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Review for Paper Mario

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Description: A Paper-thin version of Mario tries to save the Princess and Star Haven from Bowser, who has stolen the Star Rod. Turn-based battles and lots of non-player characters make this more like an RPG than a standard hop-and-bop Mario title. A semi-sequel to the popular Super Mario RPG.

Tubba Scuba
The Good: It's a pretty good RPG, and despite the easy kiddy look (Most think that kiddy games have 6 or less levels), it is a pretty humbling game even for a Mario expert.

The Bad: Those moments that make you wander around an hour or so with no clue what to do, and then after wracking your head, you finish it in about 10 seconds (Gah, those stupid "Toads" blocking Pleasant Path.)

The Ugly: Flower Fields. It is a bit too kiddy. C'mon, it has enough talking flowers to give you a cavity, and Huff N Puff is ugly!

Favorite Part: The Koopa Bros... so dang funny!!!

Least Favorite Part: The Koopa Bros... so dang funny!!! You can guess my other fave foe... (For any reference, I made up Tubba Scuba for a comic)

The Good: A great RPG, I liked it even better than the first one (Legend of the Seven Stars). Lots of secrets and items to keep you coming back for more. There are an overwhelming amount of possibilities with badges and you have a lot of party members.

The Bad: This game is way too easy.

The Ugly: The paper setup takes some getting used to.

Favorite Part: Finally finishing the annoyingly long letter trading sequence (and getting the best badge in the game for doing so).!

Least Favorite Part: I beat this game way too quickly

The Good: What I liked about this game was it's depth, not necassirly in the story, but game play. As in the orignal Mario RPG, there is inteacrtivity in battle modes. Sure they are simple, but they give thy game a little bit more thought. Also the carry over of how they level up, that also gives you more thought, by the chosing HP (Heart Points) FP (Flower Points) or BP (Badge Points)It gives you a little bit more custimabilty.

The Bad: Two major things bad about this game. First, the very unoriginal story line. Let's face it, how many times have we seen bowser kidnapping the princess? One too many. And nothing really unexpected happends in the game, where you would go "WOW I CAN"T BELIVE THEY DID THAT." If I was nintendo, I would have done something a little bit more original then that. Like I said the game play is pretty addictive, but don't buy this game if you are looking for original story line. 2nd- Again the batle system also has a downfall. You can only have 2 people fighting with you at once. And the only person who really can level up is mario, the others you must find a little blue orb to get them to super-level and sure I like a few original characters to join me, but it would have been nice if Luigi or someone we now would have joined Mario as well.

The Ugly: Too many original mebers joining you. Sure I love a few, but again, I would love to see Luigi battling in an RPG's

Favorite Part: I have to really say the coolest part is an original add on. When you jump into they pot at boo's castle, you turn into the origanal mario from SMB! And it starts to play the origanal music. I just had to laugh, becasue seeing that little mario moving in 3D is so cool

Least Favorite Part: Again, no Nintendo good guys in battle party (Other than Mario)

The Good: This game is so much fun, and so humorous! I love the dialogue, I love the massive environments, I love how, even though I beat the game, there's still many secrets I haven't found yet. Oh yes, and the characters are drawn so cute!

The Bad: Well...the text is probably the only thing I didn't care for. The plain text was okay, but I couldn't see the weird "bold" text, and the really huge yelling text was unnecessary. Also, I didn't like how the mouths moved when characters talked.

The Ugly: They (whoever put the writing into the game) made a typo when talking about one of the female characters. They refered to her as "he" at a point.

Favorite Part: My favorite part is when I have to start exploring a new place... I love the mystery!

Least Favorite Part: When a star spirit starts to talk to Mario. He asks "Do you want to listen?" there's a yes and no choice...I press "no" and he pretty much MAKES me listen!

Bowser 99
The Good: A great RPG for begginers and experts.

The Bad: WHY Can't you fight bosses again after you beat them

The Ugly: Sometimes you do long sidequests and barely get anything.

Favorite Part: Fighting Tubba Blubba and Huff N. Puff.

Least Favorite Part: When it is almost imposibble to get star points

Annie B.
The Good: Everything, including the famous Mario themes from old Mario games.

The Bad: Lose to the final Bowser with three or so Life Shrooms.

The Ugly: Some scenes that involve Bowser with or without Kammy Koopa.

Favorite Part: Controlling Peach and beating the Koopa Bros. in a easy way: Using a Thunder Bolt, then Kooper and his Power Shell and then, use a cool badge to finish them off.

Least Favorite Part: Beating Huff N. Puff using Lakilester and some Stone Caps. And maybe beating the Lava Piranha in the second time with Sushie using about two Stone Caps.

G-Graphics S-Sound C-Control O-Originality R-Replayability
Reviewer GSCOR Overall
Tubba Scuba 9910108 46/50
Lakilester 9910109 47/50
John 991088 44/50
Jazz 10910810 47/50
Bowser 99910101010 49/50
Annie B.1010101010 50/50 About the site. All Rights Reserved. All content contained herein is property of SMBhq. SMBhq is in no way affiliated with Nintendo Company Limited, Nintendo of America, or any other mentioned companies. Super Mario Bros. and all character names are copyrights of Nintendo Co. Ltd. More legal info. Privacy Statement.
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