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Review For Mario Tennis

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Description: Sixteen characters from the Mario universe hold a tennis tournament iwth many modes of gameplay.

Velvet Dark
The Good: Well, where do I start? Heh. FIrst off, you SHOULD buy this game instead of a PS2. Why? Let's just say that 16 charecters (2 are hidden out of 16), LOADS of play, an easy system and Waluigi are the good about this game. There's SO much more I could say.... jusy buy the darned game okay?

The Bad: What are you crazy? There's NOTHING bad for this game! Well, except for some minor camera problems but you can fix that... also... what's up with the Transfer Pak play?

The Ugly: Wario's ugly mug. Waluigi's walk. That's about it...... =)

Favorite part: Anything with Waluigi (You can tell I'm a fan of the new guy) in it, winning the Tournoment (sic) and the hillarious opening. The opening has to be the best.

Least Favorite Part: Losing to Luigi in Ring Tennis. Poor Waluigi was so close.....

The West Virginian
The Good: Well, it's fun! The controls are easy to master, doubles matches are especially fun, and it may even turn you into a tennis enthusiast.

The Bad: The learning curve is too high, and the faster games can make your thumbs sore. I was hoping for more original, non-Mario related characters, a la Mario Golf, as well as more than two hidden characters. Maybe I've been spoiled by Marvel vs. Capcom 2.

The Ugly: Without a doubt, Waluigi. If my dog had a face like his, I'd shave her butt and teach her to walk backwards.

Favorite part: The replays that show your character smashing the ball several times in rapid succession.

Least Favorite Part: Ramming into the solid brick wall that is Shyguy. I enjoyed slaughtering him in a doubles match after I unlocked him.

The Good: The gameplay overall was pretty nice. The graphics were good, and same with the framrate. The control was also good, easy to learn but also room for improvement.

The Bad: It can be a bit frustrating at times, but not that much.

The Ugly: Not much to say for this, it's put together pretty well.

Favorite part: Beating shy guy (took forever!).

Least Favorite Part: Losing without even scoring once, gets a little annoying.

The Good: Multiplayer mode rocks, I could play for hours.

The Bad: There's not enough multiplayer options, come on 2 player tournaments or something.

The Ugly: This will take a while: The fact that Waluigi is Luigi's cousin but Wario's brother and Wario is Mario's twin and Mario is brother to Luigi but cousin to Waluigi but twin to Wario and Luigi is brother to Wario but not Waluigi even though Waluigi is Wario's brother. They really screwed up on that part.

Favorite part: Every time I see that new court open up, and when waluigi wins a trophie "I'm-a-sing'n I'm-a-dance'n I'm-a-so Happy!"

Least Favorite Part: Getting 49/50 on parahna challenge or playing planet cup and loosing that final set.

The Good: This is by far the best Mario Sports Game by far. It broughht back some minor enemies as playable characters. It also brought back Toad. It also includes the new character, Waluigi. He isn't that bad.

The Bad: Waluigi's name

The Ugly: Waluigi's name

Favorite part: The Bowser Court, which gave the game a Mario Kart feel to it.

Least Favorite Part: The clay court sucks

The Good: This is by far the best Mario Sports Game by far. It broughht back some minor enemies as playable characters. It also brought back Toad. It also includes the new character, Waluigi. He isn't that bad.

The Bad: When Mario and Bowser lose

The Ugly: Toad's jacket

Favorite part: Beat Peach and Birdo, Wario and Bowser are partners, instead of Wario's brother, Bowser

Least Favorite Part: Peach and Birdo cheat

The Good: The game is so much fun! I like how each character has such distinct movements and techniques. Plus when they try to run after a flying ball...hilarious!

The Bad: You know, despite the graphics, everything seemed cool to me. But sometimes the ball was hard to see. oh well.

The Ugly: ...Waluigi's legs. :)

Favorite part: I just love how they flip around, trying to catch the ball.

Least Favorite Part: None really

The Good: Waluigi, All the secret courts, winning the tournaments, Bowser's Stage, The CP demo, etc...

The Bad: The ONLY bad thing about this game is there are only 2 secret characters. You'd think they'd include Kamek or Boshi or Metal Mario or Stanley the bugman

The Ugly: Wario goes "Mine Baby!" when he makes a point.

Favorite part: The demo when you turn on the game. Mario gets an attitude : "Watch it Buster!" Waluigi's Voice: "What the..." Luigi: "Luigi not-ta play tennis."

Least Favorite Part: Fighting Daisy and DK on the doubles tournament I barely beat them!

The Good: It has all the characters in it, including people we haven't seen in a while.

The Bad: Well, it's not in the game, it's what I looked up on the computer. Waluigi's ugly, nasty, smelly, rotten, fungus toes!!! Yuckamundo!

The Ugly: Waluigi's toes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Favorite part: Everybody was there, exept for Pauline. (Mario's girfriend from Brooklyn. Last seen in the arcades, kidnapped by Donkey Kong)

Least Favorite Part: Waluigi's toes!

Tuxedo Ken
The Good: Completely addictive. One of the best multiplayer games I've played since Perfect Dark and Smash Bros.

The Bad: The Piranha challenge. It's easier to get the special Piranha court with the Gameshark.

The Ugly: Bowser's back view. His shell doesn't look right.

Favorite part: Unlocking every court in the game except for the Piranha court.

Least Favorite Part: Not being able to return a smash in time to knock it back over.

G-Graphics S-Sound C-Control O-Originality R-Replayability
Reviewer GSCOR Overall
Velvet Dark10108710 45/50
West Virginian810789 42/50
Yoshsome1099108 46/50
Rsconnaly9910910 47/50
Blackbelt1098910 46/50
Luis1010101010 50/50
Jazz787910 41/50
Koopa1010101010 50/50
JesusFreak9108910 46/50
Tuxedo Ken910101010 49/50 About the site. All Rights Reserved. All content contained herein is property of SMBhq. SMBhq is in no way affiliated with Nintendo Company Limited, Nintendo of America, or any other mentioned companies. Super Mario Bros. and all character names are copyrights of Nintendo Co. Ltd. More legal info. Privacy Statement.
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