The RPC, or role-playing chat, is a collection of fictitious stories about the Mario universe. Each member of the chat room plays as a character from a Mario game (or a Neglected Character), and acts as that character in the storyline.

History of RPC
RPC was part of the origianal SMBhq Chat Room back in 1998.  The original premise involved an ongoing story that was added to during each session.  However, the original RPC only lasted for about 2 weeks with the story never finishing.


General Rules:

RPC Rules
Breaking the rules can result in being banned.

It is recommended that you should not enter if you are under 13.

Connection Info:

Connecting to the channel

Java version
If you don't have an IRC client (see below), you can log in instantly with the Java version.

Type a nickname, and hit "Connect." (Spaces and special characters won't work.)

Connecting with IRC Client (recommended)
Connecting with an IRC client such as mIRC lets you run the chat in the background and not interrupt your normal web-surfing.

If you have a client installed, you can try a direct connection by clicking the following link:

If that doesn't work, here's the manual directions for mIRC (other irc clients use similar methods):
  1. Open mIRC. If the Options window doesn't pop-up, go to File - Options. By IRC Servers, click Add.
  2. Put DorksNet in the Description box. Put in the Server box. Then click Add.
  3. Enter a nickname then hit Connect.
  4. After connecting, you'll see a brief message from the server. Type /join #smbhq_rpc to join the chatroom.

IRC commands

Note: IRC commands must be preceded with a forward slash (/).

Register your nickname:
/ns register PASSWORD E-MAIL

Enter your password:
/ns identify PASSWORD

Clear the chat screen:

Change your nickname while connected:
/nick 'nick_name'

Change channels while connected:
/join '#new_channel_name'

/quit 'optional good bye message'

Send a private message to someone:
/msg 'nick' 'your message'

Do an action
/me 'action'

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