to get some help too."

Chapter Two: Burrobot Brawl

"Whew! That Sonic sure is fast!" cried Luigi.
"Tell me about it" said a voice from above.
"Hey!! Who said that??" looking up. It was a fox..and he was flying with two tails!!
"Hi, I'm Miles, or Tails as my friend Sonic calls me.." At that piont, Sonic realised there were no castles for miles, and he ran back at Super Sonic speed...runing into Luigi.
"Whops! I didn't See you there!" cried Sonic, rubbing his head. "I thought I should probably follow you instead. Hi Tails!"
"Hi Sonic, nice to se-"
"Pardon me, but we have a kingdom to save.."
"Right! I'll take all of us there at super speed!" and then he bolted, dragging them both behind.

Meniwhile, at the Mushroom Kindom, Mario was holding the bots at bay with a fire flower. Princess and her army were also fighting them off, just not as well. Then, the Buzzbombers attacked. Mario grabed a Kurbo's shoe, and jumped high enough to shoot them out of the sky. still, The Burrobots were able to now dig around the foundations, making the castle weak. All seemed Hopeless 'till Bowser, showed up, with an army of Bob-bombs. "These wretched things destroyed my land, and now it's time to get even!"

"Were with you Bowser!" said every enemy that ever apeared in a Mario/Wario Game, including the ice ones, like Bucket Head, came from there Polar regions. still no sign of Luigi though.
The Battle went on, and the 'bots were drivien back, and The Mushroom Kindom and the newly-formed Tryant-aliance started the War Talks...

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