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Review for Super Mario RPG

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Description: A sword has smashed through the Star Road, crushed Bowser's caslte, and sent the Mushroom Kingdom into disarray. As Mario, you lead a band of adventurers (including newcomers Geno and Mallow) to save the star Road and stop the evil Smithy. Turn based RPG combat and non-linear game-play are new to the Mario series, while farmiliar character, items, and locales keep popping up, keeping it close to it's side-scrolling roots. Action/RPG

Roger North
The Good: You get more options as you get further in the game.

The Bad: Only three characters can fight the bad guys

The Ugly: Only Mario can be seen on the screen out of battles most of the time.

Favorite Part: Where They find the Fourth Star on Star Hill.

Least Favorite Part: The Second Encounter with Croco.

Ben Farah
The Good: This game is a very nice game. It is the only game where Bowser helps you!!!

The Bad: This game is a very nice game. It is the only game where Bowser helps you!!!

The Ugly: You have to jump on save blocks to save.

Favorite Part: Every time I get a star,(One for star road, or an invincibility star!)

Least Favorite Part: Fighting King Calamari, Johny Jones, and Yardovich in a row.

The Good: It's one overall quest, but there's so many other things you need to do, that playing this game is quite fun!

The Bad: Play control isn't very good.

The Ugly: It takes you FOREVER to level up!

Favorite Part: Chasing Valentina around Nimbus Land.

Least Favorite Part: None.

John R. Jones
The Good: Cool music, especially when you beat enemies. Culex makes the game more interesting, and all the items prove useful. The Lazy Shell weapon and armor make things a little to easy later, though.

The Bad: Bad is hard to find for this game, but all those level-ups just to get items, and fighting a box entity when you hit some treasure boxes (Chester, Hidon, Box Boy, Pandorite) make things annoying. Also, you can't save after Smithy is killed, so a lot seems to be left in disaster.

The Ugly: You can't save until you hit a Save Block. And those are usually at inns in the towns, or after VERY tough sections. Having to fight on dwindling strength, or start over from the last Save Block is just pathetic!

Favorite Part: Beating the crap outta the bosses! Too bad this can't be done again over and over without starting a new quest each time. Also, Mallow's wish on Star Hill, I make sure to get all the stuff I can and save before opening it so I can see it whenever I play. Too funny!

Least Favorite Part: Going against King Calamari, Johnny, and Yaridovich with little chance to level up. Also, fighting Greaper and/or Glum Reaper, they always get to attack first (and use Deathsickle when I can't afford to lose anyone). And climbing the vines from Bean Valley to Nimbus Land. Getting those coins and switching to the vines to the treasure box areas without falling is almost impossible.

Curtis Bonds
The Good: Exellent gamplay, graphics (for SNES), & plot.

The Bad: You can't save your game after the credits so u could see how everything turned out for yourself.

The Ugly: Mario's Face.

Favorite Part: All the cracks about his mustache.

Least Favorite Part: The BlackJack Dealer is a cheater at Grate Guy's casino

123 Kid
The Good: You get new characters: Geno and Mallow. Plus Bowser Gets to join you.

The Bad: Luigi is never in the game.

The Ugly: You don't get to be called the name that you put in your file (i.e. If you put in Razor as a name, You would still be called Mario)

Favorite Part: Fighting Bosses and enemies, And getting the star pieces.

Least Favorite Part: Having to fight Smithy twice.

Nicole Utz
The Good: This game ROCKS!!! The new characters are a good edition, unlike SM64. And even though she's still pretty wimpy, Peach shows she can kick butt. Also, it has a complicated but FUN FUN FUN plot. There's a secret around every corner. I love the 3D effects-like the N64!

The Bad: The game is addictive. (Although I don't know if that's a bad thing or not...)

The Ugly: Bowser

Favorite Part: EVERYTHING! Nah...I haven't finished the game yet, so far...It's still everything. I can't decide.

Least Favorite Part: Using so many Pick-Me-Ups when battling bosses. Poor Geno had to fight alone once!

Princess Sky
The Good: Excellent graphix compared to other SNES games. Awesome storyline. Kewl new characters. Incredibly entertaining with both humor and drama. The Music is awesome too!

The Bad: The control is a little difficult sometimes.

The Ugly: I'm sorry...I love SMRPG's music, but the music playing in Johnny Jones's ship has GOT TO GO....

Favorite Part: The ending, from right after you defeat Smithy all the way to the end of the fireworks

Least Favorite Part: Um...the fight with Johnny Jones.

John Hunt
The Good: The graphics are great, the music is great, the story is great, need I say more?

The Bad: Sadly, a bit too short and easy.

The Ugly: There is absolutely nothing ugly about this game.

Favorite Part: Everything except my Least Favorite Part (I like the challenge of my Least Favorite Part, though!)

Least Favorite Part: Getting 100 Super Jumps in a row to get the Super Suit! My eyes start seeing colors when I have to stare at the screen counting. 1..2..3..4..5...

The Good: Not frustrating. Hilarious. Zillions of secrets. It feels like a game and not an undertaking. Also the music is spectacular.

The Bad: It can get boring in places. Having to fight zillions of enemies which can usually be defeated by tapping the A button is tedious after a while.

The Ugly: Playing Grate Guy's "Look the Other Way" game 100 times to get the Star Egg.

Favorite Part: The ending is really cool.

Least Favorite Part: Leveling up to fight a boss. It's boring.

G-Graphics S-Sound C-Control O-Originality R-Replayability
Reviewer GSCOR Overall
Roger North 101091010 49/50
Ben Farah 10971010 46/50
Peach 91061010 45/50
John R. Jones 1010887 43/50
Curtis Bonds 1010101010 50/50
123 Kid 10910910 48/50
Nicole Utz 10781010 45/50
Princess Sky 101081010 48/50
John Hunt 1010101010 50/50
BBD127 91091010 48/50 About the site. All Rights Reserved. All content contained herein is property of SMBhq. SMBhq is in no way affiliated with Nintendo Company Limited, Nintendo of America, or any other mentioned companies. Super Mario Bros. and all character names are copyrights of Nintendo Co. Ltd. More legal info. Privacy Statement.
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