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Review For Mario Party 2

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Description: The party continues. Mario and friends play 64 mini-games in a mock board game format. Fun for up to 4 players simultaneously.

The Good: Choose your favorite Mario character (from this selection: Mario, Luigi, Wario, Yoshi, DK, and Peach). Then solve the big question of whose the Super-Star. It also has TONS of replay value.

The Bad: Only 6 boards including the bonus board. (However, they all are VERY fun and have TONS of replay value so this dosn't matter much at all.)

The Ugly: Nothing

Favorite part: My six favorite mini-games are: Hexagon Heat, Shell Shocked, Handcar Havoc, Bumper Balls, Rock, Paper, Mario, Speed Hockey

Least Favorite Part: None at all.

The Good: Well, the good stuff about this game is the fact that there is new boards, 2/3's of the Mini-Games are new, new costumes (Nintendo must be playing Tomb Raider 2 and 3 no?), new boards and a new set up.

The Bad: Too much of the same stuff. No returning boards, Baby Bowser is kinda weak, the items are realtivley useless, get VERY repitive in gameplay. Plus, after you've played the Sega Dreamcast, the graphics are not that cool.

The Ugly: Your stars turn into coins at the end of the game, 1/3 of Mini Games are rehash and The minor voice acting is REALLY bad. (Like House of the Dead 2.)

Favorite part: When the computer loses to you and 3 other players.

Least Favorite Part: Anytime someone uses the stupid Bowser Bomb.

The Good: It has a lot of fun mini games.

The Bad: It might be too easy for some people to beat like me.

The Ugly: None

Favorite part: The mini games are better.

Least Favorite Part: When I get bored

The Good: Good, 64 new mini games

The Bad: Not much At all

The Ugly: Some(43%) of this is OLD!

Favorite part: Hahahaha!!!!! most.... of this is cool

Least Favorite Part: Level 3-1 of The Mini Game Coster

Luigi Mario
The Good: The gameplay is very very exciting, as you can play for hours without getting tired of seeing the same thing.

The Bad: Could've used more Adventure Boards.

The Ugly: Nothing

Favorite part: The Mini-Games.

Least Favorite Part: Nothing

The West Virginian
The Good: There's lots of new mini-games, as well as a bunch of the old ones I loved. NO MORE STICK-ROTATING!

The Bad: Some of the new games are based mostly on luck.

The Ugly: The facial expressions in "Look Away."

Favorite part: The cinemas when you beat a board. "Argh! Ya corked me!"

Least Favorite Part: That submarine game, and its gawdawful camera angles.

The Good: Everything! No more rotating control sticks, doesn't get old fast, it's great!

The Bad: Well, the ppl's voices are the same for the original. And there's not enough boards.

The Ugly: Ummm... Bowser?

Favorite part: I like seeing the characters get blown up in "Bowser's Big Blast", hehe... ;-)

Least Favorite Part: Hmmm... I don't like the mini-game where you're in the sky & one person is flapping the wings, & one person's stearing. I hate flapping the wings.

Diddy Kong
The Good: Kicking Computer Butt!!! Wario took can take on the losers!

The Bad: BOSWER slots mini-game is way to hard! I CAN'T BEAT SLOT CAR DERBY!!! WHHHAAAAA!

The Ugly: Bowser's face is UGLY!!!!

Favorite part: See the good

Least Favorite Part: Bowser took all my 195 coins!!

The Good: More cool mini-games, and the story endings are fun to watch :) Plus you have items you can use now.

The Bad: Well, I myself don't like the fact that you don't lose coins in the mini-games unless it's one of those battles. Also, I don't care for some of the music this time around (like the start screen music).

The Ugly: Baby Bowser...he's everywhere but he's not even a threat!

Favorite part: I like when the winner gets to beat Bowser at the end.

Least Favorite Part: I don't like when Koopa Troopa predicts the winner and it's NEVER ME!!

The Good: Cool minigames, no more DUMB STICK ROTATING! 64 minigames, great for parties.Smooth graphics, many great boards.

The Bad: Only 6 boards this time, compared to the original 8. NO more saving stars and coins for long term items, you only can buy minigames from "Woody", a tree

The Ugly: The Crane Game! Ughhnn...Why would they keep such a stupid minigame?

Favorite part: Beating my friends and laughing in their face.

Least Favorite Part: Getting hit by the Bowser Beam and losing 180 coins.

G-Graphics S-Sound C-Control O-Originality R-Replayability
Reviewer GSCOR Overall
Mario*9991010 47/50
RazielEffectDC77989 40/50
Benson1010101010 50/50
Magus88867 37/50
Luigi Mario99101010 49/50
West Virginian997510 40/50
Weregarurumon1010101010 50/50
Diddy Kong1040210 26/50
Jazz77978 38/50
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