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Review For Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land

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Description: Greedy old Wario is at it again. This time he's trying to steal all the treasures of Kitchen Island. As Wario, you don many hats and use many special abilities as you snatch your way through the island.

Steven Reich
The Good: Great graphics, better than most regular GB games. Nice departure from the standard platform run and stomp gameplay.

The Bad: Sluggish pace (particualarly compared to Wario Land 2). Final boss is really easy if you know the secret. Doesn't translate perfectly to Game Boy Color.

The Ugly: The Stove Canyon boss.

Favorite part: Collecting coins after beating a boss.

Least Fave Part: The SS Teacup boss.

Masked Plumber
The Good: Fun to Play on long trips. Legthly.

The Bad: Beating some Bosses.

The Ugly: The fat old genie charges you to grant your wish.

Favorite part: Winning

Least Fave Part: Losing a treasure when you lose.

Lemmy Koopa
The Good: The gameplay is fun. Its not running around and jumping on things. And for once, enemies can't hurt you just by touching you! And the GRAPHICS are SWEET!

The Bad: Ummm... once you've beaten the game with all the treasures and max coins it looses something.

The Ugly: Ugly? How about that boss in Stove Canyon? He's pretty ugly.

Favorite part: I always liked it when I got to throw the gooms into the ckickens and the chickens gave me coins. I also like figting the bosses, except for the Stove Canyon and the whatchamacallit forest bosses. I hate the ghost!

Least Fave Part: I hate the ending! It takes like an HOUR for Wario to cash in all of his treasures and then bag the coins! And what do you get? At BEST a planet! And MARIO always steals the statue, the whole reason you're on the quest, MAN!!! I HATE THE ENDING!!!

The Good: For once, you're the bad guy!!! This game is nuts!!!! Cool!

The Bad: The enemies can't really hurt you...

The Ugly: Wario looks dumb when he's small. Who the heck is that lady at the end who rubs the lamp releasing the genie?

Favorite part: THE TRAINS!!!

Least Fave Part: Finding all those treasures...

Larry M. Koopa
The Good: You could play as Wario, and get something more useful than one-ups by collecting coins.

The Bad: The volcano level

The Ugly: I hate that birdhouse!!!!!!!

Favorite part: Playing as Wario

Least Fave Part: I don't know

The Good: You get the opportunity to play as a bad guy, which means the enemies can't hurt you by simply touching you, unless of course they're touching you with horns, claws, or spikes. The music is very nice, and there's some animations of Wario that are pretty cool.

The Bad: The only bad thing I can even think of about this game is that there's a cheat that can get you out of almost any situation or get you way ahead in coins and lives, and this game's really not hard enough that you should need it.

The Ugly: You know there's gonna a bunch a weird stuff in any game where Wario's involved. Wario had to pay a genie to grant a wish for him for one thing, and it takes a lot of cash before he really grants it right. One of the bosses is a giant floating head that Wario can beat only by throwing its own boogers back at it, seriously.

Favorite part: The Dangerous Duck. Also the first enemies that you meet which have no attacking power whatsoever. The very last level was refreshingly easy. I loved tossing enemies off the moving train, and there's the whole idea of gathering treasure for yourself instead of saving the world.

Least Fave Part: I found the bridge level to reach Sherbet Island to be depressingly difficult, but it is good that it's not a required level.

The Good: This game had somle of the best graphics I saw on Game Boy. The way a lot of the bad guys couldn't hurt you was a plus. And, of course, the gameplay rocked.

The Bad: Some people might not like the idea that some enemies might not kill you. Also, you have to pay the genie for your house.

The Ugly: The first level in Stove Canyon was very hard, but the other Stove Canyon levels were easy

Favorite part: Gettin' that castle!

Least Fave Part: Thinking it only took 3 hits to beat the genie. I got number three and was waiting for the ending; I came within one second of losing!

The Good: Most of it

The Bad: Some people might not like the idea that some enemies might not kill you. Also, you have to pay the genie for your house.

The Ugly: See the bad

Favorite part: See the good

Least Fave Part: See the bad

Lyna Wyndia
The Good: The music's awesome. The train level in Parsley Woods rocks! Also, the graphics are pretty good for GB.

The Bad: Hmm...that's hard...could you give me a minute?

The Ugly: I had to beat the game literally eight times in order to find out who that figure flying away into the distance is at the end.

Favorite part: When I beat the game and got to listen to that great music at the end when you get the planet!

Least Fave Part: Having to beat the game eight times in order to find out who or what the spoony that thing flying into the distance at the end is.

The Good: It's a lot of fun-lots of replay value

The Bad: Get's you sick in the car.

The Ugly: Nothing strange, except some of the enemies

Favorite part: Oh yeah, when I got the best castle, that was cool.

Least Fave Part: I threw up from playing too much, j/k.

G-Graphics S-Sound C-Control O-Originality R-Replayability
Reviewer GSCOR Overall
Steven Reich88798 40/50
Masked Plumber768108 39/50
Lemmy Koopa10101096 46/50
Ratfink998106 42/50
Larry M. Koopa87799 40/50
Avi8107910 44/50
Thanos68910109 46/50
Juno86998 40/50
Lyyna Wyndia101081010 48/50
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