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Review For Wrecking Crew

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Description: Mario The construction worker has to tear down all the blocks on a construction site. He has to be careful however to avoid baddies. Mixes puzzle and action elements.

The Good: It's fun! Running up and down ladders. Trying to smash everything in sight. It isn't a "main" mario game such as SMB, SMW, etc. but in my opinion it should be!

The Bad: There aren't many other charecters besides Mario, your competetion, and the bad guys.

The Ugly: The Bad guys. They are cool, yet ugly. And no one really knows what they are! I think one of them is a mutated checken, but one of my friends thinks it's a t-rex and my other friend thinks it's a walking wrench.

Favorite part: Trapping bad guys and watching them try to escape.

Least Favorite Part: The complete lack of boss bad guys.

Dorian Blacquiere
The Good: It's Really Fun. Making Your Own Levels Is Great.

The Bad: The Levels Included In The Game. Their Either Too Easy Or Too Hard.

The Ugly: Why Are Aliens Protecting Half Wrecked Stuctures?

Favorite part: Making Your Own Levels. My Fav Was A Maze One Where You Had To solve Many Puzzles Before Reaching The Single Wreckable Wall

Least Favorite Part: It May Just Be a Problem With My Cart. But You Can't Save The Levels? Why?

The Good: It's an excellent simple yet difficult game. Mario is a demolition expert and must take down a house avoiding the monsters. A very unique Mario title. Has a great feature-design your own levels!

The Bad: So far, the worst thing about the game I've found is it's scarcity. It's really hard to find. So far, this is the only fault the game has that I;ve found.

The Ugly: It's not your everyday Mario game. Luigi doesn't have his standard color scheme.

Favorite part: Creating new and challenging levels.

Least Favorite Part: Taking years, I mean YEARS to find this high quality game.

The Good: The only programmable mario game!

The Bad: It gets a little to hard sometimes , and you have to start all over if you get hit by an enemy.

The Ugly: That guy that looks like mario wearing sunglasses.

Favorite part: Designing your own levels!

Least Favorite Part: Having to start a level all over again after you get hit,and not being able to jump.

Joe Marotta
The Good: A pleasant change from the norm; rather than collecting coins and kicking koopas, our heroes can now demolish doors and break bricks!

The Bad: Nothing really...can't say it gets repetitive because you have 100s of different levels and you can even make your own

The Ugly: The time it takes to Save and Load games!

Favorite part: Making your own levels...

Least Favorite Part: ...trying to save them.

The Good: Well, it's very original, and it has a puzzle element of sort. It also has a level creation option, and this game is pretty rare. Loads of levels too.

The Bad: Some of the elements in this game is just totally confusing and stupid overall. Controls can frustrate you at times.

The Ugly: The overall game is weird.

Favorite part: Level creation. Let my imagination soar.

Least Favorite Part: It was an old cart and I had to blow inside of it many !#^&*^ times!!! Plus the controls sometimes made me mad. That's about it.

Captain Falcon
The Good: An original game. Mario and Luigi are workers this time, instead of plumbers. You get five chances, while some games only give you three.

The Bad: Those stupid enemies.

The Ugly: The Mario brothers look deformed.

Favorite part: Bashing blocks with that hammer!

Least Favorite Part: When I first played it, I couldn't reach some of the blocks, no matter what I did!

The Good: It's better than most puzzle games I've seen. It gets very fun, especially during the later levels. And you can make your own levels! YAY!

The Bad: That stupid guy that walks around in the background! He always knocks down ladders that I need to Climb! Is that Wario or Luigi or WHAT?

The Ugly: When the purple alien falls on his head.

Favorite part: I love creating my own levels. I wish I could do that for everygame.

Least Favorite Part: The bonus games. They suck.

Mr. Yoshi
The Good: It has 100 levels. A lot for a NES.

The Bad: Same enemies again and again.

The Ugly: Doesn't feel like a Mario game.

Favorite part: Breaking things. Yeah!

Least Favorite Part: I didn't have to buy it, but I played it and got bored in 15 minutes.

Captain Falcon
The Good: It's... different. It can also get pretty fun.

The Bad: It's hard! Stupid robots! You can't kill them!

The Ugly: Mario looks too tall and he's a little ugly with a hard hat instead of his trademark cap.

Favorite part: Smashing a ladder when the robot is on it. Heh heh heh...

Least Favorite Part: Dying. Oh yeah, and the levels are so HARD!

G-Graphics S-Sound C-Control O-Originality R-Replayability
Reviewer GSCOR Overall
Zack31589 26/50
Dorian Blacquiere557109 36/50
Mariorox55101010 40/50
DEAN76999 40/50
Joe Marotta75799 38/50
Grimace55497 30/50
Captain Falcon3510106 34/50
Ellie589810 40/50
Mr. Yoshi52795 28/50
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