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Review For Super Mario 64

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Description: Mario's back, in 3D! Mario runs around the 3D world of the princesses castle on a quest for the stolen power stars and princess Toadstool. New innovations such as triple jumping, full 3D movement, and punches/kicks make this the most free-explorable Mario yet.

Adam Spradlin
The Good: Real 3-D! Huge Levels. Very Cool Effects.

The Bad: No Koopa Kids. Polygons show too much here. Yoshi only appears at the end, and very shortly.

The Ugly: Not that much really. Can't think of anything right now, anyway. But there's a bunch of typos.

Favorite part: Getting to see Yoshi!!!

Least Favorite Part: Getting the cannon-shooting star in Bob-Omb's Battlefield. Plus the Rainbow Ride course.

Kyle Orland
The Good: Full 3D. Do things with Mario you've always wanted do, but never could before. The game is pretty much whatever you make of it. You can stroll aroudn the courtyard, race a giant penguin, be a human cannonball, whatever you feel. It's like one big playground!

The Bad: Being a forerunner of 3D gaming has it's costs. You can't get everything perfect. The camera angle can be bad sometimes, and the polygons do show a bit. The control takes a little getting used to, but that's overcome quickly. Not too bad

The Ugly: They mock you by showing Yoshi after laboring for those 120 stars, and then you CAN'T EVEN RIDE HIM. It just adds insult to, ummm, a great game!

Favorite part: Getting the 120th star after playing about 60 hours!

Least favorite part: Laboring for those asinine 100-coin stars. In some levels it's near impossible.

The Good: Beautiful, colorful 3D worlds.

The Bad: Not enough enemies running around. Powerups disappear in a few seconds instead of only if you're hit.

The Ugly: Alot of graphics are too blocky.

Favorite Part: Getting to explore and find new parts of the lands.

Least Favorite Part: Having to go to each board sooo many times to collect stars. Gets very boring.

The Good: Great storyline! I love it. Great graphics, too.

The Bad: No Koopa Kids!

The Ugly: Those camera angles are bad, but sometimes they lead to secrets.

Favorite part: Seeing Yoshi for the first time!

Least Favorite Part: Well, for a few weeks I was stuck in the basement and by chance did not get many stars, but soon got enough to escape, of course, I probably would have no review if I got stuck THERE!!!!!!!

Kyp Durron
The Good: Excellent graphics. Cool moves, jumps and tricks.

The Bad: Boring.

The Ugly: Too hard.

Favorite part: Seeing Yoshi!!!

Least Favorite Part: Everything else.

Deku Kid
The Good: Good 3D Graphics, Better jumping skills, More adventure.

The Bad: What really makes me mad about this game is that Luigi is not in the game.

The Ugly: Having to save that darn Princess. Shessh, Its like nintendo wants to give us deja-vu.

Favorite part: Getting the stars and fighting different bosses besides Bowser.

Least Favorite Part: Having to fight the last Bowser. I hate it when he shoots fire in the air and those blue flames bounce around, Preventing me from trying to toss Bowser at a bomb. Yeesh.

The Good: This game isn't just about winning, it's about having fun. If you get bored or frustrated with trying to find a star or beat a boss, you can just look around, try new things, and explore. Also this game has the best underwater control of any 3D game I've seen.

The Bad: here are only three power-ups in the whole game, and all have a time limit on them. Granted, they are very cool power-ups, but it's just not the same as a Fire Flower, Kuribo's Shoe, or Hammer Bros. Suit.

The Ugly: If I have to listen to that baby penguin squeal one more time, I swear I will murder him. Fortunately he is only in one level.

Favorite part: Riding a Shiny Shell over lava is unbelievably cool. Better than the Wing Cap. Better than beating Bowser. Defying lava, collecting coins, and beating enemies all in one! It's just really fun.

Least Favorite Part: Collecting 100 coins in Tick Tock Clock or Rainbow Ride.

The Good: The game has its own challenges and everything else. It can be frustrating at some times, but it really is fun. Graphics are also absolutely smooth. And you can do stuff that you never though you could do.

The Bad: Lots of 3-D graphics splitting up.

The Ugly: Well, I can't think of anything ugly about this game.

Favorite part: Beating Bowser

Least Favorite Part: Trying to get to a Power Star but you can't!

Mordos Kull
The Good: The Graphics! I can never forget about how amazed i was.

The Bad: The storyline.

The Ugly: Um...the fact they needed more quality.

Favorite part: Everything practictly.

Least Favorite Part: It is pretty hard to get the 120 stars.

Natasha V.
The Good: If the latest game you've played is SMRPG, playing this for the first time is amazing. Full 3D. A game like LoZ:TOoT will spoil it if you play it first. But if you've never had 3D before, it's just beautiful. And seeing some old baddies bumbling around in 3D is a treat.

The Bad: DIE, you evil camera angles! Fighting (punches, kicks) are difficult to pull off when you need them.

The Ugly: Flying. Oh god, the flying. Why can't he fly like he did in SMW?! I still haven't gotten a single star that requires flying.

Favorite part: Just exploring, even in the courtyard. Playing around, jumping, swimming, attacking fishies... Did I mention beating the crud out of the first Bowser? Ooh, heheheh...

Least Favorite Part: Star collecting is cruel and unusual punishment. Some (like beating the King Bomb) are easy...but some swimming ones (danged Manta Ray) and all flying ones are eeevil. Getting the speed star on the Princess' raceway. And the Penguin's raceway, too.

G-Graphics S-Sound C-Control O-Originality R-Replayability
Reviewer GSCOR Overall
Adam Spradlin10109710 46/50
Kyle Orland10910910 48/50
Amber98976 39/50
Bruno97878 39/50
Kyp Durron108855 36/50
Deku Kid108959 41/50
BBD12710910107 46/50
Jordan91010109 48/50
Mordos Kull108959 41/50
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