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Review for Mario Bros.

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Description: Help Mario and Luigi clear a plumbing site of monsters. One-screen levels consist of a few platforms and a bunch of enemies. Hit the enemies from underneath and knock them over to proceed to the next level.

Chris Wilson
The Good: It is the first Mario game where he is the main character.

The Bad: It can get pretty repetetive.

The Ugly: The lobster looking guys.

Favorite Part: It can get pretty repetetive.

Least Favorite Part: It never ends.

Ross Johnson
The Good: Start of Mario games. Made the bros the plumbers they are now. Easy gameplay

The Bad: Lots of glitches in gameplay. Plus if you are in a spot where enimies appear, you're dead

The Ugly: Gets boring after a while. Always same place.

Favorite Part: Betraying my buddies and winning.

Least Favorite Part: My buddies betraying me.

The Masked Plumber
The Good: One of the first 2 player games. (Gave it a 9 in replay because my sister still loves to play it.)

The Bad: Gets boring after a while.

The Ugly: Graphic's for Luigi and Mario.

Favorite Part: First Game with Luigi. (Me, Me, Me. Oops! took off my mask.)

Least Favorite Part: Repating

Larry M. Koopa
The Good: Great 2 player game.Although I didn't really understand it at first(come on I was 5 frickin' years old)

The Bad: You can't jump on enemies to kill them(boy, that really sucked, especially since I played this after SMB 1)

The Ugly: No

Favorite Part: The POW box

Least Favorite Part: Why can't I jump on the enemies?!

Prince Lemmy Koopa
The Good: INFINITE LEVELS!!! NO MORE "I won, what do I do NOW?" Two player SIMULTANEOUS!

The Bad: No ending... you CAN'T win... no Bowser either. The rumore that he's in level 100 is a fake (I used game genie and he wasn't there)

The Ugly: Mario's face. I always say that. But, the koopas are pretty weird...

Favorite Part: Umm... playing it with game genie with my brother Roy and beating level by level by level.

Least Favorite Part: I HATE those flies!!!!!

Mr. Rat
The Good: Good, clean, simple, family fun.

The Bad: Far, far to tedious after a while...change of level design or maybe the occasional boss would ahve been nice (although it was 1983)

The Ugly: Luigi looks like he's got lepracy

Favorite Part: POW!

Least Favorite Part: The never-ending of it all

The Good: It's fun to get through the levels then try them again after you win. The graphics were good for back then.

The Bad: Well, beating Bowser is a little too easy. If it weren't for the holes, the lava, the fire things that spin around, there would be no use for Bowser in the game. Also the fact that when you move forward there's no turning back.

The Ugly: When I press 'A' before a hole and Mario just walks into it, or if he makes it almost to the other side of the hole and falls in at the last second. I just wanna know why!

Favorite Part: I have no favorite part.

Least Favorite Part: See "The Ugly"

Storm Eagle
The Good: This was the first Mario game, and in it's time it was great. A classic piece of software.

The Bad: Compared to the later Mario games the graphics look pretty crappy.

The Ugly: None

Favorite Part: Beating the game.

Least Favorite Part: Was that music? Or was there any music at all?

The Good: A simple but adictive game. Luigi's first appearence which is great for any Luigi fan.

The Bad: Very repetitive.

The Ugly: Nothing

Favorite Part: Ramming into those dumb creatures.

Least Favorite Part: Some of the bonus courses are annoying.

Knight Rider
The Good: Old School to the fullest! Plus, Luigi is in the game, and two players are on the screen at the same time.

The Bad: It gets repetitive, but what do you expect, its from the early 80's.

The Ugly: You couldn't jump on the bad guys.

Favorite Part: Battling against a friend during the game.

Least Favorite Part: Getting killed when standing next to one of the pipes.

G-Graphics S-Sound C-Control O-Originality R-Replayability
Reviewer GSCOR Overall
Chris Wilson53883 27/50
Ross Johnson575108 35/50
The Masked Plumber76879 37/50
Larry M. Koopa66787 34/50
Prince Lemmy Koopa3510105 33/50
Mr. Rat57876 33/50
Jazz885107 38/50
Storm Eagle538107 33/50
Mario*55878 33/50
Knight Rider881099 44/50 About the site. All Rights Reserved. All content contained herein is property of SMBhq. SMBhq is in no way affiliated with Nintendo Company Limited, Nintendo of America, or any other mentioned companies. Super Mario Bros. and all character names are copyrights of Nintendo Co. Ltd. More legal info. Privacy Statement.
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