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Review For Yoshi's Safari

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In a nutshell: Ride around the Mushroom Kingdom on Yoshi's back trying to stop the evil koopa troop. Use the Super Scope 6 to stop Bowser and his kids in 14+ worlds of mayhem.

Kyp Durron
The Good: First person perspective. Get to use the scope. An actual weapon: Bazooka

The Bad: All you do is run and shoot

The Ugly: Nothing

Favorite Part: Shooting people.

Least Favorite Part: Dying

Mark Kelly
The Good: Yoshi's Safari is very... different. It makes quite good use of the sucky Super Scope as you travel through several worlds blasting the life out of everybody's favourite Koopa Clan. The graphics are quite well done, I like the use of Mode 7... very good. Not quite as good as SMK though.

The Bad:Holding up the Super Scope will definitely drive you nuts, but at least you get to take a rest. I'm also not a huge fan of the fact that you can complete it in almost no time at all (if you're a crack shot like me... heh heh heh)

The Ugly: Shoot Yoshi in the back of the head... go on... you can't resist it. And then you get sidetracked and die.

Favorite Part: I loved blasting the jackanory out of some of my favourite Koopa characters (Big Boo mostly)

Least Favorite Part: Who wants to die, eh? It's all a load of rubbish, and I never quite understood why you need to collect crystals. Did I miss a major part of the stroyline here?

The West Virginian
The Good: Loads of fun! Baddies come at you from all sides, and your gun is rapid-fire, making for fast, zometimes frantic, action. The graphics have that polished feeling found only in early SNES games.

The Bad: The game is a wee mite too easy, especially the later bosses. (excluding Kamek and Big Boo--geez, those guys were a pain!) This game and the Super Scope are both pretty rare.

The Ugly: Since when is there a Mushroom King and Prince? Screw those clowns, I want to see more of Princess Bab--uhh, Peach!

Favorite Part: The bosses. They were all a sight to behold.

Least Favorite Part: Fighting Big Boo, and having NO IDEA what his weak point was.

The Good: Very original, also, I love blasting koopas. Oh yeah, it's not a bloody first person shooter. Two player is GREAT.

The Bad: Nothing!!

The Ugly: Kind of odd overall (mainly when you blast Yoshi), even though it's great.

Favorite Part: When Nathan and I beat it.

Least Favorite Part: Nathan always gets the super scope.

Daffy Duck
The Good: It Has Yoshi and Mario Teaming Up ON The Koopas To stop them, I Have to Admit, It's Pretty Good

The Bad: What Bad?

The Ugly: Iggy's Level

Favorite Part: Lemmy's Level

Least Favorite Part: It's all great

Yo'ster B.
The Good: First-person-shooter is a new genre for Mario. It`s fun to shoot down Koopa Troopas and Goombas.

The Bad: TOO SHORT!! I beat it in one sitting in about 45 minutes without losing any lives.

The Ugly: Who is Prince Pine and where does he come from?

Favorite Part: Shooting Yoshi in the back of the head. He turns around and looks at you with a band-aid on the back of his head.

Least Favorite Part: Beating the game SOOOO soon.

Koopa Troopa
The Good: The shooting the Goombas instead of jumping on them, getting to rescue someone besides Peach.

The Bad: Accidentally shooting Yoshi, falling in pits, short levels.

The Ugly: Nothing really

Favorite Part: Destroying the Koopa Kids one more time.

Least Favorite Part: Messing up on the jumping.

The Good: Nothing

The Bad: as practically nothing at all to do with Mario.

The Ugly: Mario has a type of gun? Weird...

Favorite Part: Turning the game off

Least Favorite Part: Everything

G-Graphics S-Sound C-Control O-Originality R-Replayability
Reviewer GSCOR Overall
Kyp Durron99978 42/50
Mark Kelly96795 36/50
The West Virginian1078109 46/50
Mike10710910 46/50
Daffy Duck10981010 47/50
Yo'ster B876107 38/50
Koopa Troopa798108 42/50
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