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Review For Yoshi's Cookie

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Description: Mario and Yoshi need your help. Their bakery is overflowing with cookies! Help them out by lining up cookies of the same type before the bakery is full. Fun, puzzle action for all ages.

The Good: The boring look of Tetris is replaced by 2 great things- Yoshi, and cookies!

The Bad: It's nothing more than Tetris in disguise!!! Still the same concept, just matching cookies instaed of colors.

The Ugly: The colors! On the NES version anyway, (never played the SNES one). Everythings in dull shades of gold & pink!

Favorite part: The cute little Mario cinemas after completeing levels.

Least Favorite Part: The colors, and the fact that it is basically exactly like tetris- Like we really need another tetris-y game! There are so many!

The Good: I love being Yoshi and beating Peach to the top of the cookies! Plus the Music is great!

The Bad: The sounds aren't that good (voices)

The Ugly: Mario

Favorite part: Seeing that humongous croud cheering for you!

Least Favorite Part: The Puzzle mode

Jeremy Huntick
The Good: First of all i like the music from this game (type B the most) it easy and keeps you going. second is the dificulty it gets slowly harder (slower than Tetris). and third well... it's a MARIO game you must have played them all!

The Bad: I get bored wen i play this game too long (because it repeats itself).

The Ugly: Why aren't there special powerups or something? It woud make the game even more interesting.

Favorite part: The time I got the highest score (I lost it again when somthing went wrong with the game)

Least Favorite Part: The first time I played it (I lost in the 1st round)

The Good: It's good, if not excellent

The Bad: When you start you wonder what your doing.

The Ugly: The Yoshi Cookie itself. Does it count as any cookie or is it another regular type?

Favorite part: The VS mode, without a doubt!

Least Favorite Part: Nothin' wrong with the game at all!

The Good: A nice litte puzzle for Yoshi himself...

The Bad: None, this game is good.

The Ugly: Nope, still good...

Favorite part: See the good...

Least Favorite Part: Nope...

Pikachu Hater
The Good: Yoshi, Cookies, cool multiplayer feature, good music, and Mario in a chef's hat!

The Bad: The cookies can pile up very quickly and that annoying alarm when the pile gets too high!

The Ugly: How come all the characters in multiplayer are holding up X's and O's

Favorite part: The time I spent in it and the part when they get burnt when the pile gets too high!

Least Favorite Part: I must have made that factory explode over 50 times before I beat the game!

Jen Musgrave
The Good: It was one of the first puzzle games that I've ever played, and it was kinda cool.It's also very addictive.

The Bad: All the different types of cookies appearing, and having to clear them all can be pretty frustrating.

The Ugly: It was kinda weird the first time I played it.

Favorite part: Watching the cookies disappear off screen. (especially when they were getting too close to the top of the screen.)

Least Favorite Part: The graphics probably could've been better.

The Good: I only played this game once. It was my cousin's game. I saw a commercial and thought it might be good.

The Bad: I couldn't figure out the stupid game.

The Ugly: Mario will blow up when you lose. Funny, but stupid.

Favorite part: The commercial for it. Kids attacking the principal of the school for cookies. And when I got my first and only row.

Least Favorite Part: How I lost on every single game.

The Good: Ha Ha, thats a good one.

The Bad: The game stinks.

The Ugly: The only thing having to do with Yoshi is the little Yoshi on the sidebar. You can't actually control him.

Favorite part: Not a thing

Least Favorite Part: Opening the box

Tubba Scuba
The Good: A pretty good puzzle game.... and that's about all I have to say about it.

The Bad: The battle mode is weird (well, at least on the GB version)

The Ugly: In the GB one, you can't choose other characters.

Favorite part: The battle mode is loads of fun

Least Favorite Part: In the GB battle mode, you have to be Mario...

G-Graphics S-Sound C-Control O-Originality R-Replayability
Reviewer GSCOR Overall
Jelly-Bean46924 25/50
Yoshi98968 40/50
Jeremy Huntick78979 40/50
DizzyFan779810 41/50
StarMario109101010 49/50
Pikachu Hater8109107 44/50
Jen Musgrave71091010 46/50
Link64732 22/50
Jordan25221 12/50
Tubba Scuba87998 41/50 About the site. All Rights Reserved. All content contained herein is property of SMBhq. SMBhq is in no way affiliated with Nintendo Company Limited, Nintendo of America, or any other mentioned companies. Super Mario Bros. and all character names are copyrights of Nintendo Co. Ltd. More legal info. Privacy Statement.
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