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Review For Super Mario Bros.

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Description: The game that started Mario's home invasion. Help Mario on his quest to save the princess through eight vast worlds. Travel on land, underground, in the dungeons, and in the water as you face enemies such as the mallet throwing Hammer Bros. Use the power of the warp zones to jump ahead to later levels. Defeat Bowser, save the princess, and restore peace to the Mushroom Kingdom.

Jay Resop
The Good: This game started it all. The fun of stomping enemies and finding warp pipes is still there. Back then, even the story line was original. Improved graphics with Super mario All-stars. They don't make classics like this anymore.

The Bad: This game doesn't have much re-play value. The only reason I would play it again was to see if I could get a better score. Some of the levels are annoying, and semi-impossible (water worlds anyone? shudder.) where some parts are easy as heck (Bowser? come on, give me the real thing.)

The Ugly: Cheap now-a-days and completely out dated, almost to "pong level." The only thing real ugly with this game is viewing the graphics after playing Yoshi's Island or Kirby Super Star.

Favorite Part: Fire flower. Back then this was the weapon to have. Now-a-days nothing is "cool" unless it takes you a hundred feet in the air and kills everything on screen.

Least Favorite Part: Beating Bowser over, and over and over. Sheesh, can't they come up with a different boss?

Kyle Orland
The Good: Level design is amazing. The levels are challenging without being frustrating most of the time. Blaze through it with the warp zones, or sit down for a few hours and beat it the long way.

The Bad: Old, old, old. Everyone already knows all the secrets and have done everything possible in it already. Level's get repetitive (oh yay, another water level!) and ther's only limited ammount of items and enemies and secret areas to see. You can find them all pretty easily.

The Ugly: The now-days standard save is missing (than kyo uall stars!). Also, you can't scroll backwards. IF you miss a mushroom that scrolls off to the left, it's gone forever. ARGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!

Favorite Part: Getting unlimited one-ups and beating the game without warp zones!

Least Favorite Part: The dungeon levels where you have to figure out EXACTLY the right path. They don't even give you hints, it just keeps going, and going, and going...

Michael Bennes
The Good: This game has full originality! great graphics (for it's time), It's hard, inexpensive, and most important, fun.

The Bad: I wish it were the VERY FIRST game to feature mario and luigi, it would make for less story confusion.

The Ugly: Peole just don't appreciate this game anymore! They think it was great in 1986-87, but now it's good for nothing more than a paper wieght. I'm not saying everybody thinks this, but I'm the only one in my nieghborhood that ever still plays it! These are my words of wisdom: Some of the best, most challenging, and most fun games ever made, were made with horrific graphics and were for the NES.

Favorite Part: The feeling of accomplishment you get from beating this game AND getting to minus world.

Least Favorite Part: GETTING to minus world, it's just too hard!

Zeller Schmid
The Good: In my opinion it is the third best NES game (6th Best Famicom) and it is also the first great video game period. You may wonder why I gave it a ten Replay value/fun, this is because I have played this game for ten year and I still have fun! It started a long series of side-scrolling Mario adventures. And you can always do the second quest after you do the first. Simple and fun controlls really only 2 buttons and the direction pad used yet you can still do everything you need!

The Bad: Can be kind of repetitive. Not very many different enimies/powers.

The Ugly: Crap graphics and sound by todays standards (*I however like the graphics and sound in the original better then All-Stars, the old ones just seem to add to the feel of the game :)

Favorite Part: Hearing the princess tell me there is another quest!

Least Favorite Part: Finding out that the new quest is basicaly the old quest with goombas replaced with buzzy beetles and a few other changes.

Darkside Dogg
The Good: Nice game. Good for Old-Timers (People who like NES the most) Music is good too.

The Bad: No Yoshi. No Pauline (I wonder what happened to her, It annoys me a lot!)

The Ugly: When you save the Princess as Luigi, She will say, "Thank you Mario!" Okay, I think she's gone nuts. (At least give Luigi credit, Princess! Sheesh!)

Favorite Part: Getting the fire flower and destroying those dumb enemys (Goomba, Koopa Troopa.)

Least Favorite Part: That Pauline is not in the game.

Dan Malinsky
The Good: It is an original. Great Fun

The Bad: Not as thrilling as other Mario games

The Ugly: The way when you have fire power and you get hit, you turn small right away instead of turning big first

Favorite Part: The music and the originality

Least Favorite Part: Unlike other Mario games you cannot save your progress

Donald Swany
The Good: Well... This game is great and a classic like this should never be forgotten. I still play the game almost every day and it is as fun today as it was when in 1985. Most people that have a NES should have this game or anyone who has Super Mario All-Starsshould go pop it in the NES(or SNES) and play it til your thumbs hurt.

The Bad: Ok, since it came out in the 1980's it didn't have as much technology as we do now and the graphics wern't very good, But when they came out with Super Mario All-Stars that was fixed!

The Ugly: Are you kidding?

Favorite Part: Who could choose? Well if i have to it would be the first two levels

Least Favorite Part: Well if you really want to know then its the 3rd world.

The Good: It's the one of the first Mario games, obviously it's good. Why? Well, you're stomping enemies for the first time. What more could a plumber ask for? Also, it's got Luigi for the first time!

The Bad: The graphics. I mean, sure it's only a 2-D game, but you look at other 2-D games and think, "Why isn't Super Mario Bros. like that?"

The Ugly: Bowser is such a wimp in this game! You call him a boss? Puh-lease! And why is he after every world? Come on, Nintendo, think of other bosses!

Favorite Part: Star power. You get it and you start running into enemies and they're gone!

Least Favorite Part: Oh, how I hate those water levels! How do you kill enemies in that level? You can't! They're almost impossible!

Bowser's #1 fan
The Good: The whole game is really cool, expecally the towers.

The Bad: I guess the graphics are the bad. But hey! SMB is a 80's game. So I don't give a crap.

The Ugly: Bowser is such a wimp in this game! You call him a boss? Puh-lease! And why is he after every world? Come on, Nintendo, think of other bosses!

Favorite Part: Finding Warp Zones. Most are WAYYYYYY to easy to find.Also I love finding 1up Mushrooms.

Least Favorite Part: I hate the arcade version of it.

Sam Bandell
The Good: I think this game is great because of the good gameplay, plenty of levels and bosses to face. This game is so good that i can play it over and over and never get bored.

The Bad: The graphics aren't anything great, they could have been improved.

The Ugly: The way the enemies looked.

Favorite Part: Beating the last boss (Bowser- Ed.)

Least Favorite Part: Getting so far in the game, then dying and have to restart.

Steve Metzger
The Good: It's chock full of great worlds and it's still good.

The Bad: The gameplay it off.

The Ugly: I still haven't gotten to the minus world (NOOOOOOOO!!!)

Favorite Part: The B Quest

Least Favorite Part: No save option

G-Graphics S-Sound C-Control O-Originality R-Replayability
Reviewer GSCOR Overall
Jay Resop675106 36/50
Kyle Orland558105 33/50
Michael Bennes10871010 45/50
Zeller Schmid91010810 47/50
Darkside Dogg710836 34/50
Dan Malinsky698108 41/50
Donald Swany9971010 45/50
Luigi4236710105 38/50
Bowsers #1 Fan89101010 47/50
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