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Super Mario-Tama Sisters

By Christine (a.k.a. Ketchup)

Princess Peach was fast asleep in her feather down bed one night. It had been so peaceful lately in the Mushroom Kingdom. Bowser was on an island far far away, and none of his children had been seen in the kingdom for months. It had been years since the kingdom was so tranquil. Little did she, nor the Mario brothers (who were slumbering in their towers), know the dangers coming their way.

An enemy worse than she, the Mario Brothers, or the citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom could possibly imagine, had sent her flying satyrs to kidnap Peach. She also wanted to kidnap the Mario Brothers and have Peach surrender the mystical family heirloom, the Star Oracle. She had come to seek revenge on behalf of her great-grandmother, who had been defeated by Peach's great-grandmother so long ago...

Suddenly, Princess Peach's dreams were interrupted by a sudden flash of light. The Star Oracle appeared in her dream. The Star Oracle is a special oracle, and only the Mushroom Royalty knows about it and how to use it. The secret of the Oracle and the ways to use it was passed down from generation to generation in the family. Whoever has control of the Oracle, controls the entire Mushroom Kingdom.

"Princess," it said. "Tis I, the Star Oracle. I sense a serious danger coming. Queen Narcissa, a flying fire-breathing serpent, wants to kidnap you and me too. You must flee the castle as soon as you awaken from sleep. She's worse than any enemy you've ever met. You have to leave immediately!"

"What?" Peach growled. She was in a state of disbelief. "Why do you sense danger for me now? What about all the other times, like when Bowser kidnapped me? Some Oracle you are."
"I never start reacting until the danger is toward me too. I can sense danger toward the Royal Family and their friends. Narcissa wants me, you, and the Mario brothers. You must leave and take me with immediately."
"If Mario and Luigi are in trouble, shouldn't they be warned too?"
"Not enough time to warn them!! You must leave quickly!! Go to the river near the castle, and take the canoe downstream. Trust what I say."
"How do I know that this isn't just a strange dream? How do I know that this really is the Star Oracle talking to me??"
"If there is an earthquake when you awaken, all of this is true."

There was another flash of light. Peach sat straight up in her bed. Her heart beat fast for a minute. Then she lied back down in her bed, and started to chuckle. "Just a silly dream," she thought. The night was perfectly calm, and there was not even tremors lately. She didn't know why she had such a weird dream.

Suddenly, there was a brief earthquake. Princess Peach's heart jumped. It wasn't a dream after all! She jumped from her bed and dashed down all the steps. It was still very late at night and she could hardly find her way out of her tower, even with her lantern in her hand. She went to the basement and down a hidden trapdoor to where the Oracle was hidden. She opened the chest that contained the Oracle and took it out. She ran up a few stone steps and out secret doors. She jumped into the canoe and untied it from the pole it was tied to. She blew out her lantern, and then floated downstream.

Just as she floated away, thousands of flying satyrs flew over the castle. They tied thousands of magical ropes around the castle and its towers. They managed to lift the castle into the sky and carry it to Queen Narcissa's castle on the island of Ismenia. Flying koopa troopas and flying goombas, who used to belong to Bowser, also helped fly the castle to Ismenia. Mario and Luigi were awakened from their sleep by all the noise.

Mario looked out the window of his little chamber. "Momma mia," he cried when he saw the satyrs carrying them 1000 feet above the ground. "What's all of this?"
Luigi poked his head out of his window. "It appears to be winged satyrs," he answered to Mario.
"Smart aleck! I can see that! But what's going on?"
"They're carrying us away."
"ARGH! Thanks for stating the most obvious, moron! You're no help! Oh no! What about the Princess?"

Mario ran to open his door, only to find it sealed up. Luigi tried to get out and he discovered the same thing with his door. They could not escape. It was impossible to budge the doors.

They soon arrived at Ismenia. Amazon Girls (led by Penthesilea), who worked for Narcissa, stormed the castle looking for the Princess and the Oracle, but to no avail. Queen Narcissa was furious when she found out that Peach and the Oracle were gone. "You fools!" she screamed at her satyrs. "Where is the Princess? How could you lose her and the Oracle? You go find them, and you better not return until you do!"

Narcisssa sent hundreds of her toughest enemies throughout the Mushroom Kingdom to find Peach. Meanwhile, the doors out of Mario and Luigi's towers were set on fire (as well as sealed up), and would stay that way forever, blocking their way out. Just in case, a Cyclops kept watch over their towers. Their windows had been sealed with silver, so their only light was the fire on their doors.

In the meantime, Peach floated down the river for hours hidden in an old black cloak. She was perfectly camouflaged in the jet black night. Every breath of the cold, stale air made her shiver. She had no idea where she was going, or what would happen next. She just trusted that the Oracle knew what it was doing. Tired and overwhelmed from the whole experience, she soon fell asleep.
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