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Review For Super Mario Land

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In a nutshell: Hop n' Bop action. Save Sarasaland from the Evil Tatanga. Classic Mario for gameboy.

The Good: Good, fun gameplay. Kind of challenging, but easy to master.

The Bad: The graphics are a bit cheesy; as in too small, ugly sprites reminiscent of SMB1 with backgrounds. The control is frustrating, because one false move can send you off the cliff. Every little move makes Mario go crazy. Paranoia big destroia!

The Ugly: The Koopa Clones. They're not really Koopa Troopas, but they look just like them. Instead of hiding in its shell, the weird Koopas turn into a bomb and blow up! Another weird thing: when Mario gets a fireflower, he doesn't shoot fire. He shoots rubber balls that bounce all over the place and purposely miss the enemies!

Favorite Part: Going underwater and riding in the little Mario submarine thing.

Least Favorite Part: Dying very easily because of the sloppy control. Going through all the work for 4 worlds and a corny ending!

The Good: Just like SMB, but smaller w/ new characters and two vehicles.

The Bad: With the new SMB.DX., this game is now, fairly obselete.

The Ugly: I can't pronounce most of the enemies names! The two vehicles (toy-pop, and sky-pop) control the same way.

Favorite Part: The great graphics GBC's default color gives it! True to the originals!

Least Favorite Part: None

I'm-a-Luigi, Number 1
The Good: It's a good challenge for me, but that could get annoying.

The Bad: I'M NOT IN IT!!! STUPID BROTHER! 1ST GAME BOY GAME & I'M NOT IN IT!!!! And it's not really a mario game {like "SMB2" ["Doki-Doki Panic"]}!!! That explains why the "fireballs" are more like rubber balls, why the "koopa-troopas" explode, & Bowser isn't in it.

The Ugly: My brother! He's pretty ugly!

Favorite Part: The water level{s}.

Least Favorite Part: Not getting passed the 3rd world.

Mark Kelly
The Good: Everyone knows this game, everyone loves the Sky/Sub Pop sections. The addition of a new megalomaniac is always a welcome surprise, especially one with a cool spaceship like Tatanga. The bosses and worlds are also very varied. Great stuff.

The Bad: I jump off a ledge. The mechanics of every other Mario game suggests that I can see which direction I'm heading, etc... but no, I drop suddenly into a bottomless pit. Great. Also, if you try and play this game on a blur-meister Game Boy original (or even the Pocket version) then you will almost definitely die more often than someone on a crispy clear GBC or SGB.

The Ugly: The enemies all kept their japanese names... why? Also, due to a slight ink-overspill in the printing of the instruction manual, everyone on the planet thinks the 2nd to last boss is called Blokinton when if you look carefully it is revealed that his actual name is Biokinton. Not that it matters, mind.

Favorite Part: Um... playing it solidly for three hours and getting the level select mode. About damn time.

Least Favorite Part: I hate the Ganchan rock-jumping bit. What is the point of that then? You either slip and fall, getting frustrated, or you stand there bored out of your skull for a while. Enough already.

The Good: In the age of the Nintendo 64, it's good to come back to simplicity once in a while. For me, Super Mario Land is as much fun as it was ten years ago.

The Bad: The graphics of course. But, is this realy a bad thing sometimes...?

The Ugly: Whats the deal with Mario shooting rubber balls that bounce all over the place? You have to wait until the first shot hits an enemy or bounces of the screan before firing another!

Favorite Part: My favorite part of the game is world 1. I also think the music is great.

Least Favorite Part: The under water parts and world 3.

Rowena Splat
The Good: It is a really fun game for beginners and the graphics are really cool.

The Bad: It's not Game Boy color.

The Ugly: None

Favorite Part: Flying in the Sky Pop

Least Favorite Part: The disc level

The Good: Great Levels and bosses. Mario gets great veicles and uses clasic items.

The Bad: No Luigi or Bowser. It just dosn't feel much like a Mario game.

The Ugly: Nothing really. There's really not much to complain about unlees you hate Mario or Game Boy.

Favorite Part: Fighting the bosses.

Least Favorite Part: Rescuing Princees Daisy.

The Good: This game has much more depth than earlier Mario games.I'm trying to master the game and find all the secrets.

The Bad: Nothing

The Ugly: Bowser's smily face thing he rides around in.

Favorite Part: The secret star world.

Least Favorite Part: None

Axem Rangers
The Good: This game has some of the simpilest gameplay ever, yet is hard to master. Putting in a secret Expert mode was pure genius. The new enimes were cool, but they never apper in any other game.

The Bad: The graphics, duh! Even we know that, and that shows somthing!

The Ugly: The @%$^$*ing rock boss guy! What was up with him! It's way too hard getting to him with fire, and he's just annoying. What's up with the bouncy fireballs?

Favorite Part: I love the sky & water levels, and the bosses are cool.

Least Favorite Part: The parts where you can't see where you're jumping and you can't see where your going, and you jump off and die.

Eric Oakford
The Good: First game with Daisy.

The Bad: Um, well, no save feature nor warp zones. Also, you can't scroll backwards.

The Ugly: Tatanga

Favorite Part: Last mario game with no save feature.

Least Favorite Part: When I have to stop playing.

G-Graphics S-Sound C-Control O-Originality R-Replayability
Reviewer GSCOR Overall
Metal Mario57082 22/50
Cullen4661010 36/50
Luigi11000 2/50
Mark Kelly57387 30/50
Ro47749 31/50
Rowena Splat59101010 44/50
Mario*889910 44/50
Chris988710 42/50
Axem Rangers348810 33/50
Eric Oakford64754 26/50 About the site. All Rights Reserved. All content contained herein is property of SMBhq. SMBhq is in no way affiliated with Nintendo Company Limited, Nintendo of America, or any other mentioned companies. Super Mario Bros. and all character names are copyrights of Nintendo Co. Ltd. More legal info. Privacy Statement.
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