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Review For Wario's Woods

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Description: In this puzzler, you help toad clear a forest floor quickly filling with apples, bombs, and enemies thrown by the evil Wario.

The Good: Nice graphics, nice gameplay, wonderful control and the only NES title to boast ... WARIO!

The Bad: May get a little repetative after a while, after all, it is another Tetris clone.

The Ugly: If you own Tetris, Dr. Mario, Yoshi, and Yoshi's cookies, you may not really need this (unless your a collector..)

Favorite part: Controlling Toad in the best Mario puzzle game since Dr. Mario! (I actually like WARIO'S WOODS better, personally, although many disagree.)

Least Fave Part: Finding out it was the last NES game ever to be released...that was a sad day waaay back when.

Alucard The Undead
The Good: Very intuitive concept: instead of moving the tetris blocks that are falling, have someone down there moving the ones that've already fallen.

The Bad: Controls took some getting used to.

The Ugly: Between-level map screens are horribly drawn.

Favorite part: Getting a diamond and clearing every single baddie of the same color!!!

Least Fave Part: Seeing Wario drop an egg behind a wall of monsters, knowing you'll never reach it in time.

The Good: It's real fun having this game. Go along, blow up monsters, in a puzzle-like way. Not muchto say, it's just FUN!!

The Bad: Can't think. Nothing's really BAD in this game... except for music.

The Ugly: Not much.

Favorite part: I luv to blow up a TON of monsters at once! (Chain reactions)

Least Fave Part: Losing by getting squished, or to computer opponents, and and monsters you hafta clear diagonally or twice.

Fox McCloud
The Good: Simple but addictive puzzle game.Although a puzzle game you do fight bosses. It also has some great Mario elements.

The Bad: Repetitive

The Ugly: Nothing.

Favorite part: Fighting Bosses.

Least Fave Part: Being crushed when the celling falls.

The Good: Wario's Woods in general a great puzzle game. One of the best I ever played. The whole concept of playing a character who ACTUALLY moves around in the playing field makes the game far more interactive than moving falling pieces. The music fits the game nicely. The characters are also very enjoyable. Time Trial mode allows you to challenge yourself to set of easy and difficult puzzles. Wario adds extra challenge to this amazing title by making more monsters appear and the playing field shrink by lowering the ceiling. You can also earn continues to try a stage again if you collect 30 coins. The two player, time trial, and puzzle modes will keep you entertained for hours.

The Bad: There really isn't too many bad things to Wario's Woods. The difficulty of puzzles past round 60 may irritate some gamers while others find it as a challenge. To be honest the short, repetitive music that plays when Wario appears may make most gamers want to shove a pencil in their ear or rip the speaker out of their television.

The Ugly: Nothing.The many creatures in Wario's Woods may disturb gamers in my opinion. Here's something you almost never see in a puzzle title: Bosses! Yes, you heard right. On Mode B of puzzle you fight a boss every 10 stages after stage 9. Nintendo was very creative here.

Favorite part: I'm a big Toad fan and I speak for all Toad fans when I say that this one of the few and best titles ever that star our mushroom friend, Toad. I'm very happy with the fact the Toad got a chance to star in the best puzzle/Tetris clone title I ever played. This game makes Toad shine like the star that he really is. Rejoice Toad fans your dream has came true. The versus mode is very fun and it's music is one that you want stuck in your head. I like the lesson mode because it allows gamers who just bought the title the very enjoyable controls of the game.

Least Fave Part: I liked almost everything about this game. The least favorite part of this game in my opinion had to be the story line. Nintendo could have been a little more creative.

Justin Parris
The Good: This is a great game if you like challenges and are good at thinking quick. I like it because you can play with another player, has a high score board, and takes a while to beat. an extremly hard game with good graphics (for SNES)

The Bad: It can be annoying because it is difficult. It may be hard to get used to the controls and the way the game runs. Also, after a while of playing and not being able to win, it starts to get boring. but all in all, its a good game.

The Ugly: There is nothing too odd about this game. A very basic game. The only thing is the characters. Toad is in it. Not Mario. Plus, the monsters that you have to kill are very weird looking and move a little which can be distracting.

Favorite part: The best part is when you beat the computer when your playing in VS mode. That is also hard. Their are 9 players and you have to beat everyone 3 times. After about the 2 player, it get hard.

Least Fave Part: The worst part of this game is that thier are bad guys that you have to blow up twice. Both times within 10 seconds or you will have to do it over again. They are very hard just as the rest of the game is.

Waddle Dee
The Good: Very good overall. tetris with an interesting twist

The Bad: The twist is not huge. if ya don't like tetris this will probably turn you off.

The Ugly: Hmmmmm.........

Favorite part: You move things after they land instead of as they are landing. Also being Toad!!!

Least Fave Part: lets think.....

Evil Raufecia
The Good: Playing as Toad! Yes! Toad's the main character! Yay!

The Bad: When Wario comes and Birdo leaves. And those annoying monsters that you have to kill twice.

The Ugly: Um, the monsters were kinda ugly.

Favorite part: Playing for the first time.

Least Fave Part: When Wario killed me.

The Good: It's got Toad! Toad's the main character! He's cool!

The Bad: It's got Wario! Wario shouldn't be the main character! He sucks!

The Ugly: It's like a deformed type of Tetris

Favorite part: I played Toad!

Least Fave Part: I played for 5 hours! It's way too addicting.

The Good: Go ahead and say bad things about this game, I love this game! It's so fun! It's original, too! Bosses, that's cool!

The Bad: It eventually gets too hard for anybody to win. Then again, that adds a nice challenge!

The Ugly: The only thing ugly is Wario, he doesn't look right. Especially in the cutscene you see after beating a boss.

Favorite part: The only thing ugly is Wario, he doesn't look right. Especially in the cutscene you see after beating a boss.

Least Fave Part: When I'm about to win, and Wario comes out and screws me up. AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

G-Graphics S-Sound C-Control O-Originality R-Replayability
Reviewer GSCOR Overall
Darwin76939 34/50
Alucard The Undead77799 39/50
Dreemz67887 36/50
Fox McCloud9810510 42/50
Drew6891010 43/50
Justin Parris48558 30/50
Waddle Dee48558 30/50
Evil Raufecia875109 39/50
Ellie658810 37/50
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