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Review For Super Mario Sunshine

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Description: Mario cleans up in his first title game for the Gamecube.

The Good: THIS HAS TO BE THE GREATEST MARIO GAME OF ALL TIME NEXT TO SUPER MARIO 64! The puzzles, FLUDD, and platforming action is enough to make you actually feel like you're on the island of Delfino. Trust me, this game is one of THE reasons to own a Gamecube!

The Bad: Having to fail all of the puzzles of the so-called "secret stages," where you're in this dark world and you have to collect a shine sprite within it. I found myself falling off the platform-like world too much to count.

The Ugly: Aside from the hard puzzles, nothing ugly about this game.

Favorite part: Everything except the really difficult puzzles.

Least Favorite Part: Having to search for the red coins in the Pianta Village stage.

The Good: This game is the first 3D Mario Game in Quite a While! The gameplay was rather fun, and will be an exciting game for new gamers as well as Mario Veterans.

The Bad: Unfortunately, the game is rather short for a Mario game and easier than most Mario Games. I would have liked it more if it had been more difficult and longer.

The Ugly: The weird parts of the game definately had to be the enemies. They were particularly odd this time. Instead of clasic enemies like Goombas and Koopa Troopas, we had a variety of unidentified island enemies that were just all out odd to be around. However, Bloopers and Boo Buddies did return.

Favorite part: Definately the obstacle courses. Although they were very hard and at times agrivating, they seemed more 'Marioish' than any other part of the game with things like the new 'Jazzy' Super Mario Brothers Theme Mix and the background with the old, pixel by pixel Mario.

Least Favorite Part: Two Words, King Boo. He was the hardest boss in the entire game, it requires this extremely complex process to beat him, and all you get is a shine for beating him as well as access to the other hardest levels in Sirena Beach! ARG!

Dr. Omicron
The Good: Well, Mario's back in his 84th or whatever number it isth adventure, collecting Shine Sprites, bonking Bowser, and rescuing Peach. The overworld, Delfino Plaza, has been executed much better than Peach's Castle in Super Mario 64. The place actually makes SENSE for once. In SM64, the castle was a bunch of empty rooms, save for a giant painting here and there to jump into and a huge jump into. Here, the nose of the dolphin-shaped island has fruit stands, a lighthouse, boats, a police station, a statue as a monument, etc. I guess you can say that the level design isn't quite the same as it was in Super Mario 64, but in my opinion, it's much better. And they actually managed to fit in a tropical island theme for every one of the courses Mario can visit. And don't forget about the Warp Zones, with not only classic Mario music, but also classic Mario jumping! I'm glad Nintendo hasn't forgotten everything, unlike some companies I've noticed.

The Bad: Personally, the biggest factor that hurt this game's sales is the commercial. I loved it,but most people simply didn't get the point. Within the game itself, the biggest disappointment was that there were only seven stages--less than half of what SM64 offered. Tere is also an infamous lack of variety between courses. It may take place on a tropical island, but even some tropical islands have icy mountaintops, deserts, and obviously, jungle. SMS has none of that. The locales range from a wind-powered village to an industrial village to...a village situated underneath a gigantic palm tree.

The Ugly: The Flash Liquidizing Ultra Dousing Device, or FLUDD, can do nearly everything. I want to get one of those!

Favorite part: Maybe it's me, but I treat the music in video games pretty heavily, and the music in Pinna Park, the amusement park, features only one instrument, but it's so catchy that I can find myself humming it if I have nothing to do. I've yet to find anywhere that I can listen to it on my computer, but the search goes on.

Least Favorite Part: Everyone's saying that this game was so hard. It wasn't that hard! I Game Overed a few times, but I probably Game Overed much more in Super Mario 64 than in here. At least Nintendo managed to transfer classic platform jumping from the second to the third dimension somewhat correctly.

Tristan Bingham
The Good: This game is fun. theres always something to do, and it challenges gamers at everything.flying, racing, aiming, this game takes and teaches skills of all levels. this is definately a great game for novice to advanced gamers.

The Bad: The only thing that was even slightly a drawback was that you can only carry two waterpack nozzles at a time

The Ugly: Wheres Luigi? Muyamoti has apparently decided to split the two up. I want a mario bros. game that either has character aternation or selection.

Favorite part: This game is HUGE, and extremely fun. Its impossible to pick a favorite moment, the entire game is a nonstop thrill-ride.

Least Favorite Part: I loved this game.

G-Graphics S-Sound C-Control O-Originality R-Replayability
Reviewer GSCOR Overall
MarioMan81101010910 49/50
Mikeguy1098109 46/50
Dr. Omicron91010109 48/50
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