Don't think these tricks come easy, some of them you have to work at! Actually I'm lying. They are easy to get, you lucky stiff! You get all of these cheats for free, and what have you given me huh? (at this point Mark Kelly had to be dragged away to be given a slap.)

Exhausted the game? Looking for something new to try? Well there isn't much but here is some secret stuff...

Carribean Music on SPECIAL

Don't touch that dial mister! If you go to SPECIAL zone and don't leave the map screen then a spank-tastic reggae remix of the original Mario Theme will play.

Enter a Conquered Castle

Stand on a Castle or Fortress you have already beaten and press L and R to re-enter.

Death by Cave Walls

In some levels (especially Star World 1) if you are in a cave and you start moving around while smashing Yellow Blocks you may very well pass through the walls. If this does then you will usually die, but there is a way to fall through and walk around inside them.

Maximum Lives

This is the best way to jack up more than 50 lives in one go. Head for Vanilla Secret 2 and make your way to the mid point without killing any of the Koopa Para-Troopa. Continue until you get the P-Switch and carry it back to the end of the long Koopa Para-Troopa green rock. Hit the switch and run across to the left grabbing all of the grey coins (the enemies.) There were so many enemies you will soon jack up 50 lives. Just press START and SELECT and go in again to turn up at the mid-point tape. Now grab the P-Switch and do it all again.

Maximum Points and Lives and Loadsa Coins

If you are one of those people who plays a game for maximum points (you sad, sad person) then here is an easy way to get hundreds and thousands, and then millions in no time at all. Go to Forest of Illusion 1 and make your way through the level until you reach a wooden log suspended in the air. There are some Koopa Troopas and three Wigglers. Jump from Wiggler 1 to 2 to 3 and then bounce back to 1 (by jumping on 2 if he is there). Now keep bouncing in that pattern without touching the ground. After the lives go up then peculiar symbols will appear and your coin and point total will begin soaring every time you hit one. A bit tricky to pull off really.

Speedy Game

Can you start a new game and get to Bowser and bash his scaly butt in under 13 minutes? I can, and here's how.

Don't stop to smell the roses, just rush through the levels as safely and quickly as possible. Can you beat 13 minutes? I don't care.

Mario will Congratulate You

When you have beaten Bowser, hold Up on the Control Pad until the text fades out and Mario will clap and nod when he is walking through the level scenery. Well, sort of.

Bonus Sneak

You know those bonus rooms where you hit three blocks to see your chances at getting an extra life and then jump up and try again? Here is a way to get lives every time. Enter with caped Mario and jump up to spin the side of each block. They will always cough up two coins and a life on every row. 

Game Genie Codes

DD2C-AF6F Press and hold B to make Mario jump off screen and stay there. You can't use this to find secrets off screen!

CBB7-6D67 and DEB7-6DA7 and 3CB7-6FD7 and 69B7-6F07 Will make Mario change colours to purple with a funny outline. He also goes all funny if he gets hit by an enemy.

CBEA-6DAD Mario can swim anywhere he wants on any level. Handy for finding secrets hidden high in the sky.

7732-6DAD Mario's colours will change to those of Fire Mario, but he won't get the power.

0DED-AFDF The Background will change to black, so it appears Mario is playing at night.

D032-6DAD Mario will flash like he is invincible, but he won't have the power.

232C-AF6F Press B to make Mario jump up and down like a pneumatic drill. Hold B and he will keep doing it until he starts to take off into the air.

FD32-6DAD The players colours will flicker from Mario to Luigi colour.

D4CE-64A0 Little Yoshi only has to eat two enemies to get bigger

DECE-64A0 Little Yoshi has to eat thirteen enemies to get bigger.

F8CE-64A0 Little Yoshi has to eat twenty-five enemies to get bigger... D'oh.

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