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Review For Luigi's Mansion

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Description: Luigi's first title game ever is also Nintendo's big launch game for the Gamecube. It's ghost busting time.

The Good: Why would you hate this game, it finally has Luigi in the title. His first role as the main character was a flop. The graphics are great, the control's are easy to learn, and the plot is perfect.

The Bad: Uggg... to short. Not as short as Donky Kong, but it's short. Plus it is kind of hard to deel with 3 guys at a time, like when you fight the orange guy's, another guy comes and hurts you, loseing HP, and it's cheep how the white guy's hold you.

The Ugly: That baby was scary. It was kind of odd when Luigi was small and the baby's mouth opened like a snakes mouth, but most of it wasn't really odd

Favorite part: The little boos that you let out. It's so funny. My favorit is Mr. Boojangles. It is funny when Luigi meats bowser and get's a hair raising effect.

Least Favorite Part: The boo boss on the balcony. I got super mad of how cheep the last boo was. Bowser is hard and I still haven't beaten the game, but I got the game this Christmas and it's Jan 11,2003. That is how short the game is.

Adamario 129
The Good: Luigi finally gets a chance to do something besides learn geography junk that's on Jeopardy! every few years.

The Bad: It can get boring after you've beaten it once. AND YOU CAN'T JUMP! I wish Nintendo could put Luigi in a normal Mario game.

The Ugly: Nothing ugly. Best GCN graphics to date.

Favorite part: The first time I went through it. I always played at night, and it got pretty scary.

Least Favorite Part: Having to fight the final boss several times and sitting through the same cutscene 20 times.

G-Graphics S-Sound C-Control O-Originality R-Replayability
Reviewer GSCOR Overall
Guy10910910 48/50
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