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Review For Super Mario Bros. 3

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Description: The final NES Mario, and arguably the best NES game ever. Mario & Luigi travel through 8 huge, themed worlds using items such as the Racoon Leaf and Frog Suit to battle a slew of new enemies including the 7 Koopa Kids. SMB3 added many innovatios to gaming and to Mario such as flight, a map screen, and new enemies.

Jay Resop
The Good: Tons of levels. So many new features for it's time. Map screen. Tons of bosses. Tons of items. The BEST game on NES and possibly any other system. A revolution in video games.

The Bad: Um, hmm, this is hard. No save feature. This game is so big, and has so many levels, that it would take days to complete all levels without a warp whistle. Also the plot makes it "just another Mario game."

The Ugly: You can now get the BEST SELLING GAME OF ALL TIME...for a couple bucks at Funco land. A shame. Quality games like this should be worth a fortune.

Favorite part: The three suits-There are things have more abilities then a Swiss Army Knife. The Frog Suit lets you jump and swim better. The Tanooki Suit turns you into a statue and lets you fly. And the rare Hammer Bros. Suit lets you kill most enemies, and protects you from fire. Cool.

Least Fave Part: Our witty princess-"Thank you Mario, but our princess is in another castle, just kidding!" Ha ha ha...ya right... She sure is a bunch of laughs. Next time she acts like that I'll leave her royal behind behind. Grumble, and Luigi still gets no credit.

Kyle Orland
The Good: Everything. Ton's of new items and enemies, combined with the huge number of levels and the variety of different environments mean you won't get bored with SMB3 soon.

The Bad: It's too big. With no save feature, it's hard to beat the game in one sitting (Near impossible without the warp whistles). The challenge factor also goes way too high on some fortresses nad levels (World 8 mostly).

The Ugly: The endless one-ups. There are about 50 levels where you can get unlimited one-ups in a number of ways. Cheap!

Favorite part: Flying!

Least favorite part: None! It's all good.

The Good: It's full of different worlds and levels. Also the bosses, enemies and items.

The Bad: No save option.

The Ugly: Ugh...?

Favorite part: Everything!!! It's so cool!

Least Fave Part: I said everthing...that means everything!

John R. Jones
The Good: Seven words: Tanooki Suit, Hammer Suit, and Hot Foot

The Bad: You must do too much choosing to decide on which suit to use on a Fortress. Hammers won't kill Roto-Discs, Statue stomps won't kill Boo Diddly, Stretch, or Hot Foot (why would anyone want to?), and won't off Boom-Boom in one hit.

The Ugly: Princess Toadstool. What fool was sleeping at the design table? She looks terrible when you see her at the end, and her hair isn't even red! (Better job on All-Stars, so it doesn't apply there)

Favorite part: Battling through Sky World, Pipe Maze, and Darkland. World 6 has too many opportunities to die (World 6-7 if you want the Anchor...)

Least Fave Part: Saving the Princess (What a royal pain!). That message at the end had BETTER have been a joke, or I'd bring in my Hammer Suit and crush her like peanuts! Also, running out of inventory space (28 item limit my foot!)

The Good: One of the three basic Mario games I haven't ::shudder:: beaten yet. Yup, I suck. Doesn't Ram-chan suck? Yes, she does! Anyway, that massive challenge with no save feature even makes it hard for normal gamers (Who don't suck like me ^_^;;;) And of course, that great music (Mainly Island Map music) and the improved grahpix on the SNES version is even more likeable.

The Bad: World 8. Too hard, and not even fun.

The Ugly: Those Battleships....urg...those were so NOT fun...I could tear my hair outta my head trying to play the ships 4-7 again without any P-Wings to fly completely over. Sure, it was original. But oh, so not fun!

Favorite part: I usually like to sit back and relax on the map screen and just listen to the music (Espeically on World 7) before having to play another agonizing level...

Least Fave Part: Umm...ur....playing World 8? Yeah, that's it...exactly.

Magus 24
The Good: The amazing adventure to the final battle with Bowser. Also, cool side features such as warp whistles and all the specialty suits you can get.

The Bad: The difficulty.

The Ugly: Those big fish that can eat you in most of the water levels.

Favorite part: Finding and using all the warp whistles. Finding all the little things.

Least Fave Part: Completing some of the long and boring levels.

The Good: Everything. Warp Wisthles are the best part.

The Bad: Bowser. He's so hard

The Ugly: Mario is fat

Favorite part: Saving the princess.

Least Fave Part: Beating Bowser.

The Good: Long and challenging

The Bad: No save feature (note: I also played this on a computer with an emulator, so I kinda had a save feature).

The Ugly: The ships. Uhhh. Some move too fast, some require huge jumps, and all have too many gun thingies or little cans that shoot flame.

Favorite part: With my racoon suit, the king thought I was some "kindly racoon." Cute.

Least Fave Part: World 8 was too tough, especially its first castle.

The Good: Takes longer then 10 minutes, unlike the first one, and the suits are cool

The Bad: The 8th world is harder then all the other ones put together... no saves.

The Ugly: The koopa kids were easier to beat than most of the hammer brothers.

Favorite part: The boot (Kuribo's Shoe -Ed.)

Least Fave Part: The first two levels in world 8!

Lemmy Koopa
The Good: The Koopalings make their debut! The suits are the best! The competitive two player mode is just like the original! You only fight bowser ONCE! Luigi's in it!

The Bad: Umm... too small. The 100 something levels might be a LOT, but it's not ENOUGH. I need MORE entertainment from the best game ever.

The Ugly: Mario's face. THat's pretty ugly. Seriously, though, the plot makes no sense at all.

Favorite part: Spending three hours jumping around on Lemmy's balls without killing him.

Least Fave Part: Realizing that I have to beat myself (Lemmy Koopa)if I want to proceed.

G-Graphics S-Sound C-Control O-Originality R-Replayability
Reviewer GSCOR Overall
Jay Resop9710910 45/50
Kyle Orland8910109 46/50
Player74869 34/50
John R. Jones991089 45/50
Ram-Chan89878 40/50
Magus 241010101010 50/50
Bryan9101099 47/50
Someone78678 36/50
Ace1099710 45/50
Lemmy Koopa81010710 45/50 About the site. All Rights Reserved. All content contained herein is property of SMBhq. SMBhq is in no way affiliated with Nintendo Company Limited, Nintendo of America, or any other mentioned companies. Super Mario Bros. and all character names are copyrights of Nintendo Co. Ltd. More legal info. Privacy Statement.
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