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Review For Mario Party

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Description: Who's the biggest super star? In Mario Party, players choose one of 6 Mario characters and compete in over 50 mini-games to decide just that. Eight unique play boards serve as an interface for the star-gathering fun. Grab four controllers, get some friends, and party all night long.

Kyle Orland
The Good: Great fun in four player mode. People can't help but scream and laugh as they watch people get blown off an island or give 30 coins to someone. The game keeps you guessing the winner till the end too, with 3 special stars.

The Bad: The one player mdoe is boooooring. Mini-game island is OK, until you get stuck on a mini-game you can't beat. Then when you complete the island, there's not much else for one player to do. You need friends to play this game.

The Ugly: All the "rotate the control pad" mini-games. I HATE these. They ruin your controller, they hurt your wrist, and there's no skill in them at all. ARGH!

Favorite part: Playing Bumper Balls and persuading everyone to gang up on one player. Hahahah!

Least Favorite Part: Explaining all 50 minigames to my friends who don't want to read the instructions screen!

Max Blank
The Good: The Mini Games are really fun.

The Bad: Party games are way too long, and...

The Ugly: The game is based mostly on luck!

Favorite part: The limbo MiniGame

Least Favorite Part: The fising MiniGame

The Good: The mini-games! there's such a variety, I've never gotten bored.

The Bad: It's tedious waiting for a CPU-controlled player to finish his turn.

The Ugly: Nope!

Favorite part: TEETERING TOWERS! MARIO BANDSTAND! Those are my favorite mini-games!

Least Favorite Part: Piranha's Pursuit.

The Good: The characters, as well as some classic SMB music.

The Bad: The 50+ mini-games that make it up...

The Ugly: The poor controller set-up and response...

Favorite part: Playing against someone who hadn't gone through the frustration of learning a game and kicking their ass at it...

Least Favorite Part: Spinning the analog stick around like mad while wondering what the cartridge would look like on fire...

The Good: The Mini-Games are great! Nintendo couldn't have done better.

The Bad: It sometimes gets annoying waiting for the computer to finish his/her turn.

The Ugly: Ones in which you rotate the Control Stick. Ooh, that's so hard...

Favorite part: I liked Mario Bandstand the most!

Least Favorite Part: Slot Car Derby! Trying to avoid sliding out is very challenging.

The Good: Duh, the four player capabilities!!! The variety of game play and mini-games!!!

The Bad: Wario can be a serious pain. Also, the games not nearly as fun if your playing by yourself. Some games are repeated in a single game WAY too much!!

The Ugly: Those disgusting little blisters that form and burst in the center of your hand from all of that continuous rotating of the control stick.......

Favorite part: Toad actually DOES something nice. He gives you stars. I am SO glad he's NOT a selectible character. However, if he was, you could seriously beat him up in the mini-games......

Least Favorite Part: LOSING!!!

The Good: It has excellent and simple play control, so anyone could easily play. The four-player mode is so much fun!!

The Bad: The boards can be really boring when you're playing with CPU's!

The Ugly: Those rotating required games. Sometimes I feel like my hand is burning!!!

Favorite part: It's a great party game!

Least Favorite Part: The mindless Pipe Maze.

The Good: Luigi!! Luigi makes it better! And Peach too! The mini games were good, like Bobslead race!

The Bad: Mini Games, Mario and the Bowser stuff. His items are very cheezy, but the tube was funny!

The Ugly: Control, Pedal Power and some more. Some of the endings were bad.

Favorite part: Seeing the tube from the Yoshi level. It was sooo funny how it exploded. And the ending to the DK place was clever. I liked it when Luigi got chased by the boulder!

Least Favorite Part: When Bowser gives ya the fake stars and takes your money. He's so cruel!

Dr. Omicron
The Good: Eternal Star is really fun when you bet with Baby Bowser on who'll win a star.

The Bad: Though I've recovered from a 1-square-inch blister, my palm still turns blood-red (obviously) whenever I play a rotating game.

The Ugly: Wario's Battle Canyon is wayyy too tedious. Can you believe that I've timed a single player's turn to be almost three minutes?

Favorite part: When I received a total of sven stars in Peach's Birthday Cake from Piranha Plants alone.

Least Favorite Part: I've feared Crane Game ever since I lost 139 coins here once.

Orlando Vega
The Good: The boards and some mini games.

The Bad: None.

The Ugly: BOWSER! You lose 10 or 20 coins if you land on his place instead of toad`s, 40 if Mario`s Rainbow Castle

Favorite part: Characters exept Princess Peach

Least Favorite Part: Mini games with boo buddys.

G-Graphics S-Sound C-Control O-Originality R-Replayability
Reviewer GSCOR Overall
Kyle Orland988108 43/50
Max Blank810757 37/50
Peach9109109 47/50
Darwin77264 26/50
Pipsy899109 45/50
Peach899109 45/50
Yoshi99101010 48/50
JarJarAerith84688 34/50
Dr. Omicron988109 44/50
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