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Review For Mario Golf

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In a nutshell: Mario and company play golf on over 200 holes.

Kyp Durron
The Good: I bought the game and the best thing was the mini-golf.

The Bad: It doesn't have enough games for 4-player mode.

The Ugly: Mini-golf is pretty awkward.

Favorite Part: Mini-golf is my favorite, though.

Least Favorite Part: I hate playing in the rain

The Good: Well, it's only the best golf game EVER. It is more of the arcade kind of golf. And for people who at least played Microsoft golf ONCE in their lifetime should buy this game.

The Bad: Golf should DEFINITELY be a silent game. Songs are annoying for a game that requires maximun concentration. Also, it takes about 3 hours to learn how to play this game.

The Ugly: The new characters. Too weird. They should have been replaced with other Mario characters.

Favorite Part: My first hole in one

Least Favorite Part: It takes way too long to learn how to play this game

Selphie Dragonair
The Good: Awesome. It's by the people that did the PSX hit 'Hot Shors Golf.' Just buy this game or Me and my friends will come over there and make you play Superman 64.

The Bad: Bad? What could be bad about this masterpiece?

The Ugly: Nothing. Except when Toad says "O.B!" But, everythign else is perfect.

Favorite Part: Getting Maple, DK and Bowser.

Least Favorite Part: When Toad says O.B.

The masked plumber
The Good: Playing with four players.

The Bad: Kinda repetitive

The Ugly: The new characters

Favorite Part: Geting the new characters

Least Favorite Part: Mini-golf

I'm-a-Luigi #1
The Good: The 1st Mario sports game in a long time. It's really fun.

The Bad: Nintendo made Luigi go O.B.!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!! They should have just added more Mario characters, & got rid of these other characters that we never heard of.

The Ugly: Charlie. He's pretty ugly. He looks like he has lipstick on! Him & Pee-Wee Herman would make a cute couple. :-)

Favorite Part: Beating my dad who thinks he's the master @ golf.


The Good: It's very FUN! Even if you're not a golf fan, give it a try. You may just like it!

The Bad: Some of the character's voices are annoying... And having them blabber while you're trying to aim can really get to you after a while. It is also quite diffucult to get certain characters.

The Ugly: My skirt. It seems awkward to see my legs... And where on earth did Baby Mario come from?!?!?

Favorite Part: Getting my first Eagle. Also, getting Luigi, Yoshi, Maple, and Sonny.

Least Favorite Part: Even with Maple, I can't get Wario... And I have failed several holes on Ring Shot mode.

Baby Mario
The Good: Almost everything. The graphics, the characters, Mini Golf Mode,every thing.

The Bad: On one-player mode, Mario's a hidden charecter!? The game's devoted to him! What's up with that?!

The Ugly: Plum,Sonny,Charlie,Harry,and Maple. Were they come from?!

Favorite Part: Baby Mario. Isn't he cute? And he's good!

Least Favorite Part: Geting all the hidden charecters. It's wayyyyyy too hard.

Larry M. Koopa
The Good: A very good game with very good graphics(although most N64 games have good graphics).

The Bad: At first it's hard to get used to the stroke of the golf club.

The Ugly: Damn, Wario really sucks in this game.

Favorite Part: Ummmmmmm....... hitting the ball!!!!!

Least Favorite Part: Those controls.

Yoshi #12
The Good: I like almost everything about this game! All the characters look great, and play well too!

The Bad: Missing a putt that would win you the game is so frustrating!

The Ugly: Mario is a hidden character in 1-player mode?

Favorite Part: Getting my first (and so far, only) eagle.

Least Favorite Part: Nothing, really.

The Good: Fun, good graphics, realistic.

The Bad: Metal Mario sounds the same as mario, same taunts. He's covered in metal and he sound the same in SSB.

The Ugly: Wario's shot. He wiggles the club when he pulls back to swing.

Favorite Part: Beating the entire game, ecept for the GBC characters.

Least Favorite Part: After you get good at it there is no competition.

G-Graphics S-Sound C-Control O-Originality R-Replayability
Reviewer GSCOR Overall
Bobby Yu101010109 49/50
BigBadBar10710108 45/50
Selphie Dragonair1010101010 50/50
The Masked Plumber99877 40/50
I'm-a-Luigi, #1105101010 45/50
Peach99101010 48/50
Baby Mario101091010 49/50
Larry M. Koopa1086710 41/50
Yoshi #121010101010 50/50
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