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Review For Super Mario Bros. DX

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Description: The original 1985 clasic is back on your Game Boy Color. The original game is in here, along with a challenge mode where you have to find the hidden red coins. There's also a record keeper, save feature, calender/fortune teller and a hidden versino of The Lost Levels, all in one little cart!

Sammy Bryan
The Good: Easier to bounce the turtles in 3-1 (dribble). Excellent clone

The Bad: Easier to bounce the turtles in 3-1 (dribble). No minus Zone

The Ugly: The screen format keeps you from doing all of your favorite old "glitch" secret tricks

Favorite part: The extra features included in DX like Vs. Mode and toybox

Least Favorite Part: Screen Formatting

The Good: This game is incredible! It's got all the fun of the original '85 classic, and so much more. There's tons of secret things, like finding the red coins and Yoshi eggs, getting the best score, and such the you'll not be able to put it down! It's also got a cool photo album mode that opens up snapshots of cartoon versions of things you did in the game, and can be printed out. Rescuing the Mushroom Retainers now grants you secret goodies in the Toy Box! It's Super Mario Bros. and so much more!

The Bad: The only thing that's a problem is play control, which after a very short while you will get used to anyway.

The Ugly: Nope, none here for this Miyamoto classic! : )

Favorite part: The feeling of total nostalgia, yet at the same time finding all these new goodies they've stuffed in here so it's also like playing something entirely new.

Least Favorite Part: I don't own a printer, and this game really utilizes it with Mario themed boarders, banners, cartoon pictures and such. Looks like I might be getting myself a GB Printer pretty soon...

The Good: Mario for the GBC. Including the hidden Lost Levels and Races there are 72 levels!!!! New challenge mode is awesome. Lots of Nintendo Printable artwork!!! Race against your friends in race mode!!!! A excellent game!!!

The Bad: The water levels are annoying! The new resolution make it difficult to see the level.

The Ugly: Mario crying when he dies.

Favorite part: The new racing mode.

Least Favorite Part: The water levels.

Sexiest Man in the World
The Good: This game is amazing, its the first mario bros. platform game, It includes a secret Lost Levels (doki Doki Panic) version, and a new racing game! Not only that, but after beating a level, you can challenge a level getting the secret Ish! ITS FREAKIN GREAT!!!!

The Bad: The game isnt bad at all. Its just kinda easy. Aside from the hammer-Throwing Bowser, it just doesn't seem very much challenging. You know?

The Ugly: The game comes with no extra case. WHAT THE HELL?

Favorite part: Everything.

Least Favorite Part: The Bad graphics on the awards screen.

Mr. Spam
The Good: EVERYTHING!!!!!!!The new challenge, you vs. Boo, The lost Levels, the toy box, and the fact that you can play as Luigi!!!

The Bad: Luigi doesn't have his original colours.

The Ugly: Nothing

Favorite part: Everything.

Least Favorite Part: None.

The Good: This game has so many features including the japanese version of smb2 and the challenge mode makes this game a must buy.

The Bad: The graphics are nothing to phone home about and the control can be very anoying but other than that this game is near perfect.

The Ugly: Nothing I can think of.

Favorite part: Dunking bowser into the pool of lava, he think's he's so high and mighty but I have two words for him!

Least Favorite Part: Getting almost to the end of level 8-3 onley to be killed by a goomba

The Good: It's Super Mario Bros., but with some extras! Here, you can save your game, make notes in the calender, take on a friend, search for red coins and Yoshi eggs, being able to scroll back a little, etc.

The Bad: The sound on the map screen. How annoying!

The Ugly: Straing at that tiny Game Boy screen. Yikes! My eyes hurt hours later.

Favorite part: Saving it! I always get lots of game overs, so saving after every level is wonderful. I also enjoy the setting dates in the callender.

Least Favorite Part: None

The Good: Great game..... very fun and classic (saving the princess) not like in mario land 2 : six golden coins or anything....

The Bad: Beating bowser is very easy..... over and over... something new would be nice....

The Ugly: Nuthin' really

Favorite part: Castle levels.

Least Favorite Part: Water levels.

The Good: I loved playing the original Super Mario Bros. when I was quite a bit younger. This really brings back the memories, and I just don't seem to get tired of this game. It has a lot of WAY COOL new things like a vs. game and racing Boo, and I don't have any more reason to complain about missing out on the lost levels.

The Bad: The new screen resolution and more sensitive control make it awkward, but I am getting used to it fast.

The Ugly: This just can't be ugly! They made a good choice by not doing the different graphics like super mario all stars, and the colors are SO rich.

Favorite part: Playing he original SMB and the lost levels

Least Favorite Part: None.

The Good: This game is a true classic. The You Vs. Boo and Vs. modes are pretty cool with inovative levels. The Toy Box has some neat stuff. Super Mario Bros. for Super Players (Lost Levels) is also a classic, but tough. It's good to have it in the cart, becuase my SNES has been put up for a while with All-Stars.

The Bad: One thing- Screen scrolling. It's only noticibly bad in levels with Cheep-Cheeps. They jump up, dissappear, and hit you. And with Lakitu, they set it so you can see where he is, but picture this: You jump on a high block, screen scrolls up, Lakitu is above you, press down. He scrolls down and hits you. Plus, World 8-2 of Lost Levels.

The Ugly: The little flickering pixels in the top left corner below the status box.

Favorite part: Selecting any levels once you beat it.

Least Favorite Part: None.

G-Graphics S-Sound C-Control O-Originality R-Replayability
Reviewer GSCOR Overall
Sammy Bryan9991010 47/50
Paul886910 41/50
Glen889810 43/50
Sexiest Man710101010 47/50
Mr. Spam1010101010 50/50
Mike76779 36/50
Peach7810610 41/50
Mark95789 38/50
Steve10107810 45/50
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