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SMBHQ Tenth Anniversary

SMBHQ's 10th Anniversary

On August 1, 1997, Kyle Orland opened a text-based Mario fan site known as "Super Mario Bros. Headquarters." Ten years later, it has become the second most active (after TMK) Mario site on the web. On this page we will celebrate with statements from the people in charge, memories submitted by you guys, and sprite comic (also submitted by you).

Statements by the Powers That Be

SMBHQ Memories
Here are many different memories you sent about SMBHQ.

I remember when I first visited your webpage in 1998 and I thought it was going to be just another Mario page which is okay because I like Mario games but then I saw it had a bit more originality than most Mario pages and I thought it was cool. My favorite section is the Neglected Mario Characters Page. I remember the first time I visited that page and I thought that is cool that all the other characters from the Mario games were getting attention besides Mario even though I never actually considered them to be neglected. A lot of the main characters have had their own games at some point by now. Luigi starred in Luigi's Mansion and Mario Is Missing if you count that, Princess Peach starred in Super Princess Peach, Toad starred in Wario's Woods, Yoshi starred in Super Mario World 2:Yoshi's Island and Yoshi's Story among other games, Wario starred in the Wario Land and Wario Ware games alongside Wario World, and Donkey Kong starred in a lot of his own games. I actually like this page. I hope you keep up the good work on it and I wish you a Happy Anniversary.
- Roger North

hmm, well, I don't really have many memories, but I remember how I found SMBHQ.

I was 9 years old, I just got the internet, and of course my favorite video game series was Mario, somehow I found my way to you guys and SMBHQ has been in my bookmarks ever since. Although you guys don't update often, some stuff is dated, and it's not as complete as TMK, SMBHQ still has stuff that never gets old.

Ironically the "memories" section is one of my favorites...mostly because its silly, the merchandise section is very interesting, I learned about many obscure Mario products, My absolute favorite though is the Neglected Character section and all the comix/deathmatches.

I seriously almost fell out of my chair a few times because I was laughing so hard, the Mysteries comix were also pretty good, espesially the Not so Ordinary Gentlemen....hopefully they will both be updated by the year 2010.

keep up the good work, signing off.

- Zach Standig

About 2 years ago, I was searching the web, and being bored, decided to search for Mario info. I figured that no-one would have a page for Mario fans like me. However, I came upon a little site called SMBHQ, and the more I read and looked at the site, the more I loved it. A site were the staff loved Mario as much as I did! I had found web heaven, and have never found such a site since. Here's to 10 years SMBHQ.and here's to many more.
- Supermarioman

Wooh! HAPPY 10th SMBHQ! The thing that brought me to this site 3-4 years ago was Jay Resup's Neglected Mario Characters comix. I loves them all, especially, Bill & Fred. KEEP THEM COMING! The Sprites sheets and the Super Smash Stadiums were also great. Also i remember reading the Mario Timeline which helped my assignments in year 8. Lol thanks to whoever posted that on the site. You all rock! Keep it up for hopefully another decade.
- Van

Well I was here since November 97. I was looking for Mario sites and I found 2 that stuck out, this and TMK. I enjoyed Neglected Characters a lot when I first found it. This site was fun, and I still go to. True the updates have been sparse, and not as enjoyable as in the old days. But it's still a nice comical site. And I still get a kick out of Dr. Donez!
- Tommy

I remember when I first found this site. I was searching google for "Mario Enemies" and one of the sites I came to had a link to you. I have since read all web comics on SMBHQ and have joined VGF.
- MC Mushi Mo

Hello, my name is Alex and since the year 2000 I have been a constant visitor to SMBHQ. I've seen many things happen over the years, seen many faces leave (such as Kyle), and had many good times enjoying the content found on the site. However, my favorite section has always been NC. I checked every single day waiting for updates to new comics, and having myself a good laugh all-around.

Then, in November of the same year, my Grandmother was diagnosed with cancer...and she didn't have too long to live. I visited her with my mother and brother almost everyday in the hospital, but I was still pretty young and I guess you could say I wasn't able to truly understand that my grandmother would die and never come back. I was sad and didn't know what to do, so I'd go and use one of the computers I found in the hospital and read the comics on NC. They'd cheer me up and in a way they sort of comforted me even though I knew that my grandmother's death was imminent. Ever since I've used the comics found on NC as a sort of crutch. They were always there for me, even if they were late sometimes. They still always kept me happy.

And now, it's 2006, I'm 16 years old, and I'm still enjoying the site. But, lately, It's kinda felt like the updates to the site have been even more sporadic than usual. Plus, there's only been 3 comic updates so far this year. So, I decided to do something that for some reason I've never even thought of before, and I've created a forum account. And, in a strange twist of irony, the first topic I've decided to visit is the one stating that Jay is thinking of quitting NC. Then, the horror finally struck me, what if Jay never updates NC again...

Just the thought nearly made me sick...and so here I am, posting, stating how I feel about this. I've thought about it very hard and decided that since I have no actual control over what Jay does with the site, that I've learned to accept the inevitable. Jay, if you decide to quit making comix on NC, that's ok with me. I'll still have the memories of coming home from school everyday and checking the website to see if there was a new comic posted. Or staying home on a Saturday night, while my friends go out and party, and reading Mushroom Wars over again for the 1000th time. The whole experience has been amazing, and I just wish it wouldn't have gone by so fast.

Well, that's about all I have to say. Chances are I'll probably never make another forum post again, but I really just want to say...thanks for all you've done Jay. You, along with everyone at SMBHQ, have truly affected my life over these past 6 years. You're probably thinking I'm making too big of a deal over a website, but to me it's not just a website. SMBHQ and NC; they're my favorite websites on the internet and they always will be. Thank you for everything.

- Alex
I am perhaps known best around these parts under my alias Phantaz. I was particularly involved with Super Mario Brothers Headquarters from 2000-2003.

I got my first true taste of Mario fandom when I was 9. I got my first system, a Nintendo 64, along with Mario Party 2 and Super Mario 64. I was hooked. Along with the Mario movie, I loved everything about the universe.

It has been a habit of my life (perhaps a bad one) to always use the Internet as my first source for everything. After a quick Yahoo search of Mario, I stumbled upon this Web site, and was hooked. I thought it was the ultimate source of Mario, and was particularly fond of the "Memories" and "Neglected Characters" sections. I visited everyday.

Slowly the site became more and more filled with unimportant things and sections that I felt frankly, were stupid. My interest in Mario waned, as did my interest in the site. I believe the last time I looked at the site was in 2004.

Then I got an email a couple days ago saying that the 10th anniversary of SMBHq had arrived. I felt that it had been such a big part of my life, that I needed to say something. I was very impressed with the new "Era" layout. As I mentioned, Mario is no longer a part of my life, I bought an Xbox 360 and not a Wii, but whenever I get stuck in my old Mario games, I'm sure to stop by. Thanks for all the great times!

- Phantaz

So my memory of SMBHQ will probably sound a bit obsessive or boring depending on the person reading it. We'll get started...

As weird as it may sound I really did not stumble upon SMBHQ until late 2005 / early 2006! But that can all be put on the fact I really was not involved with the Internet until at least 2003-2004. Some of the most serious times at SMBHQ was when I had the crazy idea of actually re-writing and typing up the entire history of the site aka the Mario news and website updates. I asked both Sean and Kyle's take on this and they both really did not feel comfortable with the idea but I was obviously all for it! Let's break it down into a timeline...

August 2006: I established contact with Kyle Orland in regards to some of the Google adds interfering with the Update Archive. He sent an E-mail back talking about how the website is best viewed. Heck I could have checked out the bottom of the home page without interrupting Orland. Heh, oh well. :(

October 2006: Registered at SMBHQ Forums as Gage LaMay. Began looking around a bit and posted a few responses here and there.

November 12, 2006: Here's the request of me printing out the whole Update Archive I made in the forum.

December 8, 2006: Made my first topic entitled "Site Discussion" in which I proposed a Nintendo: A Month in Review section basically discussing highlights involving Nintendo of America from the previous month.

December 25, 2006: The referation to the SMBlogHQ was made when I asked if Sean had any plans for the website in 2007.

End of December: I was chatting with Kyle when he said he'd ask Sean if I could help out by posting the up-to-date Mario news in the News section. I was excited when the decision was made to let me on the team! The first post was made on the 11th of January 2007.

That's it. I'm posting Mario news here and am posting daily Nintendo news at EAM's website, I vowed I'd help out SMBHQ when they need me and until the call comes I'm pretty much keeping myself busy in other areas.

To a wonderful 10th Anniversary!! Keep on truckin', we know you can go further!

- Gage

Some of the best memories I have from this site are reading the NC Comix with my best friend during the late 90s and early 2000s. Every day, we would check to see if the next chapter of a comix had been entered. I've followed Bill and Fred, Mario Busters, the Deathmatches, and much more. Thank you Jay Resop for creating the comix, and for giving me some awesome childhood memories. ^_^
- Dallan Tucker

10th Anniversay Sprite Comix
Here are the winners of the mini-contest:

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