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Week 1
Super Monkey Ball

1) What company produced Super Monkey Ball?
2) What sub-section of Sega developed Super Monkey Ball? (Answer)
3) How many one-player levels are there in Super Monkey Ball? (Answer)
4) How do you unlock the bonus stages in Beginner or Advanced modes? In Expert mode?(Answer)
5) Name all four controllable monkeys in Super Monkey Ball(Answer)
6) What banana company sponsors Super Monkey Ball? (Easy one)(Answer)
7) Name the Monkey Target items, in left-to-right order as they appear on the Monkey Target screen.(Answer)
8) How many play points does it take to get unlimited continues?(Answer)
9) How many points do you get for landing on the small, red-and-white islands in Monkey Target?*****(Answer)
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9) 500
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8) 20,000 (2500*8)
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7) No wind, brake ball, 2x multiplier, magnet ball, 3x multiplier
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6) Dole
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5) Aiai, Meemee, Baby, Gongon
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4) Beat the regular levels without losing a life. In expert mode, without using a continue.
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3) 108 (90 regular, plus 18 bonus levels)
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2) Amusement Visions, those programming geniuses!
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1) Sega, the best video game producer ever!
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