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Reviews For Yoshi's Island

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Description: One of the last SNES Mario's, Yoshi's Island (or SMW2) takes place tens years ago, before any of the other games have happened. Kamek sees a stork carrying baby Mario and Luigi, and using his magic powers, he sees they will ruin his master Bowser in the future. He kidnaps Luigi, but Mario escapes, and with Yoshi's help, tracks down Kamek & Bowser. New innovation such as the flutter jump, multi direction tounging, and egg throwing, as well as the cute baby Mario make this game a classic.

Adam Spradlin
The Good: New plot: no Princess rescueing! Really good graphics and sound. Size-Changing bosses!

The Bad: Not very challenging. Mario's crying when you lose him is VERY annoying. One way doors.

The Ugly: The last SNES Mario adventure game. The game's too short. Again, not much else.

Favorite part: Bonus games. Also, standing on the watermelon-spitting Shyguys.

Least Favorite Part: That annoying dog, Poochy.

Mark Kelly
The Good: The good thing about this game is that it has no bad qualities. You can't beat this game I'm afraid, if you are a 2-D platformer you will cower and if you are in 3-D then you shall whimper. It has EVERYTHING, over 100 different enemies, 54 sprawling levels with a huge challenge in each, wonderful bonus games and enough game-play to keep even an expert gamer going for months. Being a natural Mario fan, I was quite surprised, I had stopped buying any Nintendo or video game magazines and I didn't have a guide, I only found out about this game after it was released. It makes a big difference, to get the best out of your games try not to cheat all the way through (or not at all, I try not to, and look at me now, I'm WRITING guides.)

The Bad: : I have one gripe here and it goes to the "mate" who apparently lost my complete save information in a power cut. I still haven't caught up with myself. D'oh.

The Ugly: Ugly? Ugly? I don't think that is applicable. Unless you are talking about kamek, he is pretty ugly.

Favorite part: trying to find those elusive 100 points on every level is my fave part. You can't find a challenge more gruelling. In fact, if you want to play a game for its utter difficulty then choose this one above all. I also love the skiing bit, Baby Mario and Yoshi look so cute in their ski outfits.

Least favorite part: I loathed trying to make my through the veeeerrry long cave, it takes ages, and every time you die you go back to the beginning... AAARGH. And it is auto-scroll so you are stuck there for ages. Once again, D'oh.

The Good: Hmm...let's, graphix, Sound FX, Challenge, just about the whole kit n' kaboodle!

The Bad: Two words: Baby Mario.

The Ugly: Two words: Mario's Crying. (How irritating! It gave my mom headaches!)

Favorite Part: Fooling around wit the monkey. Eating them, spitting them out, knocking them in water, drowning them.

Least Favorite Part: When you lose Baby Mario in a seemingly high place, listening to his whining, frustration to the max.

The Good: Ahh, yes. The true story of a dino that is Yoshi. I really enjoyed this game because of its challenge. I am fairly good but am still trying for those elusive 100's... I haven't even made it to Bowser yet, either! But this doesn't frustrate me, I keep working on it in my free time (not much, really!)

The Bad: Bad, hmmm. Well, I really can't say much about the bad, except that Kamek and Bowser are bad, aren't they?

The Ugly: Well, the ugly part is that Baby Mario's crying can get the better of you sometimes. Also, it would be better if you could have Luigi on your back instead (just a suggested feature, so don't scream at me because of this).

Favorite Part: I LOVE fighting the end-bosses. The background music gets really tense and I just like the tensity. Also, my favorite boss is Naval Piranha. Her intro is so suspensful, and she is really cool to fight (I like the skipping-stone-like idea!).

Least Favorite Part: I really HATE Sluggy the Unshaven's Fort. The last part, with the moving Ghost Platform really kills me (literally.)

Kyp Durron
The Good: Very good graphics. Fun to play. Yoshi. Great colours. Cool bosses. New storyline...FINALLY. Do not save the princess.

The Bad: Marios crying. Too short. Sound FX are terrible.

The Ugly: Nothing

Favorite part: Fighting the bosses.

Least Favorite Part: Getting beat by the bosses.

Sleep Kirby
The Good: The new(back then) FX2 graphics, making huge bosses and colorful graphics. The sound is also very cool, I can't get the boss music out of my head.

The Bad: Baby Mario. I hate it when he whines, and Luigi has close to no role in the game.

The Ugly: What? ugly? Kamek's ugly and so are the toadies, if that is what you mean.

Favorite part: Shy Guys! Poochy!

Least Favorite Part: Getting 100 on stages that you have 99 points on.

The Good: The graphics & the music were great!

The Bad: Baby Mario crying everytime I touch an enemy. It drives my dad crazy!

The Ugly: The game was too short and waaaaaay too easy. It should have been harder!

Favorite part: At the end where you get to see baby Mario and Luigi, don't they look adorable?

Least Favorite Part: Fighting baby Bowser twice, he gets really annoying the second time when he turns big!

Metal Mario
The Good: Excellent graphics, thanks to the SFX chip. Stylin' sound, great gameplay, and originality make this game a must-buy.

The Bad: The game's a little short. No 2-player. No Luigi! Plus, some levels are either too easy or too hard.

The Ugly: Baby Mario's extremely annoying cry for help when Yoshi touches an enemy.

Favorite part: Eating the watermelons and knocking the monkeys out by spitting the seeds at them.

Least Favorite Part: Some caverns and a ghost house or two. Too frustrating!

The Good: Fun! This game was extremely fun.

The Bad: Gets very fusterating in areas.

The Ugly: Mario's crying

Favorite part: The originallity, this is the 2nd most original mario game other than rpg.

Least Favorite Part: Mario's crying

The Good: The size is good, as is the plot. The challenge of getting 100 points in a level adds replay value.

The Bad: The challenge of getting 100 points in the levels may cause experienced players to constantly replay levels to get a score of 100

The Ugly: I could not find anything weird or odd.

Favorite part: The time I got 100 points in all the levels.

Least Favorite Part: The time I spent getting 100 points in all levels.

G-Graphics S-Sound C-Control O-Originality R-Replayability
Reviewer GSCOR Overall
Adam Spradlin998910 45/50
Mark Kelly10109810 47/50
Ram-Chan108989 44/50
CHIAPR10109109 48/50
Kyp Durron97899 42/50
Sleep Kirby910101010 49/50
Christina910778 41/50
Metal Mario1099107 45/50
Tommy788109 42/50
Onca9008910108 45/50 About the site. All Rights Reserved. All content contained herein is property of SMBhq. SMBhq is in no way affiliated with Nintendo Company Limited, Nintendo of America, or any other mentioned companies. Super Mario Bros. and all character names are copyrights of Nintendo Co. Ltd. More legal info. Privacy Statement.
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