Season 1 Stories

Here are the stories from the first Season of RPC.

Note: All these stories are from improvised chat sessions.  As a result, some things may pop up, which may be unsuitable for people under the age of 13.  Parental Discretion is adviced.

THE ORIGINAL RPC STORY (UNFINISHED) July 27, 1998 - August 7, 1998
The Mushroom Kingdom Pest Problem July 27, 2003
Ludwig's Recital October 26 2003
The Loop November 2, 2003
Honey We Turned Into Yoshis - November 9, 2003
THE MARIOATRIX - November 16, 2003
The Origin of Waluigi - November 23, 2003
Waluigi Meets Luigi - November 30, 2003

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