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The Mario Bros. Meet the Sailor Scouts

By Myuu

Chapter 1:
Princess Rini of Crystal Tokyo dribbled her luna ball around the castle. "Rini, stop that. You'll break somthing." King E. said to his daughter. "Kay." Rini answered, although she didn't hear a word her father said. Rini dribbled her ball into the hallway...and broke a vase. "Aahh!" Rini screamed, as she began to run away. But a servant caught her. "Rini, why don't you be as graceful as your mother?" The servant said, as he began to pick up the pieces. "I-I-I've got to go to bed! Bye!" Rini said quickly as she ran to a room, and then to a certan shelf...a shelf where the Imperium Silver Crystal was kept.


Princess Peach Toadstool of the Mushroom Kingdom finished wrapping her present for Mario's birthday. "There. I think it'll be the best present there." She said to herslef, as she picked up the present and began to walk to Mario's house.

--At the party--
Mario began to open his presents. A pack mushrooms from Toad, a Blue Yoshi egg from Yoshi, a new hat from Luigi, and a gold statue of Mario from the Princess. There was then a knock at the door. "Pizza delivery." Said the man at the door. "We didn't order any pizza." Luigi pointed out. "Who cares? I love Pizza." Mario said, opening the door and taking the pizza. Mario paid the delivery man and came in with the pizza. They began to eat. "Yummy!" Yoshi gobbled 4 pieces of pizza in one bite with his long tounge. Mario had 2 pieces, the Princess had 1, Luigi had 2 pieces, and toad had one. --At Bowser's Castle-- "Hah! They fell fo the pizza trick? pathetic!" Bowser laughed. "in 24 hours they'll be asleep for a long, long time. Not only will I get to rule the Mushroom Kingdom, but I got some cash out of it too!" Bowser laughed again, as he held up the bag of money that Mario used to pay the Pizza Delivery Man with.
Rini hesitated. This had happened before. Should she take her chanses and use the crystal again? she stared at the crystal for a few seconds, and remembered how she had to go to the past to get the crystal back again. She stared at it a few more seconds, then grabbed it and ran to her room. She held it up again and whispered to herself, "make me more graceful." Like before, the crystal disappeared. She sighed. "Not again." She thought. Rini grabbed her Crystal Key from her dresser and ran outside into the forest, where nobody would look for her. She held up her crysal key and shouted, "Crystal Key! Take me to-" She stopped short when she realized what she was standing in. "Mushrooms!" She shouted. She cupped her hand over mouth the minute she realized what she had said. She had just said, 'Crystal Key, take me to mushrooms'! This was bad news. How could the key take her to mushrooms? she was soon to find out, because she was beginning to teleport...

Rini looked confused. She didn't know where she was or what was going on around her. All she knew was that she was standing in Mushrooms. "This is odd." Thought Rini. A loud scream startled Rini and she turned to see another Sailor Scout falling from the sky. The mysterious Sailor Scout landed on Rini. "All I wanted was to be graceful like my mommy and I have her annoying braty sister fall on me!" Rini yelled. "I'm terribly sorry, Princess." The scout of the sun said. "But as your aunt I have been sent to warn you that this is not the place for you to be." Rini stared at Sailor Sun confused. "You mean you know where we are?" Sailor Sun nodded. "The Mushroom Kingdom. I sense great evil here... We should leave." Rini pulled on Sailor Sun's bow. "Aunty Sunna, if there is evil it is our job as Sailor Senshi to defeat it, right?" Sailor Sun sighed. "As usual." With a slight smile, she then added, "I wonder where everybody is." Rini looked at her watch. "Well it IS lunch time. Maybe they're having lunch?"

--At Mario's house--
"This place is a mess!" Exclaimed Princess Audrey as she entered the room and looked around. "Now I have to clean it all up because you lazy couch potatos WON'T!" Audrey kicked a soda can into a nearby garbage bin. Mario approached Audrey with a confused look on his face. "What's with you?" Audrey frowned. "I have been so sleepy I am having a difficult time keeping myself up." Luigi entered the room with a yawn. "You too Princess? Your mother is not herself either." Mario rubbed his chin and thought for a moment. "Hmm..." Mario said with bewilderment. "Queen Toadstool was kind of tired today come to think of it." Audrey angrily approached Mario. "You KNOW my mother prefers to be called Princess Peach." Mario looked very annoyed with Audrey. "Yeah. I know. How much of the pizza did you eat?" Audrey thought for a moment. "Ummmmmmm...... One half of a slice." The room fell silent.

--Back in the forest-- Sailor Sun takes out her mini computer. Rini had transformed into Sailor Chibi-Moom. "Do you know where we are?" She asked Sailor Sun. "One moment, Chibi-Moon I'm getting strange readings coming from over..." Sailor Sun looked around the forest. "There!" Sailor Sun pointed to a weird looking bush. A weird expression appeared on Chibi-Moon's face." How can you get readings from a bush Sailor Sun?" She asked. Sailor Sun blushed with embarassment. "Well, it could have been a mistake. I'm not as smart as everyone thinks I am." Chibi-Moon pointed out that it probably ran in the family which made Sailor Sun very upset. "All I wanna know is why we're here." She said angrily. "I think that's mostly my fault." Proclaimed...
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