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Review for Super Mario Bros. 2: The lost levels

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Description: A continuation on Super Mario Bros. Fight through hordes of monsters and navigate trecherous platforms on a quest to save the Princess from the evil King Koopa.

Joe Marotta
The Good: More levels, more challenging. The ability to play as Luigi or Mario as Player 1.

The Bad: Annoying poisonous mushrooms. No 2 plyaer game. Annoying wind.

The Ugly: The game was only released in Japan, leaving an empty void in the hearts of true Mario fans.

Favorite Part: Playing as Luigi.

Least Favorite Part: Poisionous mushrooms

Prince Rabid
The Good: Real good challenge--lotsa fun to go back and play even 3 years after beating it.

The Bad: Damn LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG jumps. Backward warps. Low amount of powerups, and those that are there are real hard to find.

The Ugly: I really woulda loved to see what this game woulda looked like on 8-bit nintendo WHY did they not release it here ('cept on allstars)

Favorite Part: Squishing aboveground Bloobers is fun, as is hopping over the ubiquitous Hammer Bros w/Luigi. And nothing beats the rush you get from beating a really hard level, one that took you 500,000 tries to beat (or so it seemed)

Least Favorite Part: Luigi slipped offa too many cliffs, but Mario wouldna helped cause he can't make the long jumps.

The Good: It is extremely challenging, and there are many levels.

The Bad: Some of the jumps are almost impossible to do.

The Ugly: It's only one player.

Favorite Part: The green springboards. You go flying!

Least Favorite Part: Poison mushrooms are annoying.

The Good: Im not quite sure, if you could read Japanesse.

The Bad: The only way us in America can get it is through All Stars

The Ugly: Bowser

Favorite Part: That you could save on each level.

Least Favorite Part: It was not realsed in America, it is extremelly hard, and you can only have one player.

The Good: This is a very challenging game! It keeps you going for hours!

The Bad: When you die, you have to start all over again!

The Ugly: Those poisonous Mushrooms freaked me out!

Favorite Part: When I made it to 8-4. It was the proudest moment of my life!

Least Favorite Part: When the game was erased. I spent 50 tries to get to 8-4!

The Good: Great challenge, missing Mario link.Save feature. World 9.

The Bad: Wind, Hammer Bros.

The Ugly: World 9, Flying Squids.

Favorite Part: World 9

Least Favorite Part: The tough jumps

Larry M. Koopa
The Good: It is a great challenge(I still haven't beaten it)

The Bad: It is way too hard unless you are the greatest Mario Bros. player ever.

The Ugly: Those damn poison mushrooms.

Favorite Part: Kickin' bowser's butt.

Least Favorite Part: The poison mushrooms

James Head
The Good: I think anyone who is a die hard Mario fan should give this game a try or buy it for it would be a very wise investment. The game features a great challenge, boosted graphics from the Japanese Famicon Version, and excellent music. My favorite objects in the game are the odd placement of things (compared to the first Super Mario Bros.), poison mushrooms, and the different levels of jumping abilities between Mario and Luigi.

The Bad: The only bad thing about this game is Mario's jumping ability. Nintendo made it to where you can barely manage to beat the game with him.

The Ugly: Nothing ugly at all about this game :-)

Favorite Part:My favorite memory is being blown backwards by the wind and leaping over large bodies of water or gaps between the land. That gave me somewhat of a rush ;-)

Least Favorite Part: My least favorite part was Bowser being easy while the levels are extremely difficult at times. I think the difficulty of the two should have been switched around.

Mark Kelly
The Good: Um... I didn't like this game. The game reminds me of a bad dream where Japan was ruled by sadists and Shigeru Miyamoto just threw games together randomly like Sega and Acclaim do.

The Bad: The only bad thing about this game is Mario's jumping ability. Nintendo made it to where you can barely manage to beat the game with him.

The Ugly: Um, yeah, did Nintendo make it or did they just get some guys to come in, throw together some levels on their lunch break, and then release it?

Favorite Part: Ahem. I think I made myself clear.

Least Favorite Part: Yes, when I planned on doing it all the way through without warps. Grrr. Oh the agony.

The Good: Its very challenging!And there is an actual difference in mario and luigi!Luigi jumps higher then Mario.

The Bad: It can get frustrating when you die on the same level over and over. But that's why its challenging^_^

The Ugly: Those evil little poison mushrooms!

Favorite Part: Jumping sky-high from the green spring!

Least Favorite Part: Falling down pits for the millionth time!!!!!!!

G-Graphics S-Sound C-Control O-Originality R-Replayability
Reviewer GSCOR Overall
Joe Marotta551097 36/50
Prince Rabid886310 35/50
Derek78658 34/50
Gannon53422 16/50
Jazz78658 34/50
Toad66578 32/50
Larry M. Koopa88978 40/50
James Head101091010 49/50
Mark Kelly78521 23/50
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