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Review For Mario Is Missing

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Description: Bowser's in the kidnapping business again, but this time it isn't the princess who's been captured. As the title suggests, Mario's been taken and it's up to you, as Luigi, to find him. Travel around the world to finding clues, stomping troopas, and eventually finding Mario. Kiddy/Educational.

The Good: ... it was something different... very different

The Bad: Everything. I played the game twice and all I did was walk around some stupid town and occasionally talk to someone.

The Ugly: No matter what, this is still a part of the, what coulda been perfect, Mario-game series.

Favorite part: You don't have to rescue the princess (well, as far as i understand anyway)

Least Favorite Part: The game.

Alucard The Undead
The Good: The game manages to retain the feel of Super Mario World, while adding in the aspect of the Carmen Sandiego series.

The Bad: Enemies and level design produce no challenge whatsoever, reverting the game play to a basic look-through-the-city-to-find-the-clue gameplay. Who wants to spend an hour just talking to people?

The Ugly: The look on my face after having to bear more than thirty minutes of this game...

Favorite part: Ummm...... Mario looks fat as ever...

Least Favorite Part: Repetitive, boring, pointless gameplay...

Darkside Dogg
The Good: Well, This time LUIGI, The green skinny guy, Not the short fat red guy we call Mario is the main character! Horray!

The Bad: Nothing is bad in this game. It is a good adventure game.

The Ugly: Nothing is ugly in this game, either.

Favorite part: Watching Bowser at the end being shot out of the cannon and become a icesicle. HA!

Least Favorite Part: Well, Having to try to get Yoshi in the city you're in so you can ride him.

Sexiest Man Alive
The Good: Finally a chance to decide the fate of Mario, instead of the friggen Princess.

The Bad: Why cant the bowser kids hurt you?

The Ugly: Well, the fact that whenever you saved the princess, Mario fell in love with her. What does this tell you about Luigi?

Favorite part: The effects of the Koopas when you step on the right one.

Least Favorite Part: Everything else.

Ross Johnson
The Good: My nickname was the star player!!!

The Bad: Almost everything. This game is stupid

The Ugly: The gameplay. This game makes you invincible, And makes you learn history-AAAHHHHH!!!!!!

Favorite part: Freezin' bowser

Least Favorite Part: A lot. I don't have room to write it all. WHY WAS IT ON EARTH?????

The Good: I played it a very long time ago. It was educational, but I forgot all I learned.

The Bad: Mainly the music. The ending music was very annoying. Da-da-da-da-da...**shudders**

The Ugly: Everything. It was an ok game, but the entire thing was just weird.

Favorite part: When I got Yoshi, I liked scaring the catepillar-thingy down the start pipe.

Least Favorite Part: Pretty much just the end music.

The Good: At least you don't have to rescue the PRINCESS!

The Bad: Just about everything. The only things you do are wander around a town jumping on Koopas looking for clues. And you sometimes talk to people.

The Ugly: You had to go on the map to get Yoshi and you couldn't finish the game without Yoshi.

Favorite part: Finishing.

Least Favorite Part: The whole game

The Good: You certainly can learn a lot about geography.

The Bad: I didn't feel like jumping on a troopa that couldn't hurt me. No challenge.

The Ugly: Nothing ugly, just boring.

Favorite part: When some of the troopas blow up when you jump on them.

Least Favorite Part: The game was so boring, that's why I never got past the first castle.

Reid M
The Good: HAHAHA! Well, I cant think of anything except the bad pictures of monuments. It is kind of original..

The Bad: Everything. Man, this game smells like yesterday's socks. I'd say this game is laughable, but it's to horrible to laugh. The graphics, the MUSIC, ugh.

The Ugly: You're freaking invincible. Why? It's so stupid.

Favorite part: Smashing it with my hammer.

Least Favorite Part: Sitting through this torture chamber in a 16-bit cartridge.

Bowser Koopa
The Good: It has me kidnapping Mario in it! It is very educational. I learnt alot about the stuff I stole from around the world.

The Bad: Some people might not want to learn Geography or International Arts

The Ugly: Mario gets away. That's very odd indeed.

Favorite part: The intro, when Mario falls into the big hole.

Least Favorite Part: The intro, when Mario falls into the big hole.

G-Graphics S-Sound C-Control O-Originality R-Replayability
Reviewer GSCOR Overall
Skittles54762 24/50
Alucard The Undead76442 23/50
Darkside Dogg91010109 48/50
Sexiest Man86380 25/50
Ross Johnson551002 22/50
Jenova50674 22/50
MarioFan32881 22/50
Jazz78972 33/50
Reid M11123 8/50
Bowser Koopa89786 38/50 About the site. All Rights Reserved. All content contained herein is property of SMBhq. SMBhq is in no way affiliated with Nintendo Company Limited, Nintendo of America, or any other mentioned companies. Super Mario Bros. and all character names are copyrights of Nintendo Co. Ltd. More legal info. Privacy Statement.
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