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Review For Super Mario World

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Description: The first in the next generation of Mario games. Mario's original 2D antics come at you in 16-bit color and sound. With the aid of your new friend Yoshi, you go on a quest to save dinosaur land from Bowser and his Koopa kids. First use of the cape in a Mario game, secret/branching paths, an innovative map screen, and ton's of new enemies highlight this game. Originally packaged with the SNES.

Jay Resop
The Good: Great kick off for the Super Nintendo. Everything we loved about Super Mario Bros. 3 with more features, better graphics, and battery packed. Some of the graphics blew me away when I was still enjoying Super Mario Bros. 3.

The Bad: They didn't keep suits! Oh, well. Changed the feather with the cape. Besides that everything else they kept from SMB:3. I don't know about you, but the re-play value didn't feel the same that is did with SMB:3.

The Ugly: Even this game would soon become out-dated. I still don't like Nintendo for creating a new system (another hundred bucks to dish out just to play the new games) when NES was good enough for me back then. But I got SNES anyway and I'm happy (but I'm not backing down on the N64. forget it).

Favorite part: Yoshi. Great. Cool. Best addition to the Mario universe

Least Fave Part: Four words- Tubular and Valley Fortress.

Mark Kelly
The Good: Do I really have to say anything about this game? (Yes!) OK then, basically, if you haven't played it and loved it then you are suffering from something I call "complete madness." Nearly every aspect of this game lived up to the expectations of the SNES hungry public. (Deep Breath) there are hundreds of excellent levels, power ups to make other game characters cringe, enemies loaded with personality, a lovely tribe of dinosaurs named Yoshies and enough secrets to keep you busy for a veeery long time. If you have a SNES but have not got this game then invest in a copy immediately.

The Bad: The Bad, well, I am racking my mind and the only thing that is even close to that thin line between BAD and MEDIOCRE is the fact that an expert can quite easily complete the game, and a super expert can use the secret levels to their advantage. I have been known to complete it from the beginning to beating Bowser in just 13 minutes. However, it is not easy if you play it right.

The Ugly: There are many glitches in the game that have hindered me in the past. In some levels you actually fall into the ground and plummet to your death because of a mistake in the programming. This usually happens when spinning with the super cape.

Favorite part: My fave part of this game has to be the extra drumbeats when you find Yoshi. Listen carefully to the music and then leap on Yoshi, wow extra bongos.

Least favorite part: I hate plummeting to my death when I did nothing wrong, I hate it, I really do.

Kyp Durron
The Good: Excellent gameplay. Yoshi. Long game.

The Bad: Not enough powers. Fortresses and castles suck. Mario and Luigi look exactly alike. Some sound effects are annoying.

The Ugly: Having to rescue the princess.....AGAIN!

Favorite part: The ending and fighting Bowser.

Least favorite part: Fighting the Koopa Kids.

John R. Jones
The Good: New characters and items, but no suits! Spinning underwater is an advantage! challenging fortresses (Except Chocolate Fortress if you've been to every Switch Palace) Tough Koopa Castles (Except Iggy's, I beat it in one try the first time I played the game!)

The Bad: Most irritating foes (Ball & Chain, Grinder, Fishbone, Torpedo Ted, Lil' Sparky, Hothead) are either invincible or appear at the least convenient times or both. Also, Luigi isn't even mentioned in the end (but if you're playing as the green one, he's the one to get kissed, and the one to walk through the credits)

The Ugly: Koopaling's all changed colors (Except Larry, Wendy, and Iggy). And where are the other 4 Dragon coins on Chocolate Secret? (Probably in Donut Secret 1 and Gnarly) And just how did Muncher Plants get into Dinosaur World?

Favorite part: Riding Blue or Yellow Yoshi! Also, watching Mario or Luigi demolish the Koopa Kid's castles.

Least Fave Part: Trying to pass Tubular (tough, even using Blue Yoshi to fly through it), Funky (TIME LIMIT!) or Doors #1, 4, or 6 (Annoying). Also, dodging Podoboos

The Good: When I first got this game, I loved just about everything about it. And now, I'm still fond of some of the catchy music, and trying to adjust to the challenge after not playing it for 5 or so months.

The Bad: Still, quite an old game. I'm surprised it hasn't reached "NES" rank, if not already. It's a shame I didn't enjoy these games in their years, mainly in those times, I was afraid to play them. ^_^;;;

The Ugly: Urg...I'm gonna have to go with the Special World in general. Those places just SUCKED. Not to mention diffucult.

Favorite part: Reaching the Top Secret Area. A very fun place to screw around, and get some extra lives, making it seemingly impossible to lose.

Least Fave Part: Trying to beat any level of the Special World. Oy, how I hate them...

Nintendo Girl
The Good: I loved all of the different colored Yoshis, but my favorite was the purple Yoshi because she/he can fly!

The Bad: Three words: Forest of Illusion.

The Ugly: Did I ever mention how much I hate Bowser's clown-copter?

Favorite part: The end of the game! Especially the part when the baby Yoshis hatch out of those eggs!

Least Fave Part: Fighting Bowser's seven pain-in-the-butt children, especially Morton!

The Good: Yoshi's first appearance,awsome music and graphics, great story

The Bad: Nothing

The Ugly: Trying to find all 96 exits and trying to get through the special courses in the star road

Favorite part: Saving the princess and Yoshi's friends.

Least Fave Part: getting through the forest of illusion.

Super Smash Master
The Good: The depth of the game, 96 levels to unlock. Not to mention the music.

The Bad: It's pretty much played out, and this is the last 2D Mario game with the fire flower (make more 2D mario games like this, nintendo!)

The Ugly: Every tried to play the game with a busted battery chip? It's pointless...

Favorite part: When I first experienced the game after being pampered by NES, it was magic. I never had the feeling with Super Mario 64 (no offense)...

Least Fave Part: Losing that replay value of the NES mario games.

The Hacker
The Good: The gameplay. Definitely.It has a wonderful feeling of enchantment that has only ever been beaten by Super Mario Bros.3

The Bad: The horrible glitch that kills you through no fault of your own(The same glitch appeared in Sonic Chaos on the Game Gear.

The Ugly: Luigi without the mushroom power-up. And Bowser.

Favorite part: Yoshi.Need I say more?

Least Fave Part: The HORRIBLE glitch.

The Good: It is a true classic for the best system ever, the SNES. It has so much depth of play and variety of levels to keep you playing forever. Also, you can skip certain levels through use of multiple routes. I've beaten the game in 11 levels (15 min) and 96 levels (hours!). Talk about depth of play!

The Bad: I really have no idea, everyone I know absolutely adores every part of this game. Could be the best game ever.

The Ugly: Some of the enemies are just damn weird looking (Rex after 1 hit). Also the color change after getting 96 levels is pretty weird.

Favorite part: I absolutely loved ALL of the castles except for Iggy's.

Least Fave Part: Fortresses were a big pain, but you could bypass most of them. Also, some levels (Tubular) are extremely frustrating.

G-Graphics S-Sound C-Control O-Originality R-Replayability
Reviewer GSCOR Overall
Jay Resop108998 44/50
Mark Kelly810967 40/50
Kyp Durron86959 37/50
John R. Jones9101099 47/50
Ram-Chan99967 40/50
Nintendo Girl88798 40/50
Link91010810 47/50
Super Smash Master891065 38/50
The Hacker791088 42/50
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