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Review for Wario Land 2

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The Good: The color. In addition to colorizing the game, the color also shows damage to bosses.
-The music. This is some of the best music I have ever heard on game boy.
-The no-die concept. This really boosts up the gameplay.
-Basically everything else.

The Bad: Having to collect everything.- If you start a game on game boy color, it can't be played on SGB, Game Boy Pocket, or Game Boy

The Ugly: The pause graphic.-The new coin sprite.

Favorite Part: The new color graphics.

Least Favorite Part: The factory stage where you have to go all over as flat Wario.

The Good: One of the best gameboy games out.

The Bad: A tad bit too hard.

The Ugly: Sometimes when you ram through the block sometimes there is alot of slow down.

Favorite Part: Cool endings.

Least Favorite Part: The ghost boss.

Mark Kelly
The Good: Just about everything. Tricky puzzle-orientated adventure set across the sprawling Mushroom World. The level designs are ingenious. Not to mention it looks fantastic in colour.

The Bad: Not a whole lot. It gets frustrating when you have to backtrack across half a level just because an enemy touched you (you can't die in this game, but you can be changed into something else).

The Ugly: I'll side with the other chappy on this, and that is the GBC version's hideous PAUSE sprite. Ick.

Favorite Part: Searching for all the bonus rooms and secret exits.

Least Favorite Part: That last level you get when you find all the map pieces. It's soooo harrrd!!!

Luigi's #1 Fan
The Good: There are multiable endings.

The Bad: There are too many bosses.

The Ugly: The bosses looked weird.

Favorite Part: The basketball boss.

Least Favorite Part: It had to many puzzles.

The Good: -The color
-The replay value
-The logic required
-Innovattive strategy

The Bad: -You can't die!!!
-Mario should've been the boss instead of Cap'n Syrup

The Ugly: The bosses looked weird.

Favorite Part: The B'Ball Bunny from the ghetto!

Least Favorite Part: Uneven challenge (some levels are too easy to be fun and some are too hard to be fun)

The Good: The originality

The Bad: The toughness! It is tough, the final boss is impossible.

The Ugly: Nothing

Favorite Part: The no-die option

Least Favorite Part: I just hate how hard it is.

The Good: Wario can't die! The bonus games. Multiple endings! Its a story that you can play. And after you defeat Captain Syrup you've only gone through half of the game! The graphics are great on Game Boy Color!

The Bad: When you are fighting a boss they can send you back to the beginning of the level!

The Ugly: To tell you the truth... nothing!!

Favorite Part: When I beat the game with the best ending!

Least Favorite Part: What I wrote for "The Bad".

Danny B.
The Good: The color. The challenge. You have to use your head for this game. Excellent music.

The Bad: The secret factory stage where you must be flat Wario and you must glide perfectly to land near the exit.

The Ugly: Getting hit by those blades that spring out of the ground. Owch!

Favorite Part: Finding all five different endings. They are each different and fun to watch.

Least Favorite Part: None. I really enjoyed going through this game.

King Bowser
The Good: There are many great parts.
1. There's no game over
2. Wario is invincible
3. When you take damage, you only lose coins
4. The bosses in WL2 are ok, but the bosses in SML2 are better.

The Bad: None

The Ugly: None

Favorite Part: Defeating the giant Spear Guy. Smashing him. Crushing him with rocks. Drowning him in the water. EVEN burning him.

Least Favorite Part: None

The Good: Wario never DIES!


The Ugly: NOTHING!

Favorite Part: Getting silver coins

Least Favorite Part: Losing to hard bosses

G-Graphics S-Sound C-Control O-Originality R-Replayability
Reviewer GSCOR Overall
Steve1010101010 48/50
Gary109101010 49/50
Mark Kelly910977 42/50
Luigi's #1 Fan710819 35/50
Cullen94587 33/50
Gannon9810109 46/50
Avi104787 36/50
Danny B.1010101010 50/50
King Bowser1010101010 50/50
JTMario109101010 49/50 About the site. All Rights Reserved. All content contained herein is property of SMBhq. SMBhq is in no way affiliated with Nintendo Company Limited, Nintendo of America, or any other mentioned companies. Super Mario Bros. and all character names are copyrights of Nintendo Co. Ltd. More legal info. Privacy Statement.
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