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Review For Yoshi

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Description: Help Mario and Luigi sort the falling enemies trapped in blocks to clear the field. Use the power of the yoshi egg to clear whole columns at once and rack up bonus points. Great puzzle fun for one or two players.

The Good: Yoshi's first starring role on the NES! But wait, it's another Tetris-esque puzzler...

The Bad: Too bad it's not that great of a's too simple to be much fun and is basically pointless. It's another attempt at cloning Dr. Mario, and hardly measures up to that classic.

The Ugly: Might have been decent as a sub-game in a much larger adventure...say, SMB 3. Alone it's not really worth what it originally cost. Of course now it's relatively cheap at FuncoLand, so things eventually balanced out.

Favorite part: Finding out that the sequel, Yoshi's Cookies, wasn't nearly as bland!

Least Favorite Part: It's all basically so-so. Not terrible, but not that good either.

Mike P
The Good: Yoshi's first starring role on the NES! But wait, it's another Tetris-esque puzzler...

The Bad: Did they have to make Yoshi the star? You usually think of a dinosaur as being slow and stupid.

The Ugly: None

Favorite part: I liked the Yoshi egg.

Least Favorite Part: Yoshi was the star.

The Good: When you hatch the EGGS Yoshi sorta evolves

The Bad: The DEGFLASTED music

The Ugly: Mario

Favorite part: Seeing Yoshi hatch

Least Favorite Part: Spinning Mario

Mr. Know it All
The Good: It's an original game. Yoshi was pretty new at the time and it was nice that Game Freak (future creators of Pokemon) would make a game for him. It's fun matching the things together.

The Bad: When everything falls down too fast. And when 3 columns fall down simutaneously.

The Ugly: The game over music sounds too funny for a Mario game. Right up there with the death music of Super Mario Brothers 2. The prizes you get in the clear mode are also corny.

Favorite part: Matching the pieces together and WINNING, WINNING, WINNING!!!!

Least Favorite Part: LOSING LOSING LOSING!!!

Pokemon Hater
The Good: Yoshi!!!!Challenging, fun and different.

The Bad: The speed at which those darn enemies pile up.

The Ugly: Yoshi looks really fat and tubby when he hatches out of an egg.

Favorite part: The music is cool!

Least Favorite Part: Losing to my sister

Bob Hoskins
The Good: A fantastically simple, and simply fantastic puzzler, on a par with 'TETRIS' on 'KIRBY'S STAR STACKER'! Fun for hours. The GB conversion is even better, and the title screen is full colour on either a GBC default scheme, or the Super GB. And Yoshi's NES-ised sound is even cuter.

The Bad: Too simple for some people.

The Ugly: Un-Mario like music, although good.

Favorite part: Hatching a Winged Yoshi. Points galore!

Least Favorite Part: None - it's fantastic!!!!

The Good: Finally, a game for Yoshi to call his own!

The Bad: Mario looks so odd in this game. Plus it's quite the odd puzzle game

The Ugly: Just the control, and how mario looks

Favorite part: Getting it out of the package. It's wasn't much after that

Least Favorite Part: The Princess isn't in this game! That, in my opinion ruins a whole Mario game

The Good: It's addictive, which is always a sign of a good game

The Bad: If you want to get a really good score then each game takes too long to finish.

The Ugly: Mario does all the work by spinning the tiles, yet Yoshi gets the naming rights.

Favorite part: Hatching a big Yoshi

Least Favorite Part: Limited gameplay

The Good: I like this game, because it's kinda like tetris.

The Bad: You can't make Yoshi eat the bad guys.

The Ugly: When everything get piled up.

Favorite part: When Yoshi's egg hatches

Least Favorite Part: See the ugly

The Good: This game is very puzzling for Teris fanatics. I had it, but traded it off.

The Bad: Playing higher levels and getting your butt kicked. And then it repeats.

The Ugly: Star Yoshi. He's way too fat.

Favorite part: The feeling of satisfaction you get from beating higher levels and seeing Yoshi eat those stars.

Least Favorite Part: Working on a star Yoshi. I would get 6 items and when an egg top falls, I miss it. AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

G-Graphics S-Sound C-Control O-Originality R-Replayability
Reviewer GSCOR Overall
Darwin55525 28/50
Mike P97939 37/50
Snoopy43516 19/50
Mr. Know it All75886 34/50
Pokemon Hater6105108 39/50
Bob Hoskins8710810 43/50
TTC56576 29/50
Wario 55788 33/50
Shyguy1010101010 50/50
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