Press START on the title screen to enter the save game screen. Press SELECT here to get EASY MODE. Mario will get smaller and the title EASY MODE will appear at the top of the screen.

This guide is written as if you are playing hard mode. There isn't much difference in the gameplay, but you will notice much fewer enemies

Mushroom Level / Tree Zone / Extra Level / Space Zone / Macro Zone

Pumpkin Zone / Mario Zone / Turtle Zone / Wario Castle

Mushroom Level (400 secs)

Level Type straightforward level with basic stuff in.

Hey, what's the deal with this level then? Hey, watch the attitude. You must complete this level before you can go to any of the six worlds. From there it is up to you.

Warp Pipe Jump down the first pipe you see to get some coins.

Ooh, stuff to find There are two pipes after that last one that you can't go down. You will then come to a few blocks. One contains a groovy extra life while the other gives you are starman. Run right with it to rack up at least two extra lives by bashing enemies alone.

Middle-Bell You will run past this if you used the star. Get back there and hit it.

All Powered Up The very long line of blocks has a power up in the second to last one. Great!

Buried Underground There is an extra life buried under some blocks. Use the spin-jump to break those blocks and nab yourself the extra life. To spin-jump press A to jump and then press down.

Warp Pipe There is a handy warp in the pipe with the piranha plant in it. It will whisk you away to a world full of coins.

End Bell Jump up the stairs to reach the end of level bell.

The Tree Zone is home to a swarm of angry bees, an army of giant ants and a very disgruntled Toucan. Climb the tree and beat the bird.

Tree Zone 1 (500 secs)

Level Type On top of and inside the Tree Zone's roots.

Extra Lives in the Skies Before the middle-bell is a hedgehog. If you look carefully at the clouds behind it, they reveal the shape of an arrow pointing upwards. You must find the invisible block, jump on it and move to the side to find another invisible block. Once you are on that you can find a block holding a tasty extra life.

Middle-Bell Hit the middle Bell just after that.

Another high, sky secret The next hedgehog guy is standing next to a block in mid air. Jump on top of it and move to the right and jump to make another appear. Eventually a staircase will form to a line of coins in the sky. Hold B and Right to run through them without a problem.

How do I get the coins under the roots? To get the coins under the roots you have to be small Mario.

End Bell To reach the end-bell you have to jump off the top block.

Tree Zone 2 (600 secs)

Level Type Inside the jelly sap tree

Mmm, Jelly Lives Shortly after the beginning is a drop with jelly on the floor and roof. Swim through the roof jelly and you will find a small, jelly-filled alcove with a ? Block. Hit it for an Extra Life Heart.

Middle-Bell The middle bell is after a spike pit with a platform over it.

The tricky route... You have two choices, head down the pit of jelly to take a difficult route or take the easy route. If you go down you will get a bunny carrot. Use it to fly across the pit of spikes, bouncing off Nokobombette shells. At the end of it is an Extra Life Heart.

SECRET EXIT to Tree Zone Secret On the top route you will eventually run into a Nokobombette (beetle bomb thingy) next to a pitfall. If you have Bunny Mario then you can flutter across to the opposite wall for a passageway that leads to a secret level.

Yet more lives If you drop down the pitfall then hold right and you will find an area with an Extra Life Heart in. Be careful of the spikes though and only hold onto the jelly.

End Bell To reach the end of level bell you must hop off the jelly blobs.

Tree Zone Secret (300 secs)

Level Type A few normal-sized trees

Extra Life in the trees About halfway through this level is a ? Block above a tree. Hit it to get an Extra Life Heart.

Extra Life (yawn) After the tunnel of Koopa Troopas is another ? Block quite high up. If you have Super Mario, Bunny Mario or Fire Mario then you can hit it for an Extra Life Heart.

End Bell Once you have completed the level, the Tree Zone background will have blooming flowers on.

Tree Zone 3 [Ant Level] (400 secs)

Level Type Leaves in the air!!!

Yet more Extra Life Fun If you jump on top of the first ? Block and jump up a block with an Extra Life heart will appear.

Hidden Life Malarkey When the leaves start to head up, instead, land on the twig connected to the tree and go to the far right. Jump and a block with an Extra Life Heart appears.

Mr. Moneybags When you have gone up on the moving platform, fly to the right with Bunny Mario to find a ? Block with a moneybag in.

Holy Christmas, another extra life (who'd have guessed) Carry on left and you will see a Brick formation with a ? Block in. Hit it and run to the left. Jump up past the twig and run right to collect the Extra Life heart that appears.

Coin Collecting To get the coins under the pipe, collect the bunny carrot from the invisible block between the two visible ones and fly from one side to the next.

Guess what this is! Above the first platform just after that is an extra Life heart.

End Bell To get the end of level bell you must take the top route across the leaves and then ride the moving platform to get it.

Tree Zone 4 [Bee Level] (400 secs)

Level Type Gigantic Bee Hive

What's down the three pipes? Head down the middle of the three pipes and turn to the Left. Collect every block for a lot of coins and a Power Up. Head to the right for more coins and an invincible star.

Starman Fun In the egg room, the third block in contains a starman. You won't be able to get an extra life though (not enough baddies ya see!)

Middle-Bell The middle bell is above the blocks in the egg room.

End Bell To get the end of level bell you have to stand one step to the left of the out-of-reach block and jump to make another appear. Climb up and hit the bell.

Tree Zone 5 (500 secs)

Level Type The big ride in the sky

How to get two measly coins After the owl ride there are two blocks. You need to spin jump them to get the coins inside.

Middle-Bell The middle bell is inside a Breakable block sandwich.

Life collecting Trouble The ? Block with a moving platform underneath it contains an Extra Life Heart

She's a Staaaaar Inside the room with a lot of ? Blocks, the last box on the top row contains a star.

So many blocks, so many power-ups The fourth block on the bottom row contains a power up.

Toucan's Nest Toucan will squawk and then swoop from one side to the other. To defeat him you have to jump on his head 3 times. If this bothersome bird gives you too much hassle then just stand to the left (or right, it doesn't matter) and as it swoops, jump on it's head three times in one go. You will have to bounce high each time.

Map Extra Level (400 secs)

Level Type Auto-scrolling goomba level

Where is it? This level is a loner. It sits just north of Tree Zone.

Handy Star To the left of the lone Brick is an invisible block containing a star. You can scoop up three or four lives with it.

The Space Zone is a wonderful world linked to Mario Land by a magical doorway that can only be reached by... see if you can find out. Once there you will have the pleasure of walking on the moon or stars!

Space Zone 1 [Hippo Area] (700 secs)

Level Type Take to the sea or sky

First, a little word... You can take to the skies in a bubble or swim to the end in the sea. First the sea cheats.

A Little Cash-in-Hand Jump into the water and swim as far left as you can to get a bag of money.

Fire, small, 2 extra lives Swim into the tiny alcove as fire Mario and shoot away the block. Now go and get hit by an enemy twice to become small Mario and return. Inside there are three blocks, two of which contain Extra Life Hearts.

Attention all Cheating Gimps If you jump into the first Hippo's bubble and hold down B for the entire level you will float close to the top of the level and won't hit a thing.

Say YES to success Near the end of the level the clouds show an arrow pointing to a small dot. In the dot is a moneybag inside a hidden block.

End Bell and exit info! To get the end of level bell you must use a bubble. Take the bell route (using a handy hippo bubble) and you will continue upwards to Space Zone. If you don't then you will suffer a pathetic fate and have to repeat the whole level all over again.

Space Zone 2 (700 secs)

Level Type A little bit of low-grav fun

There is life on the moon Stand on the block with a space probe rotating round it and jump as high and as far to the right as possible and you should land on an Extra Life Heart

A big floating rock Stand on top of the block above the UFO guy and leap to the far right to get a platform with coins on it.

Middle-Bell The middle bell is after some moon blocks with probes flying around them.

Moon Bread The second spike after the middle bell has a moneybag to the right of it.

SECRET EXIT to Space Zone Secret Next to the Smiling Saturn is an invisible block. Find it and make even more invisible blocks appear one above another. Jump up these and then make many leaps to the right, from platform to platform without falling. Eventually you will find a secret exit.

There be coins 'ere After some spike pits there is a block with a lot of coins above it.

End Bell To get the end bell you must leap off the top block on the pyramid.

Space Zone Secret (400 secs)

Level Type Crater Maze

The idea of the level You must hop from tall rock to another. Fall down and you may be doomed to run the rest of the way empty handed. Take the advice below to get full co-operation of the level and walk away with plenty of coins and lives.

Finding the right craters There are two places here that if you fall down you will be able to get coins or 2 Extra Life Hearts. They are distinguished because the rocks underfoot are slightly more out of shape than the rest of the level.

Prize for Persistance At the end, if you leap to the platform above the exit there are some blocks. Go as high as you can and jump vertically for an Extra Life Heart.

Space Zone 3 (600 secs)

Level Type No gravity, plenty of deadly stars

A bit of advice from Uncle Markio If you are a clumsy, slow person with no sense of direction and no control over the player then turn back now. This level is full of deadly stars that cannot be killed. You can go anywhere in the level (like inside the bubbles earlier) as there is no gravity.

Middle-Bell The middle-bell is just before a huge group of stars near the end of the level.

Tatanga and Pagosu2 To defeat this alien you must avoid his rockets and then jump directly on top of him. Best way to do this is to duck in the corner of the level until he swoops and then swim up and land on his head. This is quite possibly one of the trickiest bosses to beat, just avoid the missiles and be patient OK (unless the time is running out!)

The Macro Zone is a house that can only be reached through shrink tunnels. This will render you small and helpless as you travel through the pipes and attics of the giant abode.

Macro Zone 1 (400 secs)

Level Type Ants Underground

Middle-Bell The middle bell is after a flat area with ants on it.

A spanking gorgeous stash For 3 extra Lives you must head jump onto the platform that leads under a rock with spikes hanging down. You must have firepower though. Clear the fire blocks from the pipe and head down to claim your reward.

SECRET EXIT to Macro Zone Secret There is a secret exit in the high reaches of this level. When you have firepower, find the pipe blocked by fire blocks. Make the four invisible blocks visible and shoot the two fire blocks to go up the pipe and find the secret door (you lucky stiff, I had to go looking for this myself!)

End Bell To get the end of level bell you have to jump on the moving platform.

Macro Zone Secret (400 secs)

Level Type Auto-Scroll in the sky (tricky stuff)

Taking the Coin path If you are big or fire Mario and have to take the bottom route when the time comes there is an awful lot of coins down there.

Boring Guff (as we say) If you are fire Mario when the area full of Fire blocks turns up then look out for the ? Block under you. Spin jump to get it.

Macro Zone 2 (400 secs)

Level Type Through the pipes and out the sink!

Star 1: Mario Strikes BackThere is a star in the pipe section of this level. You can scoop up an extra life or two.

Star 2: Return of the Invincibility If you are Super or Fire Mario then you can spin jump the ? Block on the floor. This will get you yet another star.

Middle-Bell The Middle-Bell is also in the pipe section.

Lovely Coins Galore! Once you have gone through the pipe and gone swimming round the bend head to the far left and jump out of the water to make a block appear. Make a staircase of blocks by finding all of the invisible ones and you will find a coin heaven.

End Bell To get the end bell you must either jump up the blocks next to it or drop down on it from the secret mentioned previously.

Macro Zone 3 (400 secs)

Level Type Hmm, normal type level

Warp Pipe There is a pipe located above a point where the floor block arrows point in opposite directions. There are some coins up here.

Coin Collecting Capers Above the pipe at the end of the first section are four invisible blocks. Find them all and you will be able to collect all of the coins above.

The Star and the Koopas In the next section there is a star at the end of it. Run backwards and kill all of the Koopa Troopas to get 2 extra lives.

Prof. Moneybags Investigates There is also a fire flower hidden in an invisible block in this section. Use it to go back and break the fire blocks and grab the moneybag inside.

Middle-Bell The middle-bell is just next to the pipe after that last section.

End Bell To get the end bell you must jump from left to right up the chimney and jump across to the bell.

Macro Zone 4 (400 secs)

Level Type The attic mob

Takers of LifeBandits steal the extra lives in this level. Chase them and run into them to reclaim your Extra Life Heart. There is one near a lone Koopa Troopa.

Rich Books There is a large stack of books on this level. Climb up and collect the coins and the moneybag.

Life Before Bell There is an extra life just before the middle bell.

Middle-Bell The middle-bell is next to three pipes.

Mouse in Pipes This boss runs in and out of the pipes. He will also occasionally drop from the ceiling. Jump on his head three times to defeat him.

The haunted realm of Pumpkin Zone is a place filled with terror. Shiver as you traverse through the graveyards or through the vampire's tomb. The cyclops pirates look pretty angry too.

Pumpkin Zone 1 (500 secs)

Level Type Big scary tombs

Yet another Extra Life Jump into a pipe to find a secret area with blocks that fade in and out. There is an extra life heart in the upper region of this area.

Middle-Bell The middle bell can be found under the exit pipe for this section.

Mario goes batty When you get a choice of two routes take the higher one. When the vampire throws bats at you bounce off them to reach the topmost area of the level with an extra life in.

End Bell To get the end bell you must defeat the vampire and jump off his platform.

Pumpkin Zone 2 (400 secs)

Level Type The graveyard

Warp Pipe One of the pipes in the first section leads to a water room with a Fire Flower in it. Head down and collect the stuff.

Middle-Bell The middle-bell is after the three Cyclops things.

Yet more Extra Lives that you won't need In the pipe maze is a Super Mushroom and an Extra Life Heart.

And yet more In the big wall of blocks there is a fire flower, a line of coins, a bunny carrot and an Extra Life heart.

Grandma goes apes There is a starman just before the second group of huts. You can scoop up about four lives with it.

SECRET EXIT to Pumpkin Zone Secret 1 In the second group of huts there is a pipe which leads down to a tube full of enemies. You need to come out the other side as either Fire Mario or Super Mario so you can smash the blocks above another pipe. This leads to a secret level.

End Bell To get the end bell you must jump on top of the final hut using bunny or bouncing off an enemy.

Pumpkin Zone Secret 1 (400 secs)

Level Type Frolics in the woods.

A Floating stash of coins! Collect the bunny carrot and fly right to collect lots of coins. Bounce off the Goomba's heads to collect as many as possible.

Destroying Goombas Head right past the exit but don't kill any Goombas. Go to the far right, collect the starman and then head left to scoop up three lives from them.

Pumpkin Zone 3 (500 secs)

Level Type Haunted Ghost House

A big bundle of pipes! The third pipe along the row of pipes is accessible. It leads to some coins.

Warp Pipe After the pits there is a pipe you can go down. Hit the first block to your left and jump up to get all of the coins and stuff.

Middle-Bell The middle-bell is after the last secret pipe.

SECRET EXIT to Pumpkin Zone Secret 2 After the middle bell there are some descending steps. If you jump off using bunny, and flutter off to the right you will land in an alcove. At the end of it is a secret exit.

End Bell To get the end bell you must climb up the staircase of disappearing blocks (don't worry, they only slip out of sight, they are still there even when you can't see them!)

Pumpkin Zone Secret 2 (400 secs)

Level Type Big ol' mushrooms and deadly pits

Stop, drop and roll Keep Mario Fiery until the end of the level to get a secret area with an extra life heart in.

Another bleedin' life There is an extra life heart right at the end.

Pumpkin Zone 4 (500 secs)

Level Type Witch Lair

Warp Pipe You can head down a pipe after a tail of newt (little hopping worm type thing!) Inside is a lot of coins, a power up and an extra life heart.

Middle-Bell The middle bell is after some hanging cauldrons.

The puzzle of the pipesn In the row of pipes with annoying invisible blocks over them, the final two pipes hold a fire flower and a moneybag.

In the Witch's LairThis cackling old witch casts fire spells on her cauldrons that will send you flying into some spikes above. Wait until she has cast one of these spells and then jump on her head.

Mario's giant robot, Mariobot, is the centerpiece of this Zone. travel through the innards of this gargantuan robot before reaching the three mean pigs at the peak of LEGO hill.

Mario Zone 1 (400 secs)

Level Type Mechanical Mayhem (sorry!) in Mariobot's right foot.

Middle-Bell The middle bell is over a pit of spikes. Use bunny Mario to fly across.

Right Foot Life Fall down into the small brick formation above a buzz saw. Jump to where you just fell in and an invisible block will appear with an Extra Life heart.

Right Foot Life 2 Use fire Mario to break the fire blocks after the screws follow the route round and you will find more fire blocks. Break these to uncover another Extra Life Heart.

End Bell To get the end bell you must get the bunny carrot and flutter down to it, avoiding the spikes.

Mario Zone 2 (400 secs)

Level Type Bubbly bits in Mariobot's belly

Background Bubbles Bring Bags After the pipe that you can't get into because of a wall there is a cluster of bubbles in the background. Jump so you hit the space in the centre and a moneybag will appear.

Sigh! Head down the second pipe after that and kill all the Goombas in your way. Stay on the bottom half and walk round. You will pop up inside the walls with the pipe and extra life that you couldn't reach earlier.

Groovy prizes! If you take the top route inside the pipe there is a bunny carrot and a starman.

Middle-Bell The middle-bell is after the first spike pit with ball riding teddies on.

Which vertical path should I take? there are 4... The four routes upward that you can take go in this order… Mushroom, Goomba, Fire Flower, Bunny Carrot.

End Bell To reach the end bell you must steal a teddy ball and ride it to the end of the level so you can reach it.

Mario Zone 3 (500 secs)

Level Type Scary moving parts on Mariobot's tongue

Orange titles like this mean extra lives by the way! Once you are on the moving ground, keep a fire flower handy. Go up above the moving ground and use it to destroy the fire blocks. Inside are more coins and an Extra Life Heart.

Middle-Bell The middle-bell is above a Bullet Cannon.

Surely you don't need all of these lives! Take the bottom route with the claws as there is a pipe. Go down and avoid the bullet bills as there is an extra Life Heart down there.

End BellTo get the end of level bell you have to let the claw grab you and it will carry you along. Jump off to get the bell.

Mario Zone 4 (300 secs)

Level Type Big LEGO brick world inside Mariobot's hat

A big, tasty coin room Head under the LEGO block pyramid to get a load of coins.

Middle-Bell The middle bell is next to a cannon pig.

Shave or Save Underneath the second group of buzz saws is a moneybag.

3 Mean Pigs There are technically three bosses here. The first pig comes out of the straw house and rolls along the floor. Jump on it three times to make the second pig come out of it's wooden house. It will bounce along close to the ground. Jump on it three times and the final pig will emit itself from the Brick House. It bounces high and quite fast. Three more times should do it.

The giant turtle here is really a giant gateway to a bustling, underwater kingdom. Find the submarine maze or head inside the sleepy whale to find the boss, Squid.

Turtle Zone 1 (400 secs)

Level Type Swimming through the Sea

Treasure Island If you have bunny Mario then you can fly to an island with an Extra Life heart and a star on it. You can scoop up a good three lives with it.

Middle-Bell The middle-bell is after a shark. It is quite clearly visible.

Tall Pillar Cash In the area with the small stone pillars poking out of the water, head for the shortest one and jump out. Jump to the next and do a vertical jump to find a moneybag.

End Bell The end bell is just above the surface of the water.

Turtle Zone 2 (600 secs)

Level Type Giant Submarine

SECRET EXIT to Turtle Zone Secret From the beginning go down, right, up and left so you are next to a Koopa Troopa. Make yourself small Mario so you can fit through the gap and walk along the deadly tunnel to the end where there will be a secret door.

Bullet's Star After a while you will reach some Bullet Cannons. Go up and you will find a starman hidden in a ? block. You can get an extra life from it.

Middle-Bell The middle-bell is just before a pipe that leads you into a maze… so make sure that you don't miss it.

So, how do I get through this stinky maze then? In the maze go right, through the pipe, down, right, down the pipe, left, through the pipe, left, up the pipe, down the pipe, right, through the pipe.

End Bell The end bell is reached using the platforms that move up when you step on them.

Turtle Zone Secret (200 secs)

Level Type Big, fun island

Extra Life Wario Puzzle When you come across the W, destroy all of the blocks and make more appear, turning it into an M… This gives you an Extra Life.

A bit of pointless moneyhandling Once you have got the fire flower you can spin jump a block for a moneybag.

Turtle Zone 3 (400 secs)

Level Type Inside the whale!

Middle-Bell The middle-bell is after a row of teeth. It is clearly visible.

Octopus The octopus spits little squids out of its mouth. Jump on his head three times to defeat him.

(900 secs)

Level Type Final Palace

During the first section there are swinging balls and fire breathing statues. Make your way past them, being very cautious as attacks come from all sides. Then you will go up a staircase and be in a room filled with lava. You must ride the rotor pads across the molten rock. Then you will enter a room that looks quiet. However, if you step on the middle slab then huge hands will come crashing down. Jump or flutter over them all the way along. You will eventually reach some Skulls that disintegrate once you have stood on them for a second. Jump on and off them as fast as you can. Another staircase follows. You must then jump across more lava assisted by bones that rise when you step on them. The ceiling is covered in spikes though, so be extra careful. The next room has huge spiked posts that spiral down and smash into the ground. If you hold down the B Button while running through them, without stopping, you can bypass them quickly. In the next room is a Wario ball. Hit it twice to defeat it. The next room has 2 more in and then so does the room after that. A quiet room with a power up in follows. Head through the final Pipe.


Wario's first form. He will run left to right and jump periodically to make the moving sack on the ceiling fall. You must jump on his head three times to knock him out.

Bunny Wario

Wario's Second scary form. He will jump into the air and fly left to right then crashing down making the sack fall. Jump on his head yet three more times to defeat him.

Fire Wario

Wario's easiest form. He will throw a fireball, jump over it and jump on his head. Do it again before he has the chance to do anything and then again after that. He will be over before you know it, so will the game………

Wario shrinks to little Wario and throws a tantrum. He then throws his shoe at Mario before diving off the building.

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