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Review for Yoshi's Story

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Description: Coming soon!

The Good: The graphix! ^_^ Fully rendered 2 1/2-D graphics makes this game enjoyable to many!

The Bad: The music! Well, just the music with singing. That music tends to give the average person a migraine.

The Ugly: Too easy! So easy, that my little cousin could beat it in 20 minutes! Where's the challenge?

Favorite Part: Becoming invincible and gradually wasting all of my unlimited supply of eggs. ^_^

Least Favorite Part: Attempting to get all 30 Lucky Melons isn't my idea of a good time.

The Good: Great graphics for a side scroller. I love the different textures like paper-mache & denim, etc.

The Bad: Waaaaay too easy. You go to only 6 boards each time you play! Bosses are way too easy also.

The Ugly: Ugly? nah. Maybe a bit too cute though!

Favorite Part: Ugly? nah. Maybe a bit too cute though!

Least Favorite Part: When you beat the game 1/2 hour after starting, and realise you shoulda rented it first!

Mordos Kull
The Good: Nothing, OK mabye the graphics

The Bad: Everything exspecialy the singing!

The Ugly: Can name a milion things, and i swear that the Yoshis cuss in this game.

Favorite Part: When I went back to the rental place to return it!

Least Favorite Part: Everything in this terrible game

The Good: REALLY GOOD graphics. I mean the coolest thing since SMRPG. Real fun. Stomp Shy Guys, shoot 3-headed bone dragons. Explore tropical swamps.Hey, it's a baby Yoshi's life!

The Bad: Everyone's said this, it's too short and too easy. But hey, it was meant for the small ones. WHEN ARE PEOPLE GONNA ACCEPT THAT?!!

The Ugly: Huh? Nothing's ugly here, exept Blarggs and thost green ghosts that baby Bowser rides

Favorite Part: Almost ALL of it's my favorite! Well, I like Shy Guy Limbo alot (Always hum that tune-hum hum humhum.....)

Least Favorite Part: Ghost Castle-I HATE it...sorta...

Darkside Dogg
The Good: Ah, Yes. No saving Princess, No Saving Princess. C'mon, Sing it with me!

The Bad: This Game is too short. I could beat it in 10 minutes. Where is the adventure and excitement?

The Ugly: Nothing's ugly in this game. The Yoshis are cool, cute and too RADICAL!

Favorite Part: Being Light Blue Yoshi. I also like to shoot eggs at the beehives.

Least Favorite Part: See The Bad.

Mark Kelly
The Good: This graphics are pretty cool (yet gut-wretchingly twee) and the game can be quite fun as long as you don't take it too seriously.

The Bad: Why the melons? This game gets very tedious very quickly if you go for the melon search every time.

The Ugly: Yoshi's Story... it just isn't the follow up to Yoshi's Island we were all expecting (and praying for). And lets not forget the theme tune (I wish I could)

Favorite Part: Strolling through the levels and not really bothering.

Least Favorite Part: Hunting for melons... it gets right on my wick it does.

Dr. Omicron
The Good: I wish I could do clay textures on my computer... Okay, I can't even do a texture on my computer.

The Bad: I haven't collected 30 melons in a level I haven't for about half a year now. It's that hard.

The Ugly: Does anyone think that "eeee-aaaa-oooo" would be likeable? I thought not.

Favorite Part: I managed to flutter-jump all 7 melons in "Lots o' Jelly Fish"!

Least Favorite Part: Melon-stacking games.

The Good: If you ask my sister she likes the Yoshi's, but for me, nothing.

The Bad: Side scrolling,storyline,the music



Least Favorite Part: EVERYTHING!!!!!

JarJar Aerith
The Good: YOSHI!!! Baby Yoshi is so cute!!! All of them! Even Bowser is cute as a baby!

The Bad: Too short. Where's Kamek?! Oh well. Can't have everything.

The Ugly: Ugly? That does not apply in this game!

Favorite Part: When the Yoshi's are happy. And Baby Bowser. He he.

Least Favorite Part: The song. It hurt my ears. Oh well. They're babies!

The Good: The good? WHAT!!! Don't remember anything about this game being good!! Well maybe it is more fun to play the pong.

The Bad: Well, pretty much everything. this does not compare to Yoshi's Island. If you want the ultimate side scrolling game go get Yoshi's Island for the SNES. They were tampering with most awesome game.

The Ugly: Before this game came out, Yoshi actually was cool. He made that awesome dinosaur noise and didn't worship no "super happy tree"

Favorite Part: They ditch baby Mario.

Least Favorite Part: They replaced baby Mario with the annoying Baby Yoshis

G-Graphics S-Sound C-Control O-Originality R-Replayability
Reviewer GSCOR Overall
Ram-Chan109973 38/50
Amber951054 33/50
Mordos Kull82351 19/50
Dreemz1010998 46/50
Darkside Dogg1010995 43/50
Mark Kelly73531 19/50
Dr. Omicron108797 41/50
Orlando111011 14/50
JarJar Aerith991097 44/50
Glen67731 24/50 About the site. All Rights Reserved. All content contained herein is property of SMBhq. SMBhq is in no way affiliated with Nintendo Company Limited, Nintendo of America, or any other mentioned companies. Super Mario Bros. and all character names are copyrights of Nintendo Co. Ltd. More legal info. Privacy Statement.
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