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Review For Super Smash Bros.

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In a nutshell: Which of Nintendo's mascots would win in a fight. Super Smash Bros. answers that question by pitting them against each other in a 1-4 player Battle Royale.

The Good: It's the first actuall fighting game to have Nintendo mascots battle it out till there's only one left standing. It's fun, exciting, unique, and original. The game includes many memorable characters such as Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, DK, Link, and Samus Aran.

The Bad: The characters don't have an ending sequence at the end of the game.

The Ugly: None

Favorite Part: Being able to play as Mario, Link, or Samus

Least Favorite Part: There are no ending sequences

The West Virginian
The Good: The vs. mode is way fun, and the items are cool.

The Bad: Ness and Captain Falcon are a pain to unlock.

The Ugly: Not much. Everything looks pretty cool.

Favorite Part: Wasting the Master Hand!

Least Favorite Part: Trying to unlock Ness and Captain Falcon. Game Shark owners never had it so good.

Tuxedo Ken
The Good: Mario and the other famous Nintendo mascots make an appearance, and we see Luigi in yet another Nintendo game. Plus, lots of Mario items and favorite items, such as Pokeballs are in there.

The Bad: Ness and Captain Falcon are a pain to unlock.

The Ugly: Not much. Everything looks pretty cool.

Favorite Part: Wasting the Master Hand!

Least Favorite Part: Trying to unlock Ness and Captain Falcon. Game Shark owners never had it so good.

The Good: Nintendo Characters dukeking it out! Luigi and Jigglypuff make it better!

The Bad: Mario, getting Ness and Luigi, Master Hand, Bland Stages and Very little charecters. Where's Peach? Where's Celes from FF6?(On SNES)

The Ugly: Getting Ness. Period. Bland controls and Samus should have a voice!

Favorite Part: Seeing Jigglypuff's ending! She looks so cute with all those baloons! And Link's ending was hot too!

Least Favorite Part: Getting Ness and Luigi, crappy ending also.

Sailor Kirby
The Good: I like how Luigi finally is in an N64 game.The control's are easy and I'm glad that Kirby's in a new game,too. Extremely fun and catchy music.

The Bad: WHY DID THEY HAVE TO STICK JIGGLYPUFF IN IT? Should of gotten rid of Jigglypuff and added Bowser or Peach or somebody. Some characters get annoying when it comes to their taunts (Like Fox's "HEY!" sound)

The Ugly: Sometimes when you try to double jump back on the platform (when falling to the bottom) it wont respond like you've already done your double jump.

Favorite Part: Kirby's "HI!" taunt!!!!!! (Luigi's Kick 'em while they're down taunt is cool,too, because if your close enough you can kick the opponent!)

Least Favorite Part: Jigglypuff! (Endings kinda' stink as it just show a still of your character and says congrats or somethin'.)

The Good: Basically everything! Some of my favorite nintendo characters in their very first fighting game!

The Bad: Ness and Capt Falcon. Couldn't they have thought of better Nintendo characters like Bowser, Wario, or Peach? (Imagine getting to beat up Peach!)And I also hate Samus's board!

The Ugly: Nothing. It all looks great to me!

Favorite Part: Playing on vs mode and having 2 other cpu's help me beat up characters I dont like. Or playing on a team by myself and beating up 3 Ness's!

Least Favorite Part: Going through all that work beating the game and not getting an ending sequence! Just a picture!!!

The Good: The moves and weapons.

The Bad: Kirby, he can fly!

The Ugly: Like most fighting games, it gets boring.

Favorite Part: WINNING

Least Favorite Part: LOSING

Nicole Utz
The Good: The VS Mode. It's really fun, plus the fact that you can set four characters to computer, make one a smart level of nine and the others ONE! That's always a riot, plus kicking your friends' butts!!!

The Bad: Normal mode. It's too hard to get Ness, WAAAAAHH...

The Ugly: Two words: LUIGI'S CLOTHING.

Favorite Part: KILLING DK 32 TIMES IN A ROW!!! (I did this, honestly, with the help of my sister and her friend.) I HATE THAT MONKEY! (No offense to the DK fans.) Also...when I got Luigi, calling him the "eternal understudy"! Poor Weege!

Least Favorite Part: LOSING

Alucard the Undead
The Good: Every character has been represented perfectly in this game, with all the trademark moves, stages, even the special items are perfect. Nuthin' says "Bite me" like slamming a Pokeball down your brother's throaght, and it's fun in the game, too! ;-)

The Bad: Where are Wario and Kid Icarus!? C'mon!

The Ugly: Kirby with a Jigglypuff hat... it just doesn't seem right...

Favorite Part: Using Pikachu's quick attack to teleport away from your friends so long, they beg you to kill them (Okay, so it's never actually happened, but it'll be fun when it does!)

Least Favorite Part: Some of the computer-controlled players in very hard mode are just bastards, using evey dirty trick in the book.

Jack D
The Good: Multiplayer is really fun, and the one player mode can be fun at times......

The Bad: One player mode is too easy, there are unlimited continues there should only be 2 or 3. Plus, the secret characters are to easy to get besides Ness.

The Ugly: The mushroom kingdom stage is horrible, you can just walk out of the stage and blow yourself up if an other player follows you, you can't see the fight!!!

Favorite Part: Multiplayer games, the tuants are the best i mean Jiggypuff anoyed my friends so they all tired to kill me. The nintendo universe was brought back together, but were is kid icerus or Banjo.

Least Favorite Part: How you can't play as the polygon team, metal mario, or the hand. The other part that annoyed me was no finnishers. Altough I don't want to see any violent gore, I want funny finnishers like mario could do a super uppercut and the characters he did it to could lose all their money and look at thier pockets clueless and look up, and their coins fall on them and flatten them.

Agent Triple Zero
The Good: This game is cool!!!! In my opinion, It has out-rated Mortal Kombat 4!!!! Training Mode is fun.

The Bad: Those 2 annoying POKEMON, PIKACHU AND JIGGLYPUFF. Pikachu is a cheatin' scumbag, And Jigglypuff's attacks and special attacks suck too. (No offence to all those Pokefreaks out there) Plus, 1 player mode is easy, Just like playing Yoshi's Story.

The Ugly: No Bowser, No Peach (Although she's a wimpy character almost in every game. No offence to Peach fans) No Ganondorf, No Zelda. WAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Favorite Part: Once again, I like the training mode, And I like playing as Mario, DK and Kirby.

Least Favorite Part: You can't play as Metal Mario, The Fighting Polygon Team or Master Hand. Plus the ending in 1-player mode= Gimme a L! Gimme a A! Gimme a M! Gimme a E! LAME! LAME! LAME!

G-Graphics S-Sound C-Control O-Originality R-Replayability
Reviewer GSCOR Overall
Mariorox81091010 47/50
The West Viriginian788109 42/50
Tuxedo Ken9108910 46/50
JarJarAerith768109 40/50
Sailor Kirby10109910 48/50
Shirley91091010 48/50
Dash87896 38/50
Alucard the Undead91010910 48/50
Jack D7108108 43/50
Agent Triple Zero8108109 45/50 About the site. All Rights Reserved. All content contained herein is property of SMBhq. SMBhq is in no way affiliated with Nintendo Company Limited, Nintendo of America, or any other mentioned companies. Super Mario Bros. and all character names are copyrights of Nintendo Co. Ltd. More legal info. Privacy Statement.
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